Welcome to Binding your Account 101!

If you created your Underworld Empire account on your current device and want to secure it in case your Device:
  • is Replaced/Upgraded
  • before it's damaged or had a sudden death by water or alien force of the universe, etc
  • is going to be wiped on accident or due to hardware/software failure


Please make sure to BIND YOUR ACCOUNT. If you are on iOS, please BIND YOUR ACCOUNT. If you are on Android, please BIND YOUR ACCOUNT. Binding your account means your account is recoverable. Chelsea compiled these instructions originally but there have been some additions. Please review the instructions depending on your platform type


As of April 2014, Underworld Empire has integrated Game Center for all character transfers and retrievals. When you go to "Character Transfer" you will likely see the Game Center login screen if you're not already logged in. We switched our character binding system to Game Center because it is a lot simpler than the email system. If you are logged currently logged into Game Center with your Game Center ID then you are good to go. There is no danger of misspelling your email address or losing the email with verification code.

How do I sync my account to Game Center?
Step 1: Make sure you are logged into the game center App by going to your device's Settings, tapping Game Center and log into your Game Center ID.
Step 2: Simply start Underworld Empire. Any time you start up the game your account will automatically be synced to Game Center.
Step 3: You are done. Every time you log into Underworld Empire, you will be greeted by Game Center with a "Welcome, "your Game Center ID"

When you log into a Game Center Account and access Underworld Empire, the account you are currently on will be bound to that Game Center ID automatically. Read more on this here: http://underworldempireforums.com/sh...-Reminder-2015

How do I retrieve my account using Game Center?
Step 1: Make sure you are logged into the game center App by going to your device's Settings, tapping Game Center and log into your Game Center ID you originally used to bind the account.
Step 2: Go to the "More" tab in Underworld Empire by clicking the gears on the bottom left of the game's home screen.
Step 3: Click the option that is titled "Character Transfer."
Step 4: Find and tap your desired account.

Some FAQ for iOS:

How long after retrieving my account until I can purchase Favor Points?
There is a 48 hour wait period from the time of account retrieval until players are able to purchase favor points. This has been implemented in order to increase account security.

How long after retrieving my account until I can transfer my account again?
There is a 2 hour wait period from the time of account retrieval until players are able to transfer their account again. This has been implemented in order to prevent exploiting.

How many characters can I have bound to a Game Center ID?
You can have a maximum of 5 characters bound to a Game Center Account.

What happens if you want to bind a 6th Character?
You will get a popup that allows you to remove one of your previously bound characters from the binding. If you choose the popup, your current character will remain unbound [unplayable].


Android information

Google Play should work a lot like Game Center in respect to player accounts and binding/retrieval process - you need to log into Google Play AND Google Play Games to bind your account.

Google Play Login Process for Android:
Step 1: Tap on Google Play Tab from Google Play App.
Step 2: Choose the Google Play account you want to use to bind your account to
Step 3: Go to Underworld Empire > More > Google Play
Step 4: Should Sync to current UE Account(s) (it will ask you to confirm the choice).
Step 5: Should give a notification of "Signing In" at the top and take you to a choice screen of "Achievements" and "Sign Out".
Step 6: Tap on the red "x"
Step 7: Account can be confirmed to be "BOUND" by tapping on Character Transfer Tab near the bottom.

EXTRA: If needed, SIGN OUT by tapping on Google Play tab OR through the Log Out tab.

Google Play Retrieval Process for Android:
Step 1. Go to your Android device's Settings to confirm you are logged into the correct Google Play account OR > Add Account > Add your Google Play account where you bound your Underworld Empire account if you have not already done so
Step 2. Open Underworld Empire
Step 3. Tap on More > Google Play > Connect to the Account you had bound your Underworld Empire account to
Step 4. Go to Character Transfer and find your account

These instructions do work as long as the account was originally bound with the Google Play account that was originally used.

8/13/2015: Android bindings require the usage of Google Play Games, a completely separate App to the Google Play Store.

If you have refrained from using or downloading this App to bind your Account with your Google Play account, it may not work and each time you tap on the Google Play or Character Transfer section, you may be prompted by the following:

Please make sure to use that App as well.

Some FAQ for Android:

- You can sign back in using the same account originally established OR use another Google Play account by following above steps.
- The Character Transfer Tab functions the same way as iOS in having multiple accounts tied to the Google Play Account you establish it on.
- Uninstalling the App does NOT affect the loss of the original account established on the device.


General FAQ:

1. We do not use e-mail addresses anymore to bind accounts - that system is no longer is use and hasn’t been since April 2014
2. Secure and keep your Game Center and/or Google Play login information completely private. Why? See here: http://underworldempireforums.com/sh...-Reminder-2015
3. Facebook is not used to bind accounts at all on either platform