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Beginner's Guide and FAQ

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  • Airmid
    Links to Other Guides
    • Anything Stickied under the Guide Section.
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  • Airmid

    Basically, follow the instructions and name your character. You do not have to agonize over which lieutenant to pick as you will eventually get all of the ones shown along with many more!

    Reputation - get free items (I suggest going here first)

    From the main menu you can select the option “Reputationâ€‌. Every 24 hours (48 for Cartel) you will have the opportunity to pay your respect to one of the four crime faction bosses. When you reach a certain amount of Affiliation points, you will be rewarded an item for free! To select which faction you would like to pay respect to, just tap each character. Notice that the list of items rewarded is different for each faction. Make sure to tap the “Pay Respectâ€‌ Button when you are ready to choose which faction you’d like to pay respect to. There is no “rightâ€‌ or “wrongâ€‌ choice.

    For a first time respect suggestion, I would personally choose the Cartel. The First item you get from that faction is a sniper rifle. Just note, if you do choose the Cartel, you can not pay respect for another 48 hours.

    Jobs - Earn Money and Grow Stronger

    If you are following this walkthrough, to get to the Jobs page from Reputation you can either tap the energy button at the top and select “Go To Jobsâ€‌ or you can swipe the bottom icons to the right, select Main, and go to Jobs.
    Notice you can scroll around the entire map using your finger. Most of the jobs will be locked (red with a skull) for now, so Select the only one available - “Dirty Gunsâ€‌. Read the information, then select “Do Jobâ€‌ from the footer. You will receive money and experience points. The Job Completion Bar should be at 30% at this point.

    You have a total energy amount of 15 to start the game with. Each time you perform this particular job, you will expend 2 energy. In order to progress to the next job, you must first complete this one to 100%. Tap “Do Jobâ€‌ 3 more times. A special popup will tell you that you have completed the job and will automatically taken to the next job - “Gas Banditâ€‌. Each time you complete a job level to 100%, you will be awarded an extra stat point.

    Continuing to follow this guide, your experience should be 8/9. Tap the “Do Jobâ€‌ button for Gas Bandit. The UI should now be alerting you that you are missing some items that are required to complete this job. Either tap “buyâ€‌ or “buy allâ€‌ to instantly purchase these items (if you can afford them). Notice you didn't actually do this job yet - just purchased the required items.

    Tap “Do Jobâ€‌ again and your character will increase in level. You have 3 stat points to apply to either energy or stamina. If you do not know what you would like to do, I suggest increasing energy by 3 as it is important early on. Note, to increase stamina, it takes 2 skill points to increase your stat by 1. Whenever you level up, your stamina and energy will be refilled to full capacity.

    Continue to do jobs and you will gain another few levels, during which time you will earn money, buy a few lieutenants, and obtain a few pieces of equipment. Try to mostly add to energy for now. Keep going and you will eventually run out of energy and not be able to progress further through jobs. Depending on how you applied your stat points you will make it to a slightly different point in the storyline and jobs. The goal was to get to level 7 and unlock some better gear (don’t sweat it if you didn't get there though!).

    Whenever you have some energy, perform jobs to continue to progress the story. At the end of each stage(map) there will be a Boss for you to Battle!

    Shop - Buy Better Gear

    Now that we have some money that we’d like to spend, tap the cash icon in the header and select “buy weaponsâ€‌ from the menu. Each weapon has a type: melee, heavy gun, rifle, and handgun. In the earlier parts of the game your character will bring up to three weapons to battle (when dueling) - 1 melee, 1 rifle, and 1 heavy weapon.

    You already have quite a few weapons from doing jobs and paying respect. If you made it to level 7, buy both the shotgun and the electric knife... if, however, you did not make it to level 7, forgo the weapon buying for now. Change to the gear tab and buy a tactical vest. Note that when you buy an item from the shop it has a manufacturing time associated with it, whereas if you buy the same item as a required item for a job you will obtain it instantly. Check out the Vehicles tab but note that these items are more expensive and there are better uses for your money at this time (*cough cough* properties *cough cough*).

    Battle List - Test Your Strength

    Now, Let’s Fight!

    Tap on the Stamina button in the header and select “Battle Listâ€‌. Look for someone with as low a level as you can find, definitely under level 10 for now. Once you have found your target, select the “Duelâ€‌ button. If you win the duel it will say “Good Shotâ€‌, if you lose, it will say “Missedâ€‌. If you lose, do not keep attacking the same player (tap the “Runâ€‌ button in the footer to go back). On the other hand, if you can find someone you can beat, keep attacking. Your goal is to drain their health down to the point where you get the option to Execute.

    Initially there are only 3 options for executions, but more will unlock as your skill increases with these early ones.

    Properties - Build a Recurring Income

    You start the game with a restaurant property. Buy another property whenever you can afford it as it offers you a perpetual hourly income.
    You can collect the money you accrue via the “Collectâ€‌ button. To make sure you get the most money from your property you should come back hourly. There is no penalty for collecting your funds early, but if you fail to collect your funds before your revenue reaches the maximum, you lose out on a percentage of your earnings!
    Tip - buy a safehouse when possible and upgrade it to increase your maximum amount.


    This is just a short walkthrough guide and not meant to be a full explanation of the game. Its object is just to get new players started and on their way with the basics.
    Underworld Empire is a large game with a lot to do with many more features planned for future updates.
    While in game, check the “Moreâ€‌ tab for Help, Bank, and Character transfer.

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  • Airmid
    Navigating the User Interface

    The Header
    The Header shows you which Lieutenant you currently have equipped, energy, stamina, health, cash, and favor points. It also contains the back button and quick profile button.
    The back button allows you to return to the previous screen you were viewing.
    The Quick Profile Button brings you directly to your profile.

    Home Page
    What can I access?
    • Empire
    • Bosses - Current, Public, and Create
    • Jobs
    • Reputation
    • Lieutenants
    • Properties
    • Shop

    Bottom Tabs
    • Main - brings you back to the home page
    • News - Brings up notifications from your allies (gifts, aid requests, request to be ally, etc) as well as notification of attacks. From here you can also access your wall and change your news settings.
    • Favor - This button will bring you to the black market and crates.
    • Allies - You can either view your current allies or hire new ones from this page.
    • More - Gives you the option to view your profile, go directly to the crates page, view your bank, gift, access the Tech Lab, Daily Spin, Heal, send feedback, get quick help, redirect to forums, Access Audio and Alerts, Character Transfer, and Log Out.
    • The Chat Tab allows you to view and chat with your Empire, World (requires tokens), Message other players, View the Chatroom, or change your chat settings.
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  • Airmid
    Getting Started - Orientation


    What are jobs?
    Jobs are akin to quests, where you expend a certain amount of energy to receive cash, experience, items, and progress the storyline! Certain jobs will be unavailable to you until you complete another specific job. As you complete more jobs, more will become available on the map.

    Each time you fully complete a quest, you obtain a stat point to use as you choose. When you complete an entire map, it will produce a Boss Fight. At this stage you can also go back to repeat jobs, thus gaining more stat points and receiving Star Ratings. After your fifth Star Rating, you can no longer receive stat points for finishing the job.


    What is Reputation?
    Reputation is a great way to get free new gear and stat points!

    How does one Obtain Reputation?
    As you do jobs for the different gangs, you earn affiliation points. When your affiliation points increase, you will are then able to unlock special items that are specific to each gang.
    One more way to earn affiliation points is to Pay Respect to one of the gang bosses. This is available once every 24 hours (48 for the Cartel). By paying respect you make your character stronger, earn unique items, and increase Affiliation points.


    What is the Shop?
    The Shop is a place where you can access and buy better Weapons, Gear, and Vehicles. These things are imperative to have, especially as some Jobs might require specific items. Items also allow you to be stronger in Boss Fights, Duels, and War. So it is a good idea to stock up!

    Fight List

    What is the Fight List?
    The Fight List is used to match you with other plays with whom you can Duel or War. When you either Duel or War with another player it uses your stamina points while you gain Battle Points, Rank, Cash, Experience, and Unlock Gear!

    What is a Duel?
    A Duel is a match between another player and yourself in which you fight “mano-a-mano” using your best Weapon of each type (Melee, Gun, and Rifle), Gear, Vehicle, and Lieutenant.
    Hint - Complete Challenge Jobs and Boss Fights to gain rare and powerful items!

    What is a War?
    War matches you against another player based on the number of allies you each have. The more allies you have, the more Gear, Lieutenants, Weapons, and Vehicles you have to bring to the fight. Hint - Recruit as many allies as possible to ensure your victory!
    How many Allies can you bring to a war? The limit is around 500 currently but watch out for Lieutenants whose special abilities might increase this amount!

    Health and Hospital

    Why is Health Important?
    Health is an important factor to the game. If you get to 0 health you will no longer be able to battle and when your health is low, it severely impacts the amount of damage you can do during a Boss Fight.
    It is something you will have to watch out for while playing. Also note that when you get to a critical state, Nurse Stacey will charge you double to heal!

    Properties and Cash

    What do Properties do for me?
    Properties allow you to generate cash hourly to purchase items, healing, and lieutenants. It is a perpetual income. Some properties even have special bonuses and upgrades!

    What are the basics of properties?
    You start out owning one property - a restaurant. You will be required to check back to collect your earnings as there is a Max Cash Revenue. After you exceed that max, the income you accrue after will be 10% of normal.

    Buy properties whenever possible and remember to collect your revenue. When possible, buy a safehouse and upgrade it to increase your Max Cash Revenue.
    property and bonus chart coming soon

    Black Market and Favor Points

    What are Favor Points?
    Favor Points are in game currency you can use at the Black Market that is bought using real currency. When you start out, you automatically have 20 Favor Points to use as you see fit.

    How do I get more Favor Points?
    To obtain more Favor Points you can purchase them in game from the Black Market using the button “Get Favor”.

    What can I use Favor Points For?
    You can use Favor Points to recharge your energy, stamina, or purchase anything that is in the Black Market (even Cash!).

    What is Sold at the Black Market?
    Energy and Stamina Refills, Cash, Mystery Crates, Allies, Chat Tokens, Name Changes, and the lieutenant, weapon, vehicle, and gear of the week.

    What are Crates?
    Each Mystery Crate contains a random item or lieutenant. There is a percentage drop for each lieutenant/item ranging from common to epic. There are some exclusive lieutenants that you can only find here!

    The News Section notifies you of Ally Invites, Allies Requesting Aid, Battles Won/Lost, and Gifts.

    The Bank is a useful tool that can be found by either clicking on your Cash/Favor points at the top of your screen and choosing the option "Bank" or through the "More" Section found at the footer.

    Why Does the Bank Matter?
    The Bank allows you to safely stash your cash from your enemies. However, the Bank will charge a 10% fee to deposit your cash; withdrawing is free.
    Tip - There are some lieutenants you can equip to reduce the bank fee.

    The help tab includes short tidbits of information for a quick reference as to what certain features of the game are and do.

    Character Transfer
    A Character Transfer binds your character to an email address so that if you lose your iOS device, you will not lose your Character!

    Leveling Up and Stat Points
    Each time you level up you earn 5 stat points. The first few levels the game will automatically allot 3 stat points to energy, allowing you to pick where the last 2 go. Also, each time you complete a Job, you earn a stat point. This works up until you have reached 5 gold stars for that specific job.
    The stats points you earn can be put into any of the following: Energy (for jobs), Stamina (for Bosses and PvP), Attack, Defense, and Health. How you build your character is up to you! Whether you want to build defensive, offensive, or be geared to Jobs and Storyline is all your call.


    What are Lieutenants?
    Lieutenants are the characters you can assign and play with. Each Lieutenant has his or her strengths and weaknesses. By assigning your lieutenants to your inner circle, you grant yourself that lieutenant’s specific bonuses. As you grow stronger you will start to unlock more seats on your inner circle which will allow you to assign more lieutenants.

    What does Combining do?
    Combining Lieutenants increases their Star Level. By Increasing star level, it gives you a bigger + to attack, defense, and their ability strength.

    What does Leveling Lieutenants Do?
    Leveling a Lieutenant gives +1 to both strength and defense stats.

    What do Chairs in the Inner Circle do?
    Chairs in the inner circle allow you to assign and use lieutenants and their abilities. While they are equipped they also level up as you use them in Jobs, Fights, and Boss Battles.

    How do I get Lieutenants?
    You can get lieutenants from the Lieutenant Page, Black Market Deals, or Crates.


    What are Bosses?
    Bosses are the Final part to each Map “level”. By battling Bosses you get cash, experience, and the ability to access new areas. When you defeat a Boss before the timer runs out, you have a chance of receiving rare items and other rewards!
    Note - Bosses also have execution resistances

    How do I Find a Boss?
    To find a Boss you must first complete all the jobs for that Boss’s specific map. By doing so, you will cause a popup to appear “proceed to fight”. Click the “Proceed to Fight” to start your Boss Battle!


    What is an Empire?
    An Empire is akin to a Guild. It is a way for people to band together to defeat bosses and battle.

    Why Would I Want to Join One?
    By joining an empire you can make new friends, gain powerful allies, and have the ability to obtain more assets. It is also easier to find help and complete objectives.

    What are the Empire Leader Boards?
    The Empire Leader Boards are a competition for Empires. The more points an Empire gains from fighting Bosses together, the higher ranking it will be.

    To world chat, you must use world chat tokens which are purchased in the Black Market for Favor Points. Please remember to be respectful to each other!

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  • Airmid
    started a topic Beginner's Guide and FAQ

    Beginner's Guide and FAQ

    Beginner's Guide and FAQ

    Welcome to Underworld Empire!
    Getting started can sometimes be a challenge so here are some tidbits to help you on your way!

    • Getting Started - Orientation
      - Jobs
      - Earning Cash
      - Reputation
      - Shop
      - Fight List
      - Health and Hospital
      - Properties and Income
      - Black Market and Favor Points
      - News
      - Bank
      - Character Transfer
      - Leveling Up and Stat Points
      - Lieutenants
      - Bosses
      - Empires
      - Chat
    • Navigating the User Interface Screen Shots coming soon!
      - Header
      - Back Button
      - Quick Profile Button
      - Empire
      - Bosses
      - Bottom Tabs
      - Chat
    • Walkthrough
      - Introduction
      - Reputation
      - Jobs
      - Shop
      - Battle List
      - Properties
      - Final Advice
    • Links to Other Guides