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A Bullet in the Chamber

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    Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

    I try to refrain from forum during battle to give my full attention to my comrades haha I have never battled you to my knowledge ?
    Originally posted by Matt3600 View Post
    How about it Airmid? Hire me for a book? Lol. Btw tonka If I ever go against you during our night empire battles you can read while I'm writing it
    # VJ please stop quoting every comment, TonKa*"


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      Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

      I post real-time in war chat to keep my empire entertained
      "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
      - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


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        Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

        Oh thats a cool idea, do you use players for that or still keep it UWE Lt oriented ? I'd love your style writing applied to (ingame characters) as long as it fits the UWE rules and reg's !!
        # VJ please stop quoting every comment, TonKa*"


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          Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

          The story I post on here I write during the war, and I post it over the duration of it in the war chat. I do it in notes so I can post it on here afterwards
          "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
          - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


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            Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

            Chapter Seven: The Change-of-Plans

            Fang had gotten back to the Syndicates headquarters. He went to go find Sin to be assigned a new task for the rest of the night.

            Fang found Sin in her hotel room with a horrifying fever. Nurse Stacy was treating Sin. She had come over straight from Diablo's old headquarters on an emergency call.

            It was most certainly an emergency.

            Sin had been getting progressively worse ever since she had turned her back on Mia. Sin had been having nightmares all night.

            These nightmares weren't fake stories that were her fears come to life. They were her past, coming to haunt her once more.

            This was Sin's nadir, her lowest point, the worst of the best of times. She felt uncomfortable and had been having pain in her head- whether it was from fear, being paranoid, or from the illness that had befallen her it didn't matter.

            What mattered was the memory that she had long put behind her, that resurfaced. The fear which all others had sprung from, growing up until it blocked out the light, the moonshine.

            "What happened?" Prompted Fang to Nurse Stacy when he arrived. "She's having delusional nightmares from a cold she got" Nurse Stacy concluded. "This will give her a good night's rest. The worst of it is over" she said.

            The worst was not over. The nightmare had only begun.

            Tagg arrived at the syndicate warehouse with John still lugging the suitcase filled with an unknown substance. They had been planning on meeting Sin there.

            Charmaine was covertly in pursuit. She was enjoying herself. Charmaine wasn't an amazing spy or recon agent, but she loved the adrenaline rush going into enemy territory gave her.

            She had never been caught.

            She had never met the Dragon Lord.

            To replace the out-of-commission Sin was the Dragon Lord. At first Tagg felt that something was amiss, yet he kept this to himself. " my acquiesce to the change of ambassadors will make things smoother." Tagg told himself.

            John was just scared senseless: he couldn't say anything intelligible if he were asked. He couldn't take his eyes of the hilt of the large, almost radiating blade reflecting the moonlight.

            Tagg had Maria strapped to his back. He never went anywhere without it. John felt extremely vulnerable.

            "Welcome allies!" Said the Dragon Lord in a hearty, deep voice. "Do you have our package?" The Dragon Lord asked.

            "It's right here. " Tagg said throwing it to him grabbing it out of John's arms. "Where's our person?" Tagg questioned inquisitively. He knew the Dragon Lord had no guards. They'd be at more risk around him than he'd be.

            "We will... There was a slight delay" the Dragon Lord said in a dodging manner.

            Charmaine was fifty meters away. She accidentally stepped on a twig.

            The medicine that Nurse Stacy had put in her IV was kicking in: her vision blurred. Her eyelids were getting pulled downward from the overwhelming force of gravity.

            Her nightmare didn't end. She kept on seeing it. She was re-living it. It was her interrogation.

            "Who's there!" The Dragon Lord commanded in a demonic tone.

            Charmaine was filled with fear: she made a run for it.

            The Dragon Lord pulled out his blade in an gaudy manner, nearly maiming John, missing his face by a hair's width.

            The Dragon Lord charged releasing a scream that made Charmaine trip out of fear. Her legs had turned to jello. She was a sitting duck. She was a damsel in distress.

            While John was scared senseless with the near-death experience with the Dragon Lord's blade, Tagg took out Maria, put in one of his regular bullets, lifted his wrist, and shot.

            The Dragon Lord fell five meters in front of Charmaine.

            Tagg had hit his target: the leg of the sprinting Dragon Lord.

            Tagg walked up to Charmaine and helped her to her feet. "May I please inquire your name Miss?" Tagg said suavely. Charmaine tried to still act dangerous and tough, although she had been vulnerable less than a minute before "Trouble" she said in her gruffest voice.

            "My name is Order then" Tagg said with a smile on his face.

            The only witness to all this was the moon- and John this time standing still where he was going through a slight nervous breakdown.

            Chapter Eight: Explanations
            "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
            - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


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              Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

              Chapter Eight: Explanations

              "Let's see..." Said the masked man "What shall befall you?"

              His scratchy, irritating voice got under her skin. Her hands and feet were tied to a chair. Sin couldn't do anything.

              "What should I use today?" The masked man rhetorically asked as his gnarled hands went over his 'tools' for interrogation: an arrangement of abominable contraptions meant primarily to scare the victim into confessing before even having to lift a finger.

              She couldn't do anything. There was a crescent moon shining through the skylight- the only light in the room.

              "What brings you around here?" Tagg asked with a slight glimpse of suspicion in his eyes "Sightseeing? It is a very beautiful night"

              Charmaine didn't know what to say. Tagg deserved to know the truth, he had saved her life, yet something subconsciously was forcing her to lie, to abstain from giving out any information what-so-ever.

              Pain ran away carrying his sniper, running from the shame. He had gotten careless he told himself. He had to tell himself. He couldn't accept that his fear might be coming true-

              He was getting old.

              "What happened?" Mia asked Fang as he walked into his condo. She barely glanced up from her book, yet another classic novel.

              "It's quite a long story" Fang replied, extremely fatigued and full of medication Nurse Stacy had given him for the immense pain in his arm. "Let me get settled" .

              Fang needed time to settle his thoughts. He couldn't fathom why they had wanted to (and nearly succeeded ) in killing Mia.

              Yet Mia needed an explanation, and Fang needed one to justify everything that had happened.

              "It fell through!" John burst through the doors to Dob Enzo's office "We weren't able to make the trade!"

              "Well..." Charmaine began explaining with a slightly high, wavering voice " I was... In the neighborhood..-"

              "You don't have to lie to me" Tagg said " and I would appreciate the real reason."

              After countless bluffs and threats from the slightly hunched-over masked man, Sin's stubbornness was still prevailing; however, it wouldn't hold out for much longer.

              "You've given us no choice" said the masked man in a cruel, fake sad manner "Now you will pay- but not with your life"

              Sin then saw them, being led into the room with their hands above their heads.

              Fang recounted his tale of what had happened since her interview: how he had been shot, the swim across shore, about Sin's brutal fever and unforgiving delusions.

              Mia broke down crying.

              "What do you mean, the deal 'fell through'" Don Enzo yelled, his face turning a cherry red from his frustration. "And why isn't Tagg with you?"

              Pain made it back to the base, into the room where Diablo and Raven were having their discussion on their next move.

              "Fang... Finished... Another... 'Interrogation'" Pain panted out of his mouth, close to collapsing from his run back to the headquarters to avoid any pursuers.

              Fox walked in the door. She walked up to Diablo, and whispered something in his ear that turned the blood in his veins cold. The worst in the world.

              "Don Enzo has your son."

              Diablo paused. A disturbing silence filled the room, making it unbearable to breath.

              "Any other news to report on?" Diablo said, feeling it couldn't get worse. "Mia's MIA." Fox said with a quiver in her voice, repressing a tear.

              Diablo feared the worse. He never told Fox what he presumed, adding Pain's information to the mix. He felt that They had lost Mia forever.

              In a way, he was right.

              Chapter Nine: Persuasion and Resentment
              "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
              - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


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                Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

                "What's wrong?" Questioned Fox sharply, sensing with that keen sixth sense that something was wrong.

                "Fox... There's no easy way to say this..." Diablo began

                ".... But could it be possible they have no reason?" Asked Fang out loud. Mia spoke up "We have not done anything. I don't see why..."

                "Were you skulking in the shadows?" Asked Tagg once again. "Most tourists walk in the street. And certainly not in these bad parts of town. " Tagg said "they're dangerous places for pretty women."

                "Fine. If I tell you, promise not to tell?" Said Charmaine in a sweet, malacophonous tone, soothing to the ear.

                "I swear on my father." Tagg replied in a chivalric manner.

                Sin's parents had been tied back-to-back to a pair of chairs. The masked man picked up his most effective tool: his Triple Shot Gun.

                "We gave you your chance. Now their blood will be on your hands. "No!!!..."

                "-one ever had a grudge against me, did they?" Asked Mia. She knew it hadn't been Sin's plot. "Then who?"

                "Porsche, go fix this mess, fast." Ordered Don Enzo. "Yes Enzo" replied Porsche "I'll get Tagg back in no time."

                "We need to find Diablo's little baby boy." Said Charmaine in a pitiful tone. "He's a wreck. On top of that, they had the nerve to shoot him."

                Flashbacks. Memories long before pushed down, charge at him, making him momentarily lose his footing.

                The sun was just starting to come up. Tagg and Charmaine could see the cinematic city skyline view. They didn't.

                They were looking at each other. "Please..." started Tagg

                "Don't! " screamed Sin. "Kill me, not them!". The masked murderer had a blood-thirsty grin in his eyes as he moved the gun to his father's head.

                "I'll tell you anything you want" Charmaine interjected "Over dinner tonight" she said smiling while giving him her address to pick her up. He leaned in. She leaned in. The sun was rising.

                "Alright. " said Diablo to himself to brace himself as if this were the wake before the storm. "Your sister... We think... is ..."

                "We love you Sin." Said Sin's mother. "We forgive you."

                "Dead!" Yelled the masked murderer after he shot them both in the heart.

                She heard the shot. She saw the helplessness, the hope disappearing. She felt the recoil of that fateful shot.

                "No one I can think of." Said Mia. "Who can you trust to talk to more on this?" asked Mia. She knew she couldn't leave now. She was technically dead.

                They were both leaning in, when they heard a car revving in the distance towards them.

                "No!" Cried Sin in agony. She was forced to watch her parents die. That was her torture.

                Cesar left the room, in pursuit of Fox. She didn't handle the news very well.

                "Wait!" Shouted Tagg at the top of his lungs. The car kept revving straight for them. Straight for Charmaine. She stepped backwards, away from Tagg. The car turned towards her.

                Time slowed down. Sin was released. With her hands bloody with her insurmountable guilt, with the horrifying challenge of forgetting, in order to start again.

                "I'm coming with you." Said Cesar. He wasn't about to turn down a good fight.

                Time slowed down. Tagg ran at Charmaine, grabbed her by the waist, and dived into the water holding Charmaine. Porsche had almost hit her. One more second and...

                "I should've died."

                Fox said not looking at Cesar." It's my fault she got involved in the first place."

                Time slowed down. They were in the air. Tagg looked into her eyes.

                And she saw something horrible. Sin couldn't stand looking at herself in the mirror.

                She looked into his. They leaned in. The sun was rising.

                "Vroom" The car sped off the lot. Cesar with his assortment of artillery in the back, Fox with a double-barreled pistol in her pocket. She had forgotten to reload.

                They landed in the water. Tagg put the disorientated Charmaine on his back. He began for the skyline. There was a car going away from them in the distance.

                They got to the shore.

                "I'm a wreck" thought Lucas. He was in the hospital with an arm cast, and two broken ribs.

                "I'm a wreck" said Charmaine imagining how badly she must've looked.

                They got one block outside the Dragon Syndicate building. "Wait a second." Cesar insisted. He loved a good fight, but this was going to be an ugly fight.

                "There was someone else" Porsche said walking into Don Enzo's office. "You need to talk with him."

                "You need to talk with him." Mia told Fang. They needed to figure out the truth.

                Diablo had gotten in Raven's lightning with her in a hot pursuit of Fox. She wasn't going in alone.

                " Ill pick you up at eight." Ignoring her comment about her looks, Tagg said.

                Sin would never forget those heartless, cold, amber eyes.

                Chapter Ten: Confrontation
                "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
                - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


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                  Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

                  Chapter Ten: Confrontation

                  Tagg walked into Don Enzo's office per his request... slightly later than wanted. Don Enzo felt bereft of his superiority with Tagg.

                  Tagg thought of themselves as equals.

                  Don Enzo hated that.

                  "Explain yourself." Ordered Enzo with a growl lingering in his voice.

                  "What's there to explain?" Tagg replied aberrantly "How are you today?"

                  "I'm bad. Do you want to know why?" Don Enzo said, his face increasing in redness. "There was a fallout between our peace treaty with the Dragon Syndicate, one of my operatives went AWOL for about a good day, and there are rumors that he is in cahoots with the enemy."

                  "The Dragon Lord was going to kill her." Tagg replied as if in the right.

                  Charmaine got back to Raven's base. She felt embarrassed from getting caught. Yet she had felt extremely secure around Tagg...

                  Fox got out outside the Syndicate's base. Cesar was on her port side. Raven and Diablo were just pulling up and Fox was storming in.

                  "Dear God." Raven said at an astonishing pitch. She's going to get herself killed.

                  "She doesn't care anymore." Said Diablo following in her trail. "Mia was the last of her family."

                  This was Fox's way of mourning: a desperate and futile attempt at bringing back her sister in a suicidal offensive.

                  "Who would benefit from my death?" Mia asked Fang, as if he had some higher knowledge. Then he had an epiphany. "Wait."

                  "Who would suffer from your loss?"

                  Mia was speechless. She realized the true intention behind her murder. "Quick!" Mia said in a frenzy " Go and make sure nothing happens at your hq!"

                  It was Fox's way of mourning with these offensives.

                  He was already out the door. The sun was going down.

                  Diablo tackled Cesar before entering the main doorway. "What gives?" He asked completely disorientated. "She needs to go in alone." Diablo said. He so wanted to go in and help.

                  But this was her fight.

                  Sin was awake. She was crying. Crying for her loss. For the loss of her family. For the list of one of her best friends. Her heart was in chunks, some pieces irretrievably lost.

                  There were guards in main lobby. Fox pulled out her pistol. The three guards got up. Without looking, without losing her stride, she shot the first two.

                  Then she realized her clip was out.

                  He had a bullet in the chamber.

                  The sun was down. The almost full moon shone in the sky.


                  "You cost us our alliance!" Yelled Enzo at the top of his lungs. "You don't care that you ruined everything! And for what?" He added

                  "For a life" answered Tagg with a steel glare in his eyes and his fists tightening. He was reaching his threshold for this nonsense.

                  Fox waited for the impact. She felt helpless, knowing the bullet will reach her. She was happy. Without family, she didn't feel like her life had meaning.

                  "What are you doing?" Prompted Fang seeing Fox losing stride. He had shot the last guy. "Who are you?" Asked Fox bewildered.

                  "Follow me" said Fang. Fox followed.

                  They got to Sin's room.

                  It was a cold screaming match. Tagg then said in a newly found composure "I'll have to pick this delightful conversation up on a later date."

                  Tagg walked out. Enzo sent a group of two mafia hit-men with John to follow him.

                  Sin heard the door open. It was her old best friend.

                  Tagg picked up Charmaine. "Where are we going?" She questioned. "We'll make it up as we go." He said, with a smile on his face.

                  Chapter Eleven: Real Reasons
                  "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
                  - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


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                    Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

                    Chapter Eleven: Real Reasons Pt. 1

                    She couldn't look at her old friend. Sin turned her head and looked at the radiating moon so she couldn't see the crestfallen look in Fox's eyes.

                    Fang closed the door and left them in there to talk it out; however, things would spiral out of Fang's hands.

                    "Raven, a little help" Diablo implored. His gunshot wound created an immense sensation of pain in his leg, making him almost paralyzed. Raven came to his, and the unfortunate Cesar's assistance.

                    "You could just have told me" Cesar said in an upbeat voice. "When has a few words ever stopped you?" Asked Diablo in a rhetorical statement.

                    They hadn't.

                    Tagg arrived with Charmaine at the most expensive restaurant and hotel in the city, The Bloom. It was the tallest building for miles: it was part of the iconic skyline of the city.

                    Not for much longer.

                    John got out of the car with the other thugs twenty minutes after Tagg arrived. They were supposed to 'set up'.

                    Sin turned around, tears cascading down her face, which she wiped with her IV'ed arm. "I'm sorry Fox. Please forgive me."

                    "How? You took away my only reason of living!" Fox screamed at Sin "How can I keep living when I have no one! No one who cares, no one willing to help." Then she added with a hopeless note "No one to take a bullet for me."

                    Sin's heart could not take this emotional torture. It was killing her to see the two people she still deep down cared about the most, hurt because of her loyalty to her gang.

                    John was horrified by the abominable scheme that was about to go down. "Is this really what being in a gang is?" John questioned himself. "Just one horrific act of violence after another? And for what?"

                    Tagg pulled out Charmaine's chair in the restaurant. She was surprised. Most guys didn't do that anymore. Tagg wasn't most guys.

                    "How are you?" Tagg asked wholly interested in Charmaine. Then he kept asking questions to learn more about her, not about why she had been watching him.

                    That didn't matter anymore.

                    Raven was helping Diablo up, when she was swept off her feet and thrown against the Lightning car parked in the street.

                    The Dragon Lord had just finally limped his way back to the HQ.

                    Fang heard a sword behind him being unsheathed.

                    Sin turned her head. Fox went over and grabbed Sin's head so she was forced to look into her eyes. To see her pain. To see what she had seen in the mirror so many years ago.

                    Fang whipped around to view Shun handling his sword in a cautious manner "Who's in there with Sin?" He questioned demandingly. "

                    "You don't need to know." Replied Fang in a grim voice. His heart was torn. He so desperately wanted to end Fox's pain, but that would give up Mia's cover.

                    Shun threatened "Don't make me do this. If you don't let me in in 3...2..."

                    "What are your interests?" Questioned Tagg in a caring manner. Charmaine had braced herself for an interrogation.

                    Not a date.

                    Charmaine answered " Well, I like..." Charmaine blushed. She didn't want to make a fool of herself in front of Tagg. Yet she didn't even know his name.

                    "I like... I'm sorry, I'm not sure." Charmaine blushed crimson while glancing away.

                    "What's one thing you like to do?" Tagg said in no rush, with a smile on his face.

                    "I like walking on the beach." Blurted out Charmaine, almost cherry red. She was a sappy romantic.

                    Then the thugs broke in with some back-up they had gotten. Tagg only had his pistol, Rick.

                    Tagg had a thing about naming his weapons.

                    Smoke was shot into the room, and then both Tagg and Charmaine blacked out. It was a new form of chloroform that the Dragon Syndicate had previously given them.

                    Diablo got up under the enormous pain his leg was under, and charged Dragon Lord to the ground. Both of them grunted from the pain of their legs.

                    The Dragon Lord pushed Diablo off, and he quickly pulled out his El Aguila.

                    The Dragon Lord had his blade to Raven's neck.

                    Cesar got up and aimed his gun without hesitation.

                    Tagg awoke in a chair, not tied down, holding Maria. He was on the roof of the bloom. It was almost dawn.

                    Charmaine was being held at gunpoint at the edge of the roof. There was only two parachutes on the roof, while there were three of them, John thought nervously.

                    Tagg heard sirens in the distance. He stood up.

                    "Halt!" Yelled a thug. "If you take one step closer, you will cause her demise." He continued-

                    "You have two choices. Deactivate the bomb over there, and save the people below, and we push off Charmaine." He said with a twisted smile "or save Charmaine and kill the rest of the people below".

                    Tagg knew this was a trick where everyone died. Or was supposed too....that's the only reason they gave him Maria.

                    He glanced at John, barely nudging his shoulder at the guard at the right.

                    John took out his gun.

                    "1!" Yelled Shun as he hit Fang's in injured arm. He yelped in pain, slinking into the corner, while yelling "Jump into the ocean!" to Fox and Sin.

                    "I'd rather die!" came Fox's reply.

                    "Mia's alive!" Shouted Fang as the door was opening.

                    That was all the hope Fox needed, yet slim. She helped Sin, quickly taking out the IV.

                    The door was almost open.

                    John shot the guard on the right preemptively. The second thug pushed Charmaine off right before he got shot with Tagg's bullet.

                    Charmaine was in a free-fall.

                    Tagg grabbed a parachute to his back on top of Maria, and yelled to John before diving off the building "Disable the bomb!"

                    John got to the console. The bomb blew up.

                    Sin and Fox jumped, hand-in-hand.

                    John stumbled to his knees, seeing the building falling to it's side slowly.

                    The parachute fell off.

                    He ran as fast as he possibly could and jumped after it.


                    John was a foot away from the parachute to grab it.

                    He couldn't reach it.

                    Tagg reached Charmaine. He flattened out to fall less from his dive. He grabbed Charmaine.

                    They leaned in.

                    Chapter Twelve: Real Reasons Pt. 2
                    "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
                    - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


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                      Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

                      Any comments or opinions guys?
                      "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
                      - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


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                        Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

                        Just one question. When's the next part coming out?! Haha.

                        The end of Chapter 11 started getting a little unclear. Why did Fox AND Sin jump together?
                        I felt that once Shun appeared, so did a bunch of plot holes, but other than that, the writing is really good, and I look forward to reading the next chapter.


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                          Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

                          Both Sin and Fox jumped together because they couldn't get caught by the Syndicate there. Both would have some explaining to do if either had been caught after Fang had been blocking the door so they could talk. I don't convey everything I want to always with 100% clarity, sorry. If you have any more questions feel free to ask
                          "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
                          - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


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                            Re: A Bullet in the Chamber

                            Chapter Twelve: Fallout ( I changed it from Real Reasons Pt. 2, I'll make that chapter another day)

                            He was grabbed by the cuff of his bloodied t-shirt "you're going to have to give an explanation now" said Shun. "

                            Fang didn't know what to do. All he could do in his almost paralyzed painful state was to attempt to control his loss of blood.

                            John was falling at a frightening pace still parallel with the parachute. It was just out of his reach.

                            Tagg looked up while holding Charmaine. They were halfway down.

                            Tagg took out Maria with one hand and aimed it skyward.


                            Fox and Sin reached the surface of the pool. After a sensation of frisson, they smiled. Like old times.

                            Then Fox realized with a horrified expression "How can we find Mia?"

                            The only person that knew her whereabouts was about to have his own interrogation.

                            "Let her go!" Yelled Cesar at the top of his lungs "I have no problem shooting you to hell!" Screamed Cesar in a bloodlust frenzy.

                            "Hold your fire!" Screamed Diablo at the top of his lungs.


                            Tagg shot using Maria with his one hand still falling. They were three-fourths down.

                            A bullet nearly hit John, grazing his hand and instead hitting the parachute towards him.

                            Tagg put Maria on his back, and held Charmaine close.

                            She felt safe, even in that state of perpetual falling.

                            Time slowed down.

                            They leaned in.

                            He pulled the parachute.

                            The Dragon Lord held the sword almost puncturing Raven's neck.

                            Cesar was heaving like a beast just released, wanting revenge for his unfair imprisonment.

                            Cesar locked and loaded.

                            Diablo stood up, almost falling under his broken leg. "Let her go." He said calmly with great restraint.

                            John grabbed the parachute, put it on, and pulled the cord.

                            It had ten holes in it from the bullet.

                            Tagg and Charmaine landed in the ocean. They stumbled out of the ocean and fell down next to each other completely exhausted. The skyline was beautiful that night with no clouds in the sky.

                            John's downward velocity was diminished, yet he was still falling at a dangerous speed. He was almost to the ocean.

                            He didn't make it.

                            Cesar looked at the Dragon Lord with a cold stare through his sunglasses. It unnerved the Dragon Lord.

                            The Dragon Lord stood up, and using Raven as a body shield began entering the building.

                            Pain reached the rooftop once more on his way for reconnaissance. He put his sniper down. He almost had the shot...

                            Tagg and Charmaine were walking along the beach back to the city. "Isn't this what you wanted?" Tagg asked with a grin on his face.

                            "Not under these circumstances though." Replied Charmaine coyly. She did enjoy the walk.

                            "I'm a wreck." Said Charmaine knowing how bad she must've looked after that whole incident.

                            "It makes no difference, you're still beautiful." Said Tagg not pausing in thought or stride. "You just need to see it in yourself."

                            "I'm a wreck" thought Fang. Now it was his turn to fight for survival.

                            The worst part was that Blade had been ordered to do the interrogation.

                            Tagg and Charmaine were strolling on the beach watching the city skyline, when they was a broken parachute farther down on the beach.

                            They ran towards it.

                            Pain had his finger on the trigger. He couldn't shoot. Not with what was at stake.

                            Tagg and Charmaine found a bruised but not broken John, lying under his parachute unconscious.

                            He landed on the beach falling at an accelerated velocity. He hadn't been killed, but the impact knocked him out.

                            Tagg picked him up and threw him over his shoulder. The three of them slowly began heading back towards the city.

                            Raven was dragged in to the syndicates hq, and Diablo stood there watching, helpless as the last person he cared about was being dragged away from him.

                            Chapter Thirteen: Darkness
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                            "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
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                              Chapter Thirteen: Darkness

                              "Here we are." Tagg said in a nostalgic way upon entering his house with an unconscious John hanging over his groaning muscles.

                              It was the same house that he had grown up in.

                              "Where should I go?" Charmaine prompted Tagg. She was afraid of getting kidnapped without Tagg there alongside her.

                              Diablo leaned against Raven's car, grinning. He felt that this whole situation was a cruel joke of God, that his being bereft of a single loved one at the moment had no meaning what-so-ever.

                              Sin and Fox round the corner of the Syndicate headquarters.

                              Cesar picked up his gun, and began aiming it at Sin. To him she was the enemy. What made him put his gun down wasn't Sin:

                              It was Fox's gun in his face.

                              Fang awoke with a brutalizing fever and a pain close to his bearable threshold in his poor, untreated arm. He was acutely aware of his surroundings.

                              There was only one light in the room: the glimmer of the moon, shining down, cascading sparkles of light onto the water at his feet.

                              "What are we going to do?"

                              Asked a slightly anxious Raven tied to the chair across from Fang at the other end of the pit.

                              Fang answered, trying not to faint from the excruciating sensation in his limb "We... We need to ..."

                              "Hopefully you can stay here." Replied Tagg. "I need to go have a little chat with Don Enzo"

                              Tagg looked at Charmaine, and the look of uncertainty in her eyes. "We need someone to guard John. Plus if you leave, it's possible they will find you."

                              Blink was in charge of watching The hostages. She was in the shadows.

                              Tagg helped lay down John in the second bedroom and let Charmaine get the main one.

                              "Catch." Tagg said as he tossed a small spherical device to Charmaine. "What is this?" Asked Charmaine.

                              "All you need to know is that if it starts beeping, get ready for intruders" Tagg said leaving with his rifle.

                              "This may help." He said leaving at a brisk pace, tossing his pistol on the bed next to Charmaine.

                              Cesar backed down. "Why is she here?" Asked Cesar with boiling rage in his blood, most from the previous incident with the Dragon Lord.

                              "I'll explain later." Fox said. "Lets head back. Diablo..." Fox said in a genuinely kind and sympathetic voice

                              "We will get them both back."

                              Mia was recovered from her near death experience, and couldn't wait any longer for Fang. She knew something was wrong.

                              Mia grabbed one of Fang's pistols, a large trench coat she found in Fang's closet, and raced out the door to go to the half destroyed, unbeknownst to her, previous hq of the cartel.

                              Tagg was going at a fast pace to the Mafia hq. He was going to finish his conversation with Enzo.

                              Sin, Cesar, Fox, and Diablo all drove home in silence. Fox and Sin took the car Fox had carelessly raced over in, while Diablo took Raven's Lightning.

                              Cesar was dead silent sitting next to Diablo during the entire ride.

                              "...Hope." Fang finally said. "That's all we can do."

                              "Was it really a baby?" Blink questioned herself once again. She shuddered. A memory crept up, and sent a shiver down her spine.

                              Ariel and Porsche pulled up outside Tagg's house.

                              The moon's radiating light was beginning to fade as dawn slowly encroached.

                              Chapter Fourteen: The Race
                              "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
                              - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


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                                Soooo good.... When is the next chapter coming?
                                Never lose your curiosity!