Boss Heist I - Jewelry Chase will begin at 3/21/2017, 12:00pm (PDT) and last for 72 hours. In this Heist, there will be a unique solo bosses which players can fight.

Info / Participation Requirements:
- Must have Client Version 3.31 or above.
- No additional requirements for participation.
- There will be a banner when the event starts, tap to trigger the story and locate it in the Boss List.

- Max rewards you can receive are: 10 Epic Shards, 7 Mysterious Tokens and 42 Rare Shards.
- Rewards are dependent on how fast you finish the Heist. (You will get best rewards if you finish the Heist in Stage 1)

- There are 9 stages.
- Stages will increase as time goes on.
- Damage mitigation will drop 10% while stages increase.
- Stage 1 is the most difficult, but has best rewards.
- Stage 9 is the easiest, but you can only receive basic rewards.

Boss Tiers:
- There are 9 tiers of Bosses.
- Within the same stage, Boss damage mitigation will increase 10% when entering the next tier.

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