Hi everyone,

Wanted to share a thought i had regarding the current ranking system.

After a year of playing this game I realize one major thing.

Empire war ranking only caters to top 10 legend.

I base this on the fact that the only teams that seemed pissed off by the posting of last season results were the big rivalries in the top 10 slot.

The rest of moderate-very active teams accept the reality of migrating endlessly between legend/diamond/platinum. And I don't know if you all agree but this structure really take the competitive edge out of it.

so here is my suggestion and i'm emphasizing that this is a draft proposal and would love if you guys and girls have some ideas how to improve it:

1.At the beginning of the season a team will be slotted in a tier based on their absolute ranking.
2.Each team will compete WITHIN THEIR TIER for ranking and not jump up and down like we do today in a senseless structure.
3.During the season the top ________ (fill in the blank) will have a choice (Elective) to go up to the next tier (this is tricky but there are ways to make sure that super strong teams don't abuse this to stay in lower tiers)
4.At the end of the season the top ____________ (fill in the blank) will automatically get bumped to higher tier and bottom __________(Fill in the blank) will drop to lower tier.
5.Create a fair award structure similar to how rewards are distributed in events (e.g. Tier rank Badges , epic, rares and uncommon lieutenants, scratches and chargers) that will be awarded to teams in each respective tier.
6.Currently the top _________ (fill in the blank) teams are so far ahead of everyone else I would suggest creating a new tier just for them

I believe that this will accomplish several things from a gamification perspective:

1.This will increase activity and war participation in all empires as there will be a REAL incentive to battle for rank.
2.Create a competitive atmosphere throughout all tiers and give meaning to EVE ranking.
3.More importantly I cannot see any material cannibalization to the current gaming environment rather this would be a major improvement by providing a long term goal with rewards.

In conclusion I feel that UE's current structure of EVE is not built on the correct foundations. instead of improving the matching engine (or so you claim) I would introduce this not so radical approach for increasing competitiveness and activity which on our end will be more fun and engaging and on your end will create a more organized structure for teams and players to spend more money for a fighting chance within their tier or on to the next for better status and rewards.

Gamficiation 101 - Create goals that give the player the hope that they can achieve them - Having everyone in the same crock-pot does not serve that purpose.

Hope this generates some traction for a discussion