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A Bullet in the Chamber

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    Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

    Originally posted by Airmid View Post
    Soooo good.... When is the next chapter coming?
    I write one almost every night during the battle real-time and I post it when it's over on here. Thanks for the encouragement!
    "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
    - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


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      Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

      Good job👍👍👍👍
      FBF0C0 EN/ES/AF/TS


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        Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

        Thanks again for the support
        "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
        - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


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          Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

          I've still been reading just lowering post count, (didnt want to seem like I was bumping) always a great read Matt
          Originally posted by Matt3600 View Post
          Thanks again for the support
          # VJ please stop quoting every comment, TonKa*"


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            Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

            I appreciate it guys

            It's very encouraging, like I said
            "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
            - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


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              Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

              Chapter Fourteen: The Race

              "Where's daddy?" Asked an eager Porsche trying to spot her father driving in the F1 annual tournament.
              "Over there." Said her mother with a smile.

              He was in first- as usual.

              Mia arrived to the old hq of the Cartel only to find it being burned by Helios so they could rebuild it from scratch.

              "What the...!" Exclaimed Helios in a loud outburst. "Come back from the dead, huh?" He said with a smile.

              "The dead?" Mia said, attempting to grasp how they had reached that conclusion.

              "Why doesn't daddy love me?" Asked an innocent Porsche to her all-knowing matriarch of a mother.

              "He just focuses all his time into racing." Answered her mother in a
              caring manner.

              Mia remembered in a shock- she was still dead. That's why she had had to stay inside. "So much for that." She thought.

              Porsche got out of the car. Alongside Ariel she opened the door to Tagg's house forcibly.

              Charmaine woke up from a slight beeping noise.

              John was sleeping in the room over.

              "This isn't a woman's sport" Retorted Porsche's father, crushing Porsche's hopes of ever getting close to him.

              "Where are they?"

              Mia asked with a breaking voice. She didn't even comprehend what had happened to their old fortress, their aegis.

              She had been unconscious.

              "We need to find Mia." Stated Fox in an almost inaudible voice. She was at the point of collapsing. She hadn't slept well ever since the ambush. "And to do that, we need to get that Syndicate member."

              Fang didn't have much time left.

              Fox looked at Diablo. He was brooding over the events that had recently occurred.


              "Diablo..." Fox said after pulling him aside quickly during the meeting "Raven and your son are our top priority as well. Believe me-"

              "Stop." Diablo said in a depressed monotone voice "I know you want to help. Lets finish this meeting" he concluded while limping back to his seat.

              Fang looked and saw a silhouette leaning against the wall in the corner of the room.

              Blade walked into the room, carrying his special Kabar.

              It had been a gift from his brother.

              "Pain, you will be on the rooftop." Fox was giving position orders. "Cesar, you wi-" she paused.

              Sin broke down crying. It was as if she had seen a ghost.

              Mia had burst into the room.

              "What is worse, not being acknowledged by or being discouraged by my dad?" Asked Porsche to herself, crying after one of her father's frightening rants.

              She was determined to make it by herself- to prove it to herself. Not to or for anyone else.

              "Dear God..." Blade said while looking at Fang. He was constantly going in and out of consciousness. His cut was infected, which put him in a distressing state.

              Blade walked over, and began cutting Fang's tied hands and feet apart. He was walking over to Raven with a different objective in mind. "We will need to make it believable"

              A faint hand barely brushed Blade's shoulder.

              Mia walked past Sin, ignoring her blatantly. Sin weeped harder, slightly dying from her feeling of shame. "Mia... I'm .... Sorry" Sin said in between sobs.

              Mia turned around. The tears in her eyes made Sin feel worse than she ever had in her life.

              "Prove it." Retorted Mia sharply and cold, like a knife.

              "We need to go and find Fang." Mia said. "He's in trouble." Mia then filled them in briefly what had happened.

              "Lets move!" Mia said after they had debriefed on the plan.

              Tagg reached Don Enzo's office. He didn't bother knocking this time.

              Diablo, Fox, Cesar, Mia, and Sin were going in three exotic cars.

              Diablo was in Raven's lightning.

              Charmaine got out of bed, almost paralyzed out of fear. She grabbed Tagg's gun.

              John woke up having his mouth duct taped.

              Ariel began escorting him to their CNT Stealth at knifepoint.

              Charmaine got to the hallway.

              "Why?" Charmaine said with a trembling voice and hand.

              She wasn't going to stay on the sidelines this time. She was going to be brave this time.

              Yet everything has its consequences.


              "I'm giving you thirty seconds to explain why." Tagg said with amazing composure.

              "Because I can." Don Enzo replied.

              "Stop." Said Fang. "There's enough of my blood around already." It was true. His arm had been slowly bleeding, being left untreated.

              "Untie her." Said Fang "We can use all the help we can get."

              Blink heard almost silent footsteps approaching.

              The squad arrived at the front of the hq. Sin told Mia how to get in through the back pond, and informed Diablo, Fox and Cesar where the room was for interrogation, where she felt they were.

              "Stay here" ordered Mia. "I don't want you helping me."

              Mia turned with a cold shoulder to Sin heading to her spot.

              Cesar, Fox, and Diablo were storming the castle, running towards the door ( Diablo had a fast limp).

              Then Shun walked out.

              Cesar barred him against the side of a wall, yelling to Diablo and Fox" Go! I'll handle him!"

              Diablo didn't need to be told twice.

              "Treason!" Yelled King, putting his gun to Blade's back. "Then King felt something cold against his head.

              "Was it a baby?" Asked Blink in a manner that it froze the blood in his veins.

              The tension in the room was rigid, filling everyone in the room with anxiety..


              "You're that girl from before." Porsche said, extremely red in her face "Think twice next time before making your move!"


              Diablo and Fox rushed in on this stalemate of a scene. Fox's target was the King.

              Diablo's target was the queen.

              Tagg aimed Maria at Enzo. "You wouldn't shoot an unarmed man." Enzo said smugly.


              "You're right." He said with a grin, putting Maria around his back, encroaching on Enzo cracking his fists.

              King jumped into the water, spreading his arms out taking both Raven and Fang with him.

              Fang couldn't swim with his arm.

              Mia jumped into the water. She saw blood at the bottom of the water.

              Shun shoved Cesar off of him and pulled out his own gun.


              Mia found both Raven and Fang at the bottom of the water. She grabbed them. She couldn't swim holding both of them.

              Mia was going to have to pick one.

              Raven was praying. Memories to the first time Diablo had helped her...

              Some say your life flashes before your eyes right before you die...

              Fang's vision was black. He couldn't open his eyes due to the blood around him from his arm. He had lost too much blood.

              Fang felt an ethereal entity grabbing him, pulling him towards heaven. He opened his eyes. It was an angel.

              Chapter Fifteen: Crash Course
              "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
              - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


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                Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

                So gooddddddd

                Can't wait for the next chapter!


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                  Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

                  Chapter Fifteen: Crash Course

                  Young Tagg passed a girl in his sixth period class a note. For the past year he had begun to develop a crush for that one girl.

                  " do you tell like them?" Tagg asked his dad, before his first tour.

                  "Ask to be friends." Said Rick to little Tagg. "That'll be enough at your age."

                  "Friends?" The little note inquired. She looked up, at him. It gave him a strange sensation of euphoria, as he saw her nod once.

                  Porsche got to her first F1 Race. Her dad, inevitably, was also in it.

                  Charmaine sank down on the floor, attempting to hold in the blood from her side, to push down the pain.

                  She dropped Tagg's gun.

                  "Take that!" Tagg exclaimed as his fist collided with Don Enzo's jaw. Enzo flew backwards, barely catching himself from completely falling down.

                  Out of breath from having the wind knocked out of him, he panted "You'll leaving them unguarded."

                  Tagg's face turned pale. His emotions were ineffable. He simply said with a tiny quiver in his tone "There are times, where the means, justify the ends. But the ends never justify the means."

                  He gave Enzo a look of mixed hatred yet forgiveness, of two forces battling in his heart. He turned, and began walking out of the room, and continued increasing in velocity until he was at a full sprint.

                  Porsche was on the final lap. A car hit her from behind...

                  Tagg walked home with this girl from school, and they became best friends and were for years. She consoled him when his dad died.

                  He assuaged her fears when her dad threatened her. Then one day he saw she had a bruise.

                  "If you ever hurt your daughter again..." Tagg said looking into the haughty eyes of the girl's irresponsible and un-encouraging father.

                  "What?" Said the father.

                  "I'll come after you." Tagg replied in a deathly tone, as killing as a sniper bullet.

                  The room was stunned. Then Blink slowly lowered her special pistol and put it on her belt.

                  Blade didn't know what to think. He was frozen in place from his near-death moment.

                  Porsche turned around without glancing at Charmaine and followed after Ariel. She felt wounded, yet no shot had been fired against her.

                  Tagg was sprinting down the street, beginning to perspire from his haste.

                  "Was it a baby?" Blink asked for a final time turning herself towards the distorted, solitary shadows.

                  "Yes." Croaked Diablo in a fragile voice.

                  Fang looked at the angel pulling him up towards the light. She was the most beautiful person he had ever seen.

                  Shun, still holding his gun with his right hand, pulled out his sword. Cesar jumped backwards as his first swing caught him completely off guard.

                  Pain had been watching this go on for quite some time at his regular spot above the Syndicate hq.

                  He took his pills first this time.

                  " Do you want to go to that party everyone's talking about?" Tagg asked the girl with his face slowly approaching the color of crimson around the ears.

                  "Sure" Porsche said. It had to be her father attempting to snatch the lead from her.

                  "Sure" Porsche responded to Tagg's indirect way of asking her out.

                  Yet what happened at that party, ended up tearing everything apart.

                  It was before the worst.

                  Tagg saw the CNT Stealth revving down the road. He jumped into the street in front of it.

                  Charmaine was infuriated at herself. She didn't have the heart to hurt another person. She still had a trace of innocence, a innate human trust, that kept her from pulling the trigger.

                  She didn't have the moral license to kill. Yet.

                  Pain had his finger on the trigger. He had it scoped on his target...

                  Shun had Cesar cornered. Shun ran swinging his sword above his head.


                  Porsche's car swerved. Time slowed down. She leaned to the side.

                  "Wait!" Exclaimed Fox as she realized Blink was doing the same thing.

                  The room filled with smoke from the grenade.

                  Blink rushed and grabbed Blade by the collar, and pulled him down through the hole in the floor into the ocean.

                  Fang saw blinding light. He felt lifted onto an elevated surface. He blacked out.

                  Mia collapsed on the grass next to the almost completely dead Fang. She began weeping. She knew she couldn't explain to Diablo what she had done.

                  Her one sin.

                  Diablo stood there, feeling cheated of victory. He began turning around.

                  "Just like that? You're giving up?" Yelled Fox enraged by this action in Diablo.

                  "What else can we do?" He said with a slight twinge of insanity. "We both can't swim!"

                  Mia heard a bubbling sound. She looked up to see two heads pop out of the water.


                  The bullet hit Shun right in his hand.

                  His sword fell. Shun looked up to see where his assailant was.

                  Cesar dropped his gun and gave Shun the strongest uppercut he could muster.

                  Porsche saw her dad beginning to pass her. "Not today." She muttered under her breath with determination.

                  The car revved.

                  The car pulled to a stop, abruptly at Tagg's feet. Tagg stood there, unbudging. "What are you doing?" Tagg questioned playfully, yet with all urgency.

                  "Doing a job." Porsche said looking coldly at Tagg, with her ears turning a bright crimson.

                  "Let John go." Tagg said forthright.

                  "Make me." Came the reply.

                  "I guess I can't force you two to do anything." He said as he shot both of their front tires out in three seconds "carry on".

                  Porsche was side-by-side with her father. Last lap.

                  Last chance.

                  Cesar cracked his knuckles after throwing Shun over his back. Cesar then threw him in the backseat of their car.

                  He didn't need to worry about tying up Shun- he was out cold. He did apply pressure to stop the bleeding from the bullet.

                  Mia helped the two up onto the sun-cascaded grass. There were tears in her eyes.

                  Yet these were different.

                  Mia hugged Sin.

                  "I forgive you." She whispered into her ears at a barely audible level. It didn't matter what volume she said it: Sin would've heard it either way.

                  Tagg was running full pace once more towards his house.

                  The moon fell off the horizon.

                  Chapter Sixteen: Hollow Victory
                  "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
                  - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


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                    Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

                    If only Shun always went down that easily lol.

                    Great chapter. Can't wait for the next one
                    Hope you don't stop writing anytime soon!


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                      Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

                      Thanks for the encouragement again theory
                      "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
                      - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


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                        Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

                        Chapter Sixteen: Hollow Victory

                        Charmaine felt lightheaded. She felt emotional. She felt vulnerable.

                        Vulnerable without Tagg around.

                        Porsche and Ariel were walking with John (still at knifepoint) back to the mafia headquarters.

                        "You okay?" Ariel asked her good friend truly concerned. She hadn't seen her this rattled since she witnessed Tagg first being re-introduced into her life.

                        "I just.. need to think for a second." She said looking down at her feet. She didn't know what she felt, why she had been so destructive, so volatile.

                        "I still want nothing to do with you." Came her father's words. Her father disowned her after the race.

                        Her victory had come at a price.

                        She had no one to turn to anymore- so she made new friends.

                        "Why don't you talk to him?" Said John suddenly. Porsche jumped backwards shocked by his outburst, nearly slitting John's throat in the process.

                        "He's clearly a reasonable man." John continued shakily nonetheless "He will listen to any reasoning. As long as you didn't harm him in some way."

                        Porsche shivered from a haunting memory.

                        Charmaine's shirt was soaked with blood. She was doing her best to stop the blood flow. She just couldn't...

                        Tagg burst in the door.

                        Sin untied Raven while Mia began reviving Fang.

                        Sin checked Raven's pulse-she was unresponsive.

                        Diablo walked out with Fox. Cesar was blasting the radio of his car, grinning at the two.

                        By their expressions walking out, he began to sober up from the rush his small battle had given him. He feared the worst.

                        Diablo went to go get Mia.

                        "Dear God.." Tagg jumped up the stairs in leaps and bounds to find Charmaine, bloodied and struggling not to break down from her pain.

                        Tagg carried her to the main bedroom, where he cleaned the wound after stopping the blood flow and giving her some pain relievers he had in his back pocket for when (inevitably) he or someone he knew got shot.

                        "I'm such a wreck" Charmaine said, embarrassed by her injury, by her unwillingness to defend herself against danger.

                        "No matter what happens, you always seem to still look beautiful" answered Tagg.

                        After getting Charmaine settled in, he cleaned up the pool of blood and sat in the living room.

                        He needed to get Charmaine to a real doctor to get the bullet out.

                        He needed to go after John and save his life from peril.

                        He needed... help.

                        "Who?" Tagg asked with a ferocity it scared Porsche, even though he would never hurt her.

                        "Who hurt you?" Tagg asked again.

                        Porsche looked down at the ground unable to reply. Tagg stormed out of the house.

                        That was all the answer young Tagg needed.

                        "I warned you." Tagg stated vehemently. Porsche bolted in behind Tagg just in time to stop his vigilante justice.

                        "Wait!" Said Fang, jumping up suddenly, coughing up water from his lungs.

                        Mia embraced him, unimaginably thankful. "Don't ever do that to me again." Said Mia holding back tears of relief. One slipped out.

                        "I promise." Said Fang in between his series of coughs.

                        Then Diablo arrived seeing Raven unresponsive on the ground. Lifeless it seemed.

                        "No!" Yelled Porsche, blocking Tagg's path. Tagg stopped dead in his tracks.

                        Porsche pulled him outside.

                        "Forgive him." Porsche pleaded. "Never." Said Tagg "No one should ever be beaten like this." Signaling to the bruises Porsche had on her arm.

                        "But everyone should be forgiven." Porsche concluded.

                        "But everyone can be forgiven." John said, inferring something terrible from Porsche's gloomy sigh.

                        "No!" Diablo whispered, stopping in his limped stride for the first time since his injury.

                        Fox turned around and saw the look of torture from guilt and shame in his eyes, from not being able to do more.

                        A breath.

                        Tagg didn't know who to turn to to help. So he called up the only impartial person in the city.

                        Nurse Stacy arrived shortly after, and Tagg helped her prep for the surgery.

                        He stayed in the 'operating room' (the main bedroom), with Rick in hand. Just in case. John marched into the Mafia headquarters feeling doomed, like a prisoner of war in his own group.

                        He felt like an outcast.

                        Her heart started up again. As if the little part of Diablo's that had died, had reanimated her's back to life anew. Yet she was still unconscious. Diablo carried her suavely to the car.

                        All of them drove back home together with thick tension in the air.

                        Tagg left the house at night after the surgery. He took a stroll to a secluded place that he knew of.

                        Someone was following him.

                        Porsche got to Enzo's office.

                        "Forgive him!" Pleaded Porsche to Enzo while they were in the middle of an argument over John's life.

                        "Everyone should be forgiven." Porsche added on a distasteful note.

                        "Yet not everyone is." Enzo replied with as much passion and energy in his voice.

                        More memories. Ones that she had stuffed down and forgotten about for years, came surging back.

                        Porsche walked out of the building, dazed. She took her CNT Stealth to the only person she knew could help.

                        That could make her feel and care like she used to.

                        Fang unlocked the door to his apartment, letting Mia enter.

                        Diablo was staring at Raven, in a coma in a hospital bed.

                        The moon was coming up...

                        Chapter Seventeen: Starry Night
                        "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
                        - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


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                          Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

                          Chapter Seventeen: Starry Night

                          Blink and Jonathan were enjoying the romantic candlelit dinner he had packed on the beach.

                          The full moon was shining down into the ocean, creating an innumerable amount sparkles across the horizon.

                          Tagg was looking off of the cliff at the city skyline.

                          John was put in a cell in the basement. Enzo wasn't sure of what to do with this fiendish traitor yet.

                          "How beautiful."

                          Blink was always surprised with Jonathan. He had a spontaneous element about him, yet still had eunoia.

                          "How beautiful" Fang thought to himself as he let Mia in. "Why are you here?" He asked, still having to suppress his coughs from the residual water trapped in his lungs.

                          "How beautiful." Said a voice behind Tagg.

                          Tagg turned around slowly. He knew that voice. He would never forget it.

                          Fox pulled Diablo out of the room. "You have to shake this off." Fox said with a trembling voice.

                          "For what?" Diablo said shaking, looking down at the ground clenching his fists.

                          "For family." Fox said in a strong, iron-clad voice forcing Diablo to look her in the eyes.

                          "Hello." Tagg said looking into Porsche's teared filled eyes.

                          She walked next to him on the cliff. She couldn't look at him. She just continued to stare at the picturesque view of the city skyline.

                          The moonlight cast an innumerable amount of sparkles in her eyes.

                          Jonathan and Blink went swimming in the moonlight.

                          He almost had the shot...

                          Diablo sighed. He needed to get his son back- soon. He knew he was going to have to confront Don Enzo soon.

                          "Three days." Diablo said. This hieroglyphic message utterly dumbfounded Fox. She had no clue of what he meant.

                          "What do you mean, three days?" Said Fox in her concerned malacophonous voice.

                          "Until we raid Enzo's base and get my son back." Enzo said, walking back over towards Raven, still in her chronic coma.

                          "Why did you ever save me?" asked Mia to Fang with a look of suspicion and of extreme gratitude which created an almost flirtatious smirk.

                          Fang looked at Mia in the eyes, and replied

                          "I'd never let them kill anyone innocent."

                          "Would I?" Questioned Porsche to herself. Yet she had nearly killed Charmaine and had basically signed John's death certificate.

                          "Why?" Tagg asked with anger boiling in his blood, cultivating a turmoil of feuding emotions of caring and loathing.

                          "I'm sorry." Porsche said. She kissed Tagg on the cheek, then walked off the side of the cliff.

                          "How did you know I was innocent?" Questioned Mia once again. She then took a good look at his bandaged arm, and realized how many injuries he had sustained in the last few days, and felt terrible about confronting him.

                          Even if she was dying to know the answer.

                          The man with the gnarled hands took the shot.

                          Jonathan fell under the water to Blink's horror. Blood was filling the water around him.

                          Blink carried Jonathan back to the beach. He had been shot in the heart.

                          Jonathon was dead.

                          The full moon reflected against the water- reflecting back the joys and sorrows of the world.

                          Blink buried him the next day in the secluded plot outside of town for all Syndicate members. She was the only one not crying out of all the members there.

                          Tagg jumped off the cliff instinctively. He nosedived to get to Porsche.

                          He caught her as he leveled himself. They were halfway from falling to their deaths.

                          Porsche leaned in. Tagg did not.

                          Tagg took out Maria and aimed it at the water while holding Porsche and going into a pencil-dive position.

                          He pulled the trigger.

                          Mia walked up to Fang.

                          They leaned in.

                          The moon was their only witness.

                          Chapter Eighteen: Countdown
                          "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
                          - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


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                            Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

                            Chapter Eighteen: Countdown

                            Bang! Splash!

                            Tagg landed with Porsche in the water from their deathly free fall, shooting the bullet right before he landed to break up the surface of the water.

                            They sunk deep into the water due to their initial velocity.

                            The bullet hadn't done a lot to help. It had done enough though. Tagg was barely conscious from the impact. Porsche was not.

                            The moon's glimmering light was dimming at an alarming rate as Porsche's unconscious body from the impact was dragging him down.

                            A figure jumped from the top of the cliff in a nosedive.

                            Shun woke up tied down to a... Hospital bed. Cesar was hovering over him with the glow of victory from his previous fight.

                            "Better luck next time." Cesar said gloatingly

                            "Next time don't cheat." Came his grinning reply.

                            Sin and Fox were both watching Diablo's little girl for the moment. They were conversing from every topic, making up for old times.

                            As if that night had never happened.

                            Fang and Mia drove back together to the Street Gang hq, where Diablo's gang all was at the moment.

                            Pain arrived in the hospital room, wanting to see his marksmanship.

                            Cesar was confused by the sharing of grins and smiles between Pain and Shun.

                            "Here." Pain said while tossing a coin at Shun "Think of it as my first payment back."

                            Tagg was losing air. He couldn't let go of Porsche, yet he was out of air. He was at the end of his life's rope, which was getting tauterand tauter.

                            Then there was blackness.

                            Diablo was walking in to talk with Fox and Sin about strategy, but decided to let them catch up instead.

                            John was picking at his lock for the thousandth time, and then saw the window above him about twenty feet.

                            He was out in five minutes.

                            He began sprinting to Tagg's house.

                            The man with the gnarled fingers and flaming piece of coal for a heart, walked up to Tagg's house, with a bullet in the chamber. He knew all he needed was one.

                            Tagg was swimming up from some uplifting force. He saw the light.

                            He and Ariel reached the surface of the water, both gasping for air.

                            "Thanks." Tagg said between gasps.

                            "No problem." Ariel said " But you have to stop this. It's killing her," signaling to Porsche while swimming "and us a little too."

                            Mia and Fang were smiling, walking in together to greet Sin and Fox talking nonchalantly. Mia and Fang joined in on the conversation.

                            Just like old times... Well, not quite.

                            John had overheard something chilling- he had heard the Archangel was being sent to get Charmaine.

                            There was a rumor every young recruit heard: no matter what faction, everyone (except the few bold and foolish) feared him. He killed with a shaky, gnarled hand.

                            He killed for fun, or for money. Yet if you asked him to kill someone yourself, you'd be right after them on his list. He found it comical.

                            John got to the house observing the door being kicked in. He bolted up the stairs (in his softest manner possible)

                            The Archangel held the gun to sleeping Charmaine's head. She was still under the effects of the drugs from her surgery. He grinned.

                            John lunged.


                            Ariel and Tagg got back to shore. Tagg helped carry Porsche back to her car and they drove to Tagg's house so they could help Porsche.

                            Tagg saw the busted down door, and bolted in once again, up the stairs to find his young childhood nightmare come true.

                            He was face-to-face with his father's murderer.

                            Chapter Nineteen: Heaven and Hell
                            "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
                            - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


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                                "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
                                - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)