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PvP Empire War "threats"

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  • Dr death
    Re: PvP Empire War "threats"

    Hey thanks for the insight. I now know my goal is to become a high level player (assuming at least 1500 in today's standards) so that I too can become a pussy and just hit weak players because gasp I might bounce on that 1450 and he might hit me back.

    FA you are right about being a hated empire, but you do get respect, I hit back, but I don't farm FA. Goodfellows was once the 'good' empire has turned to the dark side now as I am seeing more and more of them. But it is all good once you figure out it is a game.

    I got to go now, since I'm someday going to be a big player, I'm going to take my 700+ self and start farming the living S out of a bunch of 81-120 level players just like the big boys and girls do now to the 400-1000 range players. Lol

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  • Vincent
    Re: PvP Empire War "threats"

    Nisa you kill em with kindness

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  • Milkshake
    Re: PvP Empire War "threats"

    I just erased a huge essay and realised it had absolutely nothing to do with the topic of this thread. So IMO. B is correct. And high levels hit weak players (well lower level) to avoid creating shit with strong empires. There can be 2 reasons behind this. 1- to avoid player to player crap. Where the two are "friends" so it's "oh hey bud I won't hit you in case you get bigger and farm the shit outta me later". Let's call it "the pussy move". Then 2- bigs don't hit other bigs cause the pvping big doesn't want the other big to hit their empire as it can lead to various issues. People can't take hits etc and leave blah blah blah. This is "the other pussy move" but is more of a long term thing.

    So basically, I'm a rank 23. Yep yep come at me bro. And I'm not even 400 yet. (Pretty much everyone can beat me, I'm weak as shit). I get hit by erryone. And being in FA (probably the most hated empire possibly along with chosen?) it's understandable. And I know that I will get hit because like collateral damage, UNO homes? Lol. Well fortunately for mah self I don't give a shit. If I did give a shit I woulda left long time ago. You know what I'm getting at?

    So why was FA started? FA was created for the players that enjoy pvp and of course eve too BUT could freely hit whoever the fook they like. And no BS created. No crap like "oh but our empires are allied" or "we have a CF G!" There's none of that here yeah. So war right? We don't call it war cause we don't have pvp rules, we don't have ceasefires and we certainly don't have allies. You may call it war but we will not. We shall name it PVP. FA will have ye back though, we will keel all that we can. I feel like we aren't here to make friends even though we are but being a war game and seeing halts on pvp between certain empires is silly. Another thing I find daft is the no pvp allowed during eve rule. Even though I don't do it myself (force of habit) I won't prevent others from doing it. Dude- chill dafuq out it's a fighting game with gangsters and shأ¯t. Be a G and do your own thing.

    I might as well talk about the other things I've had to deal with whilst pvping and stuff. People telling me I shouldn't be hitting them because we are allies- errrr fook you mate I'ma keel you no matter what and if you got a problem then just unally me. Doesn't say anywhere that I can't hit an ally. At all.

    Some important info for the criers out there - do NOT, I repeat do NOT whine in pm. You will only get farmed harder. Do NOT leave a link cause dude you dumb if you do. Most valid point I will make in this comment: do NOT cuss FA cause they hitting you hard or cause they're a bad empire cause we like to pvp. Cause fook- that's just utter bollocks ffs. But my final point is - NEVER EVER, EVER, complain in a chat app in a group. Because seriously, that's not fun to read and it's incredibly annoying. Gosh.

    I went off topic again but I don't give a crap, I know I made a valid point somewhere. So yeah. Keep calm and pvp.

    Oh and why am I in FA? Well not necessarily because I love pvp, but also because I have pals here and they make the game more interesting. FA as an empire is a game changer and we like to set trends and indeed we did. Many people don't understand FA and you won't really understand until you become a part of FA and see for yourself.
    Last edited by Milkshake; 02-26-2014, 10:53 PM. Reason: I make silly mistakes okay? Can't fookin help it.

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  • shia
    Re: PvP Empire War "threats"

    Hit who you want to when you want to and as often as yo want to. That is why I stay in FA. I could care less about EvE yes I like to win at Eve but if we lose no worries, I'm here for the PvP. I have over 37k in losses and soon to be 38k, lol. I could care lessto me it shows that I play. I am a mid level player at 859. Yes it is nice to hit a whole empire, I do not care about xp. But why do I hit them? That to me makes the player, the reason why they hit. I think people like Hgroth in Hells satans are cool. Read his header you hit his team excpect to be hit. He hits for a whole different reason, as does Dragon in UG. Now we have Dark Soul he is the one all of UE is watching right now. Why does he hit? He is going to run Goodfellows soon. He is clearing a path for a very dominant empire with his hard hitting PvP style. What he does with that empire is what i'm waiting for. He is a game changer. You want to see into the future of the game and PvP then watch him.

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  • chelsea
    Re: PvP Empire War "threats"

    This is a very true post, lol.
    Originally posted by BBB View Post
    What if I told you that most high lvl players don't hit each other for fear of being beat if they fail to keep pace with their peers, the same as most everyone else in UE? Would you believe me? The only difference is because there are so few of us that most take advantage and hit way down lvl, because there is no fear of retaliation.

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  • BBB
    Re: PvP Empire War "threats"

    Yes Femur! This is exactly why we created Free Agent Empire!

    No one likes to be told who they can and cannot hit for fear of a war. We don't tell our players who to hit or not hit, and we don't intervene in these little skirmishes. There are always two sides to every story. And you would be surprised how it leads to more responsible game play when ppl feel "free to decide" instead of "protected". Not to mention, who are you gonna threaten when you threaten Free Agent? We all act alone and "ask" for help. Novel idea eh?

    Now to your second point. What if I told you that most high lvl players don't hit each other for fear of being beat if they fail to keep pace with their peers, the same as most everyone else in UE? Would you believe me? The only difference is because there are so few of us that most take advantage and hit way down lvl, because there is no fear of retaliation. So there is a tacit agreement amongst high lvls not to hit each other, and yes it is hypocritical for them to pretend they are "nice" when in fact they are just cowards being "nice" to each other, trying to prevent "drama" (IE things from happening that may lead to losses on their record as opposed to yours). They get their badges. And except for a select few get them from players well below them. This is my biggest pet peeve in UE at this moment, and I assure you it didn't use to be like this. One of the things we try to do at FA is encourage ppl to be active in pvp. I know that's of no surprise to anyone. But it also means testing the other high lvls around you, even in your own empire. Lol.

    It takes a player with a thick skin to be in FA, but we are trying to confront the cowardly behaviors you are speaking to by refusing to even play the game that way.

    So don't feel obligated to follow the generally accepted practices of UE. Break the rules, create new strategies, and never accept the status quo in UE. That's just how top empires and players make sure they stay in control.

    Free Agent

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  • NinjaStar
    Re: PvP Empire War "threats"

    some people have big egos. they do certain things, like reach a high rank or something, and think, "ooh, look at me, i'm really important. i'm protected. i have people who care about me. so you better watch out!" and then they get hit, and can't do jack about it. so they find ways to feel important again, like get help from the "protectors", or use underhanded tactics like threaten to hit the offender's mates in order to make the offender feel bad, and make the person feel important again.

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  • Hunter
    Re: PvP Empire War "threats"

    Thing is this game is a war game. You pay to get somewhere. Accept that some badges will get you farmed. Note some reason you might get farmed is because one of your empire mates made one of their players mad.

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  • FemurBreak
    started a topic PvP Empire War "threats"

    PvP Empire War "threats"

    Anyone with a badge knows, or should, that they should expect daily taps. There are many lvl 600-1000 player and probably lower who know they will recieve daily hits from lvl 1000 plus players because they hold a rank 23 or 24 badge. I don't think most of them take it seriously. I think it's ignored. It's just the nature of the game. I get hit by lvl 2000 consistently and if I was to ask why I would be told they are making the rounds. Cheers to that! I could care less

    What I'm curious about is how those of us in the 600-1000 lvl range or even broader range can PvP by doing daily rounds in the battle list or hitting others with badges that are nice to keep our own rank. And hitting for XP (wasteful to hit lower even for BP) . And EXPECT that if we do that daily the empires with the nice badges will threaten to war our entire empire. We could do it ever soo nicely and gently and still there would be ultimatums. "If you continue your starting a war" or "back down or your entire empire will be farmed"

    To that I laugh. Seriously. You can't just pull me 80 times per day? I might move on. I might not. But it's at best hilariously funny to me that I would back down to said threat. Like I would go through the battle list and ignore X empire because I was told not to hit them. Who does that leave?

    It's no wonder everyone farms lower weaker empires. If the top empires threaten the core group of PvP away from theirs then yeah. To keep my badge I'll just farm the piss out of nobodies. Oh joy. Fun. And no XP.

    My point is simple. Do we want to war in a hypocritical fashion? Or would some top empires like to sign up to cease giving such threats. Would any top dogs actually say that they could refrain from wars based on skirmishes that occur daily in PvP ? If you can't protect an empire from one person engaging in PvP without hitting for no XP just to scare an empire then what?

    Maybe we just have a lot of high lvl enforcers scared to PvP because they open their backside to the guy who can sit on them for 200 hits. Now that's fun. Maybe When Darksoul is lvl 10000 he can be the guy who decides who gets to sit on who. But I'd like some people to weigh in on the fact that I can't PvP without being told by someone I can't make that hit. Cause I'm going to. And that means war?

    Let me know guys. And thanks. The disclaimer here is that I'm not saying everything I say is correct. But it's my opinion. And I would ask for others