If you were developer of your own game named Underworld Empire:Revenge of Skull King what would it look like?
Combine UE, Facebook mob wars, Heroes of Camelot, Legend of Darkness and James Bond World of Espionage.

It can be anything no limit, no balancing of power.
1. I would remove all common lieutenants from crates.
50% uncommon
35% rare
15% epic

2. Superpower fully recharged every second day for new upcoming empires, active empires can charge superpower everyday doing dailies.

​​​​3. With sniper superpower active all the defenders in defence spots start war with napalm, poison, plaque and tag.
The only way to remove effects is to login as quick as possible and health will be back to normal.
Fail to login in first hour of war and your health will be in cap range because of napalm effect.
Napalm, poison, plaque and tag stack up to 2x

4. New heist called Westside double completion x2
Runs every weekend from Saturday morning to Monday morning.
Create diamond in tech lab to open Westside challenge job.
Use uncommon lieutenants as feeders.
You don't have to sacrifice Sara and Viper to make a 2* Vanquish?
You don't have to split 2* Overkill to make 2* Tanya?
To star up Epic lieutenants you need 128 uncommon lieutenants per star.
Increase by 128 uncommon lieutenants.
For example:
2* 128+128
3* 128+128+128

5. When hospital superpower is active 1 defender in defence spot in HQ, armory and hospital start war with ion shield.
Must be active and can't receive any damage for 10 tokens.

6. Cement shoes have 100% chance to drop 1 epic crate chard per day.

7. Buy 50% energy or stamina refill for 5fp

8. All boss lieutenants have autoheal.

9, No 60 day limit on paying respect to factions. Rewards just get better and better.

10. Put all common and uncommon lieutenants in 1 crate. Buy 1 get 1 free every month(limit 1)
Rare crate buy 1 get 1 free every month(limit 1)
Epic crate buy 1 get 1 free every month(limit 1)

11. New server every 2 years
Old server become server for developer testing.
If game run without glitches on old developer server it will run even better on new server.

12. Energy and stamina carry over
13, Challenge jobs carry over

14. Remove Apache:gun from Phoenix resurrection

15. Sort empires by actives and wins.
Empire with most actives and wins will be on top.

16. Remove all duplicate lieutenants from challenge jobs and replace with new lieutenants for example Poppy, Fixer, Anson and Backfire.

17. Everyone who participate on Facebook or forum will receive crate, scratcher or uncapped refill not just a lucky few.
Winner will receive epic crate.

​​​​18. Receive up to 6 epic rewards from MMB depending on boss contribution.
​​In game message 3 days before MMB starts warning players MMB is on the way.
​​​​​​Finish existing boss!

19. Buy 90 tokens for 10fp in Battle Royale

20. After EVE war ends all classes will be reset to default enforcer. Only if you join enforcer will be changed from enforcer to titan.
This will remove unnecessary strain from server.

21. Only limited amount of empires can be created.
This will remove unnecessary strain from server

22. Combine first 3 stages of legend bosses and make them demo friendly.
Only 1 type of passport per boss from Cataclysm upwards.
Only chem-pack III from Cataclysm upwards, remove chem-pack 1 and 2

23. Nuke randomly lands on enemy buildings 2,3,5 and 6

24. Bring back old school EVE and PVP
Double cc for winning empire in EVE

25. Receive rare crate when you finish silver job
Receive epic crate when you finish gold job.
Silver and gold jobs stay the same percentage no decrease.

25. No limit on Income properties.
Build as many income properties as you like.
No need for Hotwire anymore (don't chase away new players by stealing there money)
No more speed up, no time increase on properties.

26. Sara is most powerful lieutenant in game.
+33% critical chance
and damage 20% of non-combatant health ignore armor, increase with every star


Unde​​​​rworld Empire:Revenge of the Skull King is open source.
Let your imagination run wild !!!