Idea: Lieutenant and Insignia performance tool

When insignias were introduced to the game the impact was significant. I think it is time to look at a way to improve our experience with using them properly. This may also be integrated with the Lt to decide best loadouts.

It has become onerous to maintain insignia and I wonder if they are taking up more data storage on the servers than necessary. If we were provided with a better way to decide what to keep and what to destroy it might prove very useful. It may also improve player interest and performance in the game.

We need a way to compare insignia that are being used with those that are not.
A way to compare the best insignias available for the different seats given certain types of loadouts.
Perhaps even a way to provide insight into the best Lt for a certain seat if it were max level for it's current rank and with the BIS insignia.

At the very least, please provide a way to look through all the insignia that are currently being used!

Some games show data for fully levelled versions of mods in your inventory. This data could be used to decide what to keep and what to destroy.

There are a lot of possibilities here. Hope this leads to more conversation!

Joey Ripperoni
Naked Ninja
The Gimp