So yet another terminator skill is not working correctly.

I was planting time bombs to try to test them out and make the war last longer. Found a target at 219 health. Few minutes of refresh and was suddenly at 119 health yet HE WAS STILL ALIVE when under 200 health.

Overall, I also have to say in massively underwhelmed by this weak and very situational ability. For 2 tokens, I get to do 100 player damage and 27 building damage (after mitigation). In guessing based in a lot of the linear scaling of abilities that after 26,000 CC, I might be able to do 60 building damage minus mitigation and 200 player damage for 2 tokens as long as nobody stims or heals... I realize I can do it on much stronger players, but it is yet another terminator skill that doesn't scale with attack. This class is feeling like it is only useful for players with crap stats.