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Content Suggestion Thread 3

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Content Suggestion Thread 3

    Use this thread for your content suggestions.

    From the Content Suggestion Thread 2:

    Still on the table
    • Not being allowed to attack allies
    • Tokens-used counter in wars by empires
    • Protecting lower levels from farming/upper levels
    • End of season rewards for EvE/PvP
    • Individual EvE stats and goals/achievements
    • Different types of events
    • Access to the specialized LT gear (non-tech lab gear anyways)
    • Paying respect to health faction
    • Perks to a team winning an empire war too quickly for normal cc rewards etc.
    • Market or trading system
    • Improved gifting system
    • Improved drop rates for bosses
    • That last warehouse

    • New executions
    • New bosses
    • New buildings
    • Making old black market LTs available and their gear (we need more of these releases)
    • Updated achievements, gifts, ranks, properties, class skills, tech lab items
    • Lieutenant loadouts, and then more released
    • Repeated events
    • PvP rennovation
    • Attack/defense/stat pulldown and stats folder
    • Changes to how health influences gameplay (making it more of an asset not a liability)
    • Changes to daily rewards
    • More detail added to war log
    • Improved empire activity tracking including the red-yellow-green-blue system
    • Allowing visible call marks (for attackers and demo)
    • Improved LT selection page
    • A way to remove multiple allies at once
    • Daily goals
    • Notification when losing cash in PvP (i.e. evidence of Hotwire)
    • Notifications in empire chat of donations, special charging
    • Email verification for account safety
    • Shortened account switching cooldown
    • Bank all option
    • Renovated empire donation process
    • Increased number of leveling promos
    • Faster way to combine LTs
    • Double progress promo (we need a lot more of these)
    • Secret areas released (still need some more)
    • An execution that gives a chance to drop alloy
    • Insignias
    • Chempacks
    • Crate shards
    • Mysterious tokens and faction weapons
    • More available achievements
    • Swapping attack and defense stats
    • Boss filter
    • Updated experience for new accounts including eve training
    • Silver and gold job areas
    • Mini-events/Heists
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    Re: Content Suggestion Thread 3

    A lot of good content and suggestions for EvE Updates here:

    Common Theme:
    - Better rewards for EvE activity / higher tier of play (Legend Rewards should be better than Bronze, Instant EvE bonuses for X people joined)
    - Meatshields / Inactive accounts are a recurring theme (game inactivity >30 days auto remove from empire)
    - better way to manage empire merges / purge inactive empires
    - Scaling / Bonus rewards for early finish EvE (i.e. winning before the timer runs out should be better rewards then winning after a full EvE)
    - Rename a Empire (for a FP cost)
    Probably some other great ideas in those threads as well - all of them are a good read and show how passionate and constructive the community can be
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      Re: Content Suggestion Thread 3

      I also want to bring up another EvE idea that has been around for a long time - 1 hr EvE
      Currently an active player could spend 8hrs a day in EvE (4x 2hr EvE)
      This is a choice of that player (defenders are really hit hard here) but it leads to burn-out / a player base that feels enslaved to the game

      I would propose 1hr EvE
      - Double Class Skills & Passives (demo, attack, etc.)
      - Halve Timers (Player Skills, Token, HP, Nuke, etc.)
      - Double XP and CC

      Proposed an active player could spend 4hrs a day in EvE (4x 1hr EvE)
      With appropriate balance - this should be an even exchange
      - Consider other EvE threads (Upgrades)

      This could be considered a "Quality of Life" Improvement (excluding Upgrades)
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        Re: Content Suggestion Thread 3

        From the Facebook comments, one that I thought was great:

        Devin Manenti "Developers: please put "Character Transfer" menu on Home screen. Thanks!"
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          Re: Content Suggestion Thread 3

          Originally posted by Cthulu View Post
          From the Facebook comments, one that I thought was great:

          Devin Manenti "Developers: please put "Character Transfer" menu on Home screen. Thanks!"
          Hmmm, if I am in war, that doesn't make a difference. To hit "home" - "change" or "more" - "change". Same amount of clicks....

          ...I would rather prefer an extra button directly from within eve like the "home" button there.
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            Re: Content Suggestion Thread 3

            I would like to gift crates or refills to my allies. I mean why buying a valentines crate for favor and sending them when I still have 5 crate rolls stacked e.g.? There could be a daily limit of course like for the gifting of the underworld legends job.

            And I would like to get to buy all lts gear. If u get an old uncommon lt during dailies that is great but u cant get the gear afterwards. At least u could add that for dailies e.g.


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              Re: Content Suggestion Thread 3

              Battle list rank filters. You can have regular battle list or battle list only with a specific rank. Lock it to your rank or above, in order to avoid eass of farming. Would be helpful for ranks 25 and above specially.

              Dedicated range of items at specific thresholds in bosses (eg: 1st threshold: omakase, bubba guns..., 2nd threshold: tank / apache / leviathan piece, 3rd threshold: tech item, steel kraken piece, mafia gauntlet piece, 75k damage: legend passport...). Would help if thresholds would be announced by the dev team directly. Use a "cumulative rewards" type of thing: 3rd threshold gives reward for threshold 1 + reward for threshold 2 + reward threshold 3.
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                Re: Content Suggestion Thread 3

                Content Suggestion :

                - Introduce Augmentation to Legendary/Epic Items ( maybe from +1 to +10 ) , Materials can be varied from tech lab parts , FP/Cash , New material from Boss/Job , etc. I strongly recommend because gears are almost have no heavy effect on toon.
                - Unlock 6th, 7th Load out by using FP
                - Introduce In-Game Casino , Chips can be obtained via FPs , Achievements , Dailies , Events . Winning Casino currency can be exchanged for CC , Items, top prize will be Lady Luck (once per account to prevent abuse) because It is casino , tee-hee.
                - Introduce more Properties Wise
                - Introduce New type of Skill Points, Every 50 or 100 level gain you 1 Special Skill Points that you can use to increase : PvP Attack Power, PvP Def Power, Properties Income % , CC Income % , Eve Attack Power, Eve Defense Power, EvE Deflect % , EvE Dodge % , EvE Critical % , EvE Health % , EvE Shield % , EvE Damage % ,etc. ' with a certain caps of each category to prevent overpower abusement.


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                  Re: Content Suggestion Thread 3

                  Here are my ideas, not sure if they are great or anything.

                  1- New daily log in system. It will be a system that resets monthly, with every 5th day will be a constant prize with the 25th being the last. Those 5 constant days will be scratchers, crate shards, and favor points. The rest of the days after the 25th you would pick 1 of 11 mystery prizes. Better prizes would be there such as refills, class coins, and one of the prizes is always constant which is an epic crate shard.

                  2- Energy/Stamina Protein Drink - Basically a drink that replaced the 1 value for to 10 and last for an hour. And it would be craft it in the tech lab. Powder can be obtain in daily rewards, boss drops or as a gift. A empty shaker cup is the other item. There would be a max of 5 or 10 shaker cups max with a fifth of them being free, You can buy them at 50FP or 100FP a pop assuming it is reusable forever. Build time 2 hours for energy, and 4 for stamina. Also it will not stackable, reapplying the same drink resets the time, you can use energy and stamina at the same time.

                  3- Specialty Equipment foe EvE. Basically it will enhance abilities, stats, and give new skills. In terms of equipment one item will increase health gain from health packs, another item give better armor with a minor damage mitigation bonus. Class specific item I have one for now.
                  Heavy weapons/ terminator one would be "Dead man's switch" deals damage to attacker when executed based on damage on killing blow, half effective if killed by assassin/Ghost or killed in a non executed matter.
                  Sniper/Ghost Explosive rounds, sacrifice the ability to do critical and deal 1.5x damage and splash in a plus pattern up 25% splash damage. Instead getting deflected, damage will be halved and splash won't occur.
                  Assassin/reaper: Adaptive camouflage, once active make next hit deal 15% additional damage, additional 10% if the target is a defender and have no counter damage. If a HW/Term. is targeted guarantees critical. If enforcer or titan bonus effect will be reduce to 2% and 1% and counter damage will be halved . A 2 minute cool down will take place before you can activate it again.
                  Enforcer/Titan Dragon's Breath. Deal 1.5x damage and deal 2.5% splash adjacent to target. Main target will have burn 3 splash victim burn 1. If main target is a reaper/sin they have napalm and double chances of critical hit and splash victim ghost/ sins will have burn 2. Damage will be halved and no burn effect for sniper/ghost.
                  I haven't decided how to require the items and if we still don't have a use of the last warehouse, we can use it for this idea.
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                    New ideas ( not about your mom )

                    new feature for boss cellphones, activate boss GPS ( with timer ) let's you in increase % of all drops depending on # of times you fight the same boss. Example: successfully defeating Boss A 3 times in less than 24 hours increase drop by 1%, defeat boss 6 times 24 hours increase 1.5%. And so on ...

                    This could also be used for crate rolls per say make a new crate package that increases % of getting rare or epic Lt. every 5 purchases ( or so ) with in 24 hours of first purchase and resets on rare or epic or after 24 hours .

                    open a black market for lt gear, place gear in classes like, street, mafia, cartel and the one I don't recall, allow players to collect parts of maps to reveal temporary black market location before it resets.

                    Change ***** to *#$&% to make cursing on world chat more dramatic, that is all - thanks yours truly - zilogunner


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                      Re: Content Suggestion Thread 3

                      Revitalize old and underused LTs.

                      -New Skins
                      -Add Gear/Weapons/Vehicles

                      Dice Jobs still need a overhaul in my opinion. With all the LTs in this game now I feel it would be better served to have LTs that have some type of relation to the area the dice job is located.

                      New Gear/Weapons/Vehicles PLEASE! lol

                      Most importantly, I saw this in another thread somewhere, put a level cap to enter world chat. Something like not being able to see or enter world chat until level 100 or 200. It would stop a lot of the spamming.


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                        Re: Content Suggestion Thread 3

                        Some more Idea :

                        Enforcer special attack against bosses buff.

                        Hp stat converter( maybe a SP tax to balance it like 10e > 9hp) That would probably bring back sin and reaper as tank Killer aswell (cripple, plague)

                        EVE skill rework/rebalance : some skill need أ  rebalance like sucker punch, some need a plain rework like Collateral damage or Impervious.


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                          Re: Content Suggestion Thread 3

                          My wish list:
                          1. More load outs.
                          2. Fix the EvE attack dialog. As a ghost I want to have ghost tag as first attack option always. However if I rush it changes to normal attack. This is very annoying.
                          3. Reverse the execution list or allow adjusting the list. I want to have the latest executions and those executions which still need practicing on top.
                          4. Add more EvE and class based achievements. Especially something like executed n amount of people, highest single shot damage, building damage etc.Why not highest deflect damage. That would force people try enforcer class. lol


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                            Re: Content Suggestion Thread 3

                            Add auto-execute to Battle Royale event
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                              Re: Content Suggestion Thread 3

                              Add class skills that give a benefit for other areas of the game

                              These would provide ways to use class coins to further develop an account
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