What is bigger than legend boss?
Colossal boss!
The object of the boss is to farm for chards, class coins, hunting supply and stat bags.
If you open stat bag you receive one of the following:
30 attack or defence points 10% chance
20 attack or defence points 20% chance
12 attack or defence points 30% chance
6 attack or defence points 40% chance

Colossal boss have 60 000 000 contribution.
500 players can participate.
Fair Share is 120000 boss contribution points, if all 500 players do 120000 contribution points they can kill the boss and receive maximum epic rewards!

1-10000 contribution 1 crate chard
10000-20000 points random class coins
20k-30k points hunting supply
40k-50k points rare chard
50k-60k points epic chard
120k points 1 stat bag
Receive extra stat bag for every 1 000 000 points max 3,5,10 ???
do your fair share of 120k contribution and receive all of the above ^^
Rewards are cumulative.
When you summon the boss it is automatically made public - community boss

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