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A Bullet in the Chamber

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    Re: A Bullet in the Chamber


    I shall continue this the second MG3 ends
    "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
    - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


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      Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

      Bumping up. MG3 is over

      In almost done with the pre-written chapters since I've been reviewing them. I'm going to be writing new ones very soon!

      (I haven't forgotten about MG4 either :/)
      "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
      - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


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        Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

        Chapter Nineteen: Heaven and Hell

        Two opposite forces stood in that room: order and chaos.

        Archangel reloaded.

        "I should've shot you when I had the chance." Archangel said walking out of the room.

        Tagg blocked his way.

        "That's about the easiest way of getting killed." Archangel retorted at Tagg's irate mood.

        Tagg smiled.

        Porsche woke up, soaking wet next to Ariel in her exotic car.

        "You don't seem to get it..." Tagg said looking downward with a grimace, grabbing something in his pocket.

        Tagg charged Archangel with a blind passion...

        "Where are you going?" Porsche asked Ariel as she was reloading her gun and jumping out of the exotic car.

        "Investigating." Ariel crisply said walking calmly with her strut and short pumps into the disarrayed household.


        Cesar was completely dumbfounded. Pain and Shun seemed like such good old friends. "What.....happened?" Cesar asked at the two acquaintances.

        "You don't need to know." Pain joked chuckling "Lets just say he won a bet..."

        Mia was with Diablo's baby, monitoring Raven as well so that Diablo could get a goodnight's rest.

        A breath.

        Diablo wasn't resting. He was looking at the longing moon.

        Diablo needed to find an ever fleeing solace. "Please" he pleaded with an inaudible whisper.

        "Please what?" Asked a voice right behind him in his balcony.

        Archangel pushed Tagg's rough attack downward and off of him.

        Tagg took out his gun.

        Archangel had his pointed at Charmaine.

        John was unconscious in the corner.

        The bullet had barely grazed Charmaine's head.

        "You know what's going to happen." Archangel replied with a cold smile in his amber eyes and his gnarled hands clenched.

        Fang and Sin were taking a stroll in the heart of downtown.

        "So what now?" Fang pondered aloud to Sin "We are a group without a faction. "

        "Wrong." Sin said, strolling along in one of her smooth dresses she used to blend in inconspicuously with that spot of the city.

        "We are our own faction now." Sin said, embracing Fang's hand with her own.

        A figure clad in an all-black jumpsuit
        was driving a motorcycle, revving in her usual manner, closing in on her two targets.

        "Look out!" Sin said barely dodging the motorcycle nearly hitting her.

        Eve landed suavely on the ground using only one hand to catch herself.

        "Oh look who we have here?" Eve said looking at the pair "My next two targets."

        Fang swung out his gun with his left hand.

        It was shot out of his hands from a person encroaching from their flank.

        "Of all people." Fang mumbled guiltily.

        The numerous people running away from the fight were mainly causing more chaos for Sin and Fang as they backed up against the icy glass of a convenience store.

        "Screw it." Fang said in a breathless state.

        Raven was out of the hospital in a heartbeat.

        "So I heard you had been a little worried." Raven said, holding Diablo while they swayed under the hushed moonlight gleam.

        "I don't want to lose you." Diablo whispered into her ear.

        Raven took a step back and put her hand on her hip, while leaning on one leg "Don't you mean, you 'didn't'?" she questioned coyly.

        "I still don't" Diablo said taking a step forward.

        They leaned in.

        "Get out of here." Ariel pleaded, holding her gun out at the culprit holding the weapon at her dear friend's head.

        "Daniel...." Ariel said, stopping in her tracks in front of Archangel, looking into those instantaneously warmer amber eyes.

        "What happened?" Ariel questioned stroking one of Archangel's cheeks with her hand.

        "A lot has changed." Archangel said, squinting once more while turning back towards his victim.

        "You don't have to do this." Ariel said.

        Ariel lunged.

        They leaned in.

        Two guns were heard emanating against the floor in the room, as the tension was growing thicker to how it had all been before that fateful starry night.

        Chapter Twenty: Real Reasons Pt.2
        "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
        - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


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          Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

          So I'll ask as I ask after I post every story in war chat: How was it?
          "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
          - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


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            Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

            Originally posted by Matt3600 View Post
            So I'll ask as I ask after I post every story in war chat: How was it?
            Fantastic as always. This could be made into a comic book. GJ!


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              Re: A Bullet in the Chamber


              "All I wants a hundred million dollars and a bad b...."
              F R E E A G E N T


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                Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

                Chapter Twenty: Real Reasons Pt.2

                Fang swiveled down and picked up his gun.

                He sliced the icy glass apart with a few bullets.

                "Come on!" Fang said grabbing Sin, pulling her with his injured and pulsatingly painful arm into the dark clothes store.

                "Come on." Kate whispered to Eve "Lets find them."

                Archangel pulled away from Ariel's silk touch.

                She looked into his fiery iced-over amber eyes, and the fighting presence within them.

                He threw down a stun grenade with his left gnarled hand.

                Mia was walking on the westside, pushing Diablo's precious daughter in a stroller heading back to the Street Gang Hq.

                "Anything yet?" Blink questioned her good friend who had been endlessly looking into Jonathon's assassination.


                Ghost had nothing for Blink, and this fact was killing him slowly on the inside.

                He had failed not only himself, but his best friend- Jonathan, who was taken away so violently from him.

                Archangel was out of the door in the trace of a heartbeat.

                He couldn't kill in front of Ariel.

                Sin and Fang were running through the looming racks of clothes in an attempt to find a safe haven.

                "We need to split up." Fang said, with a glint of dread in his eyes

                Sin was readying her position in the middle of the mall.

                Fang was combing through the sides, trying to see another figure through the limited light provided from the skylight windows above.

                "One ally, one enemy" Fang had to continue to remind himself.

                Mia saw Shadow walk out of the alley a few meters in front of her.

                Her hand moved to her revolver she had in her belt.

                Fang's scope went over Kate, who was walking towards him casually in her glimmering breath-taking dress in the dim light of the moon from the sole skylight above.

                Eve took a shot at the alert yet caught off guard Sin from the cover of the cash register.

                Sin ran across the room in a futile effort to stay away from the scope of Eve's gun.

                Fang put down his gun.

                Seven was racing through the streets of the westside, trying out a new trick she learned to evade the cops.

                Daniel was going on his next mission. He was getting hired by the black market smugglers to get a guy off their tracks.

                Shadow gripped his Vector rifle. And started walking towards Mia.

                Mia pulled a smoke grenade from her pocket.

                She threw it in the air.

                Seven was evading the police- barely.

                She came across the iconic draw bridge in the city.

                She revved.

                "What now?" Diablo asked Raven, who was resting alongside him.

                "We need each other to beat the others. Otherwise they'll overpower us." Raven concluded.

                "So war?" Diablo asked getting slightly pessimistic thinking about the battles to come.

                "No." Raven said in her naturally malacophonous assuaging suave manner.

                "Peace." Raven replied.

                A lonesome tear strolled down Ariel's face.

                "Daniel..." She murmured as a smothering sea salt breeze hit the side of the home.

                She had barely been able to cope when he left the first time.

                And now she didn't even have Porsche to comfort her this time. She was in shock herself.

                "We'll find him to explain this mess to us." Tagg said regaining his regular composure as if he had ripped off a fake emotional mask. "Come on"

                "Are you crazy?" Ariel asked sobbing "He never leaves any tracks."

                Sin pulled up a metal bar from a clothes rack from behind her.

                Eve reloaded.

                Kate walked under the skylight, right next to him.

                "Lets go, I'll lead." Tagg said, pulling out a tracking device for the bug he had planted on him.

                Sin threw the metal bar with all her might, mustering all her strength, in an attempt to possibly win over the much better positioned Eve.

                Eve dived behind the counter, contemplating the easiest way of taking out this nuisance.

                Then a small round object was thrown behind her cover.

                "For the love of-" Eve sighed.

                Seven was up the steep drawbridge, trying to keep her balance on her unsteadily decelerating motorcycle.


                Shadow aimed his gun.

                "I've missed you baby." Kate whispered into Fang's ear under the glistening skylight.

                She pulled Fang's tie softly, pulling him closer.

                Seven overestimated herself.

                She wasn't going to make the jump.

                Tagg and Ariel raced out of the house, only to find Ariel's exotic car vanished from complete existence.

                "Porsche." Ariel said with widening pupils.

                Raven and Diablo were talking at the meeting room of the street hq.

                Helios was finishing smoldering the ashes of the cartel's old destroyed Hq.

                He saw a pair of illuminated eyes out of the corner of his.

                Porsche was driving Ariel's exotic car to an old friend, a friend before that fateful night.

                "How have you been sweetie?" Kate asked, looking into his deepening furrows in his forehead.

                "Long story..." Fang began looking into her blissfully beckoning eyes.

                They leaned in.

                Their only witness was the moon, distant in its own nature. It didn't have the power to break up the fight he knew was about to ensue upon the hearts below.

                Chapter Twenty-One: Heart-Broken

                So, how was it? Lol
                "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
                - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


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                  Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

                  Chapter Twenty-One: Heart-Broken

                  Through the brush...through the past his mind went as he contemplated the future.

                  Through the brush and the thicket leading to the stately manor.

                  Ghost had his pristine SMG in hand.

                  Tagg was driving with Ariel towards Archangel's hideout.

                  "What'll we do when we find him?" Asked Ariel with a smidgen of a twitch when eyeing Maria.

                  "We'll...confront him."

                  Eve slid over the counter of the cash register.


                  Hand in guilty hand.

                  Kate was walking out of the store with Fang.

                  Multi-colored wool and polyester carnage was scattering across the room.

                  Sin was running away from this relentless hunter up the flights of stairs.

                  Seven was at the peak of her ride...

                  Moment of truth.

                  Mia's smoke grenade exploded as Shadow's bullets went through it, and into a circuit board that was far behind her.

                  The drawbridge started lowering.

                  Mia began wheeling with her precious cargo, running for her life, for the life yet to live to its fullest...

                  To live for the life not yet born.

                  Seven came shakily down the other side, finding Mia in a firefight against Shadow who was encroaching upon her.

                  Seven jumped.

                  Helios turned around sharply, only to find her there.

                  "What do you want?" He retorted going back to smoldering the ashes.

                  "Lucas." Walked in an old acquaintance.

                  Lucas turned shamelessly, with the shame of thousands on his tainted conscience.

                  "Arya." Lucas said, still unable to look at his old cohort.

                  Fang paused in the broken glass in front of the window they had first entered.

                  Mia watched in awe as Seven had tackled Shadow to the ground from her motorcycle.

                  "Go!" Seven said while tossing Mis her helmet and attempting to restrain Shadow with all of her possible strength...and her customized assault rifle.

                  Mia quickly grabbed Diablo's baby girl, and strapped her to a harness in a few seconds that she connected to the motorcycle.

                  The cops were crossing the drawbridge.

                  Mia was driving down, with the cops threatening the three lives on that trip.

                  Seven was slowly losing against Shadow in their firefight.

                  She reloaded her gun.

                  One bullet left.

                  Daniel was sitting in his leather chair, feeling as hard as stone.

                  As cold as the winter night where it first began.

                  "Ariel." Daniel murmured slightly in the darkness to himself with his eyes closed.

                  Archangel chuckled.

                  "Your going to need to do better than that." Archangel stood up, putting both his hands in the air.

                  "This is for Jonathan you son of a-" Ghost began.

                  He never finished.

                  Blink was leaning against an old oak tree, hanging high off the side of a cliff...watching the moon observe the chaos of the night's tyrannous reign.

                  "Any yet you do nothing..." Blink began turning crimson in the face.

                  "WHY!!! Why all the pain! The sorrow! The loss!" Blink howled sharply at the moon.

                  All the injustice she saw was slowly killing her on the inside.

                  Blink saw a faint figure illuminated in the lighting cascaded downward from the moon's illustrious light.

                  "I love you." Kate said looking into Fang's tearing up eyes.

                  Fang was speechless.

                  Kate grabbed his tie.

                  They leaned in.

                  Mia was racing away from the cops, barely dodging obstacle to obstacle.

                  Then she came across a store with broken glass...

                  Fang looked up from the corner of his eye...

                  Tagg arrived at the dark mansion, hearing gunshots from within that beating eminence.

                  "Daniel!" Ariel cried.


                  Ghost was attempting to hit the illusive Daniel.

                  His mind was being consumed with one thought all over again.

                  One person, who almost killed him the first time she left.

                  "It's not worth it." Daniel sighed.

                  He jumped out with outstretched arms, waiting for his well-deserved payback for all the cruel sorrow he had caused in the world..

                  Eve was following Sin up to the roof of the monumental shopping store.

                  Sin reached the top, only to find no fire escape nor roof close enough to jump to.

                  Eve got to the top.

                  She shot the lock to seal it shut.

                  "Now..." Eve said as a buzzing noise grew ever louder.

                  Fang separated himself from Kate's familiar angelic lips.

                  He whipped out his gun, and quickly shot the wheels of the cops while throwing down a Semtex.

                  "Bang!" As the fiery mass of police cars went up in smoke.

                  Mia stopped and got off the motorcycle.

                  She walked up towards Fang, carrying her heart in her mouth.

                  She forgot about any precious cargo she had.

                  "I love you." Mia said, shaking profusely turning a crimson violet with clenched fists.

                  "Who the hell is this?" Kate asked, getting a knot in her dry throat.

                  One lonesome tear strolled down Fang's face.

                  "Who do you love?" Mia asked Fang with her heart slowly breaking apart from cruel reality-

                  from cruel tragedy.

                  "Pick one." Kate said readying her gun.

                  "Either shoot me Fang," Kate said, with a crack in her voice "Or watch her die."

                  "Daniel!" Ariel said running as fast as her short pumps would allow it, to catch up to Archangel.

                  Tagg took his time getting in.

                  "No!" Ariel said as she saw Ghost aiming at Daniel's surrendering silhouette.

                  Sin and Eve gawked in horror as the Dragon Lord arose from the other end of the building in an Apache.

                  They looked at the sealed exit.

                  "Helicopter?" Sin said turning back to the hovering death machine.

                  "I still hate you." Eve said rolling her eyes.

                  "Me too." Sin said.

                  They charged the Apache, running as fast as possible, dodging the lethal bullets of the Minigun.

                  Ariel jumped in front of Daniel, heaving immensely. "Kill him, you kill me first."

                  Sin and Eve reached the edge of the building.

                  They jumped together in an attempt to grab hold of the bottom of the Apache.

                  "I'm pregnant Fang." Mia said casting a downward look allowing Kate to point the gun at her from five meters away.

                  Fang looked down at his gun.

                  Who to die?

                  Fang lunged in front of Mia's still over-burdened heart.


                  Fang fell onto his knees, to both of Mia's and Kate's horror, after taking Kate's bullet in the heart, breaking his heart into the many pieces it had already been in.

                  "I'd...rather die..." Fang said a small amount of blood in his mouth "than see either of you hurt."

                  Fang fell completely on the ground, twisting around cold on the concrete of the sidewalk, cold as torn his heart had already been.

                  The moon turned a blind eye to the heart-breakings and heart-brokens for it could not stand any more guilt or sorrow on his heart for the night.


                  Chapter Twenty-Two: Relapse

                  So...Any opinions of my writing? Lol
                  "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
                  - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


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                    Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

                    great new addition to the story matt. loved every bit.

                    "Those who wait for the world to change, never see change in the world." - Sean B.
                    "Drama will always exist in a society that feeds on it." - Sean B.
                    "Healthcare is free, but we pay for water." - Sean B.

                    Lost for Words
                    "In terms of Airmid, yes I harassed her, not illegally as I was very angry" - Blue
                    "155 FP for 1 LT is insane... You can get 6 LTS for the same price from crates, at least 1-2 guaranteed epics." - Innocence


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                      Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

                      Love your story it's great ��


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                        Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

                        Your stories are amazing someone could make a movie off of this and make millions just cause of how great it as a whole keep up the great work


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                          Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

                          Awesome story , I'll be waiting for the next part
                          Last edited by Gipsy Dang; 08-29-2013, 12:03 AM.
                          Stay Cool .


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                            Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

                            So in between my nighttime insomnia and hard work I managed to dig up another chapter on these heroes and villains.


                            Chapter Twenty-Two: Relapse

                            The rain began hushing the whimpers from the wind in the subdued ashened field where Helios stood as he turned around.

                            "We have a job for you." Said the man in the black shades, protecting his eyes from the glare of the moon.

                            Sin and Eve grabbed the underlying bars of the helicopter.

                            Pain was walking forward in his business man suit with a spring in his step.

                            Today was the day of the big heist.

                            Today was the day young Pain would be able to get out of the streets.

                            It should've been.

                            "Lets go." Pain said talking into a infinitesimal mic.

                            "Roger." Shun replied making his move.

                            "Never" Helios said glaring at the foul figure while the hefty rain cascaded along his masked face.

                            "Fine. Suffer the consequences." Said the slender-masked silhouette walking away in the storm.

                            "I'll burn more bridges than you ever thought possible." Said the man in a chilling shrug while walking away.

                            "And I'll put them out." Answered Helios with twice the conviction and ferocity of his opposer.

                            "Try me." Helios said. It would take more than a few threats to turn him into an arsonist.

                            Holding hands.

                            This, little subtle incident, sent young Fang's heart fluttering.



                            Six years and some slight gang affiliations later, Fang was enclosed on all sides with the love of his life, fighting for his own.

                            For their own.

                            Fang took out his two hidden-sleeved pocket knives and took a defensive stance.

                            He caught a lunging opponent's dagger in between the two.

                            Kate pulled out a small rod in her clutch, pressed it, and had her own melee weapon of choice in the palm of her hand-

                            A lightning blue metal rod.

                            And so these two high-school sweethearts continued to toil against the ever-encroaching wave of malice upon their lives.


                            "Hello?" Questioned Kate

                            "Hello?" Questioned Helios.

                            "ANYBODY THERE!?!" Questioned the desperate, destitute dad coming to the slow realization.

                            His family was still in their burning down apartment.

                            Kate tripped.

                            The smoke was everywhere around them now.

                            He grabbed her and dragged her out of the heavy fire, with the sound of life and struggles fading away, as the chloroform began taking effect.

                            Seven had lost the struggle with Shadow. She was now lost in the dark.

                            He grabbed her and dragged her out of the heavy fire, with the sound of the firefight fading away, and the rag placed over her mouth preventing her from saying a word.

                            John had successfully gotten Kate out of the mess.

                            He jumped into the horde to meet Fang.

                            And the fight goes on.

                            "This party," Boris said "Will be out of control!"

                            Indeed it was.

                            A bloody man fell upon the cement.


                            Mia and Kate quickly surrounded the fainter broken bleeding body, whom they both were infatuated with with their whole heart-broken hearts.

                            Kate and Mia began CPR.

                            Right now they didn't care about each other.

                            They only cared about Fang.

                            Two noises...

                            Two noises...

                            They weren't going to give up on him.

                            Blade was moving at a hounding pace away from the horde that had tried to ambush him.

                            They hadn't succeeded in ensnaring him


                            The Dragon Lord slewed strongly to the right.

                            Fox lost her grip- one hand left.

                            Her last lifeline.

                            Her last chance.

                            Her last moment.

                            Blade almost reached his target destination.....

                            Fang and John were toiling against the savages upon them in the center of the group.

                            An opponent with a scimitar and an unusual bloodlust unknown to the rest of the group, spotted the figure off to the sides.

                            He began charging.

                            Kate tried to take out her metallic aegis- it was malfunctioning.

                            Fang glimpsed this catastrophic scenario from our of the corner of his eye...

                            "Handle them!" He yelled at John while Fang tore his way through five thugs.

                            John rolled his eyes as he began struggling in the center.

                            This was the one day he ever took off during his entire career.

                            It was the last.

                            "I'm sorry we couldn't save him."

                            Those words banged ferociously against his eyes until his corneas had turned bloodshot.

                            Helios knew who's fault it was. And he knew how to get to him.

                            By giving him what he wanted.

                            Helios let a short grin of insanity cross his face as the flaming tears came down across his face as he caressed his son's head and hugged it close to his chest.

                            "I'm sorry" Helios whispered malacophonously, embracing the cold figure.

                            He would never let this go, he kept telling himself.

                            Blade reached into his pocket.


                            He activated it, still in his hand.

                            "Here it goes." He murmured shrugging as he stampeded into the chaos dodging the swords and fists.

                            Fox slipped completely from the icy bar, beginning her perpetual decent.

                            Eve caught her.

                            "I still hate you." Eve retorted.

                            "Sure you do." Fox said rolling her eyes. Fox knew her true emotions.

                            She was the only one who did.

                            Blade stuck the Semtex on to the back of one of John's various opponents.

                            "Come on!" Blade said grabbing John and carrying him out at a tremendous pace.

                            The opposer raised his scimitar.

                            Fang jumped in her way- protecting her from the evil of the world.

                            The behemoth brought down the blade, only to be caught between his two daggers.

                            The thug saw the two oncoming assailants attempting to attack his flank.

                            He flipped around, tossing Fang across the ground several meters tumbling.

                            Blade tripped.

                            He didn't have his weapon out.

                            "The baby." Mia said coming to the horrid realization after hearing its cries from the motorcycle seat, being drowned out in the ring of the police sirens.

                            She ran to go get Diablo's child.

                            The first police car barred her way.

                            The Dragon Lord saw how they were climbing up to him.

                            He grabbed his parachute.

                            Pain was in. He was at the main vault.

                            He just had to get it open.

                            "Boom!" The Semtex went off, virtually knocking out any of the swarm of thugs besides their leader, who was opposing them right now with his crimson scimitar.

                            The eye-patched opposer raised his bloody scimitar. "Any last words Blade?" Scoffed his arch-nemesis.

                            "Yeah," Blade chuckled, "Behind you".


                            The Dragon Lord veered towards a huge skyscraper.

                            As the Fox and Eve reached the Dragon Lord, he had jumped out with the only parachute, with the building directly in front of them.

                            Fox grabbed the controls, only to find them sabotaged.

                            Mia elbowed the policeman, stealing his gun and knocking him out in the same precise move.

                            She took out her own and began shooting viscously on her way to save Diablo's little girl.

                            "Stay with me." Kate kept reiterating with the steamy tears rolling down her face as she kept giving CPR.

                            The behemoth of a man fell to the dusty ground from Kate's ruthless uppercut with the rod.

                            They had survived the fourth ambush that year.

                            "I love you." Eve said embracing for impact next to Fox.

                            "I know." Fox sighed.


                            Chapter Twenty-Three: Revival

                            So any opinions on my writing again? Lol
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