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Memoirs of a JEDI (Jedi Council)

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  • Memoirs of a JEDI (Jedi Council)

    Being fortunate enough to be one of the members who had been with the council since the very beginning I thought it appropriate that I also be the one writing this…

    For all my friends and clan members in this app who have shared the laughs and excitement of playing.

    1. How it all began.

    For those of you who have being playing this long enough you would know that the Jedi Council is not one of the oldest clans, the clan was created January 2nd, a day after the New Year and 12 days after the end of the end of the world (2012).

    For those who joined the game a little later… you probably disagree with us being a young empire… but when we were first established there were plenty of older, stronger and better established empires around.

    I’ll never forget the day I met Canadian Jedi, there was no Jedi Council then… we were both members of an empire by the name of “Cribsâ€‌. He had been one of the officers and the highest level member there, well liked and respected by everyone. Till this day when I think of him, I still see the blonde haired, green eyed stranger who had offered to help me with my first Skull King.

    Now those of patient enough to read this far probably thought that I’m telling some glory story of the hero trashing the horrible Skull King… truth is… despite all our efforts the King still fled. But I’ll never forget the white suited stranger who would later become my new empire leader. He looked……….. terrible. His white suit was dirty and sweaty sticking to his wash board abs and bulging pectoral mussels, but he didn’t give up and kept calling out encouragement as he and the rest of the team continued to swing at the King.

    Few days later, I received a note from him telling everyone he is starting a clan of his own. I was despondent and a little disappointed. He had promised to call out a Titan boss for me not too long ago…perhaps he had forgotten. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder.

    “Hey I have some good news and bad news for you.â€‌ It was Canadian Jedi, he gave me the same smile the big bad wolf probably game to red riding hood right before he swallowed her. “Bad news is that I am starting a new empire so I won’t be able to call the Titan for you here, but the good news is… if you join my new empire I can call it for you there.â€‌

    Later I would ask him why he had asked me out of so many other members. His reply had been that “he could always use a nice girl in his empireâ€‌. Oh… did I mention? It is harder for woman to make here in the underworld so there is much more men then woman.

    We had the perfect partnership going … he provided me with Titans, and I in turn provided eye candy.

    I must say… I have very little memories of the empire Cribs. The name on the empire gates were written in a mysterious curly character that I did not know how to read, as a result of this…I did not know my empire’s name was “Cribsâ€‌ until I left. My UE life didn't really truely start until the Jedi Council

    to be continued

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    Re: Memoirs of a JEDI (Jedi Council)

    Ooh nice. hopefully the story continues and skull kings die faster and titans weep.


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      Re: Memoirs of a JEDI (Jedi Council)

      2. Day one of Jedi Council.

      The empire started with about five members and they were all present when I walked into the empire general area with Canadian Jedi for the first time. I immediately felt a little intimidated; besides Canadian Jedi I did not know a single person there. They were all tall and lean and much higher level than I was… looks like I was going in have to put in some hard training if I was to keep. The guys were deep in conversation; a few looked up as I walked in, one smiled at me, the corners of his bright blue eyes crinkled as he did so.

      “Welcome Lisa.â€‌

      He had a deep cultured voice, one that made you think of stone pillars and grape wine. His features were very finely sculptured, like the faces you often saw in the stone statues of Greek gods. I looked at his name tag on his crisp white suit, it read “Scottyâ€‌.

      “Nice to meet you Scotty.â€‌

      He stood to shake my hand, I am not a short girl, but this man towered over me by close to a foot.

      “Hey Lisa, I see you’ve decided to join.â€‌

      Well… turns out there is a familiar face after all, he had been hidden behind the pile of blue prints… but I didn’t need to see him to know his voice.

      “Vish! Good to see you.â€‌

      I gave him my brightest smile; more out of intimidation than anything else…Vish was a lean mean underworld member, taller than Scotty by two inches with dark red hair and lethal eyes that glint silver when he's annoyed...but most importantly...Vish could pound me into mash Jedi without even breaking a sweat.

      Vish is many levels and ranks above me, and also mistrusts women and so despite having been in the empire Cribs together, we had not exchanged too many words, I was rather honoured that he even remembered me.

      The rest of the clan exchanged brief greetings with me and went back to their deep discussion while I sat down listening. I was not insulted that they did not pay me more attention, the empire was new and there was much to do, it was no place for slackers and everyone had much to do…
      I checked the empire bosses… the Titan was up!

      I felt a tinge of guilt as I watched the other 5 slave away for the future of our empire… but… with a big smile I turned and walked towards the Titan… the early Jedi gets the tank tracks... cough...maybe Vish is right about women, I certainly am not setting a great example.

      to be continued


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        Re: Memoirs of a JEDI (Jedi Council)

        CJ (Canadian Jedi) just messaged me to tell me that our old empire was actually Crips... as in bloods and Crips... just shows even after I left I still didn't know what it was called....


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          Re: Memoirs of a JEDI (Jedi Council)

          Love this!


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            Re: Memoirs of a JEDI (Jedi Council)

            Great job Lisa. Think you have captured me perfectly.


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              Re: Memoirs of a JEDI (Jedi Council)

              Originally posted by Canadian Jedi View Post
              Great job Lisa. Think you have captured me perfectly.
              The abs and chest?


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                Re: Memoirs of a JEDI (Jedi Council)

                Good Job Lisa
                Jedi Council
                Jedi Council 2


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                  Re: Memoirs of a JEDI (Jedi Council)

                  Enjoyed the read. Great writing, Lisa!


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                    Re: Memoirs of a JEDI (Jedi Council)

                    Great Blog on the history of a great empire! Looking forward to more.


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                      Re: Memoirs of a JEDI (Jedi Council)

                      I actually sat here and read through your posts.
                      Your writing is really good. You could definitely write a novel for UE


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                        Re: Memoirs of a JEDI (Jedi Council)

                        I'm subscribing lol... This is really creative. It'll be really interesting when you get to the empire battles lol


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                          Re: Memoirs of a JEDI (Jedi Council)

                          I'm closer to the present time of the empire but I hope I get a paragraph or two.


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                            Re: Memoirs of a JEDI (Jedi Council)

                            I'm a little afraid... half the time I think she likes me, and the other half i think i piss her off... not sure how that will relate for me, lol.


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                              Re: Memoirs of a JEDI (Jedi Council)

                              3. Early days of Jedi.

                              More people joined as more days passed, some were new to me some were not… brawler boy Noobicle who had also been a Crips member.

                              “I am really honoured to be in the same empire with great members such as Vish, Tony Snow and Lisa.â€‌

                              I almost dropped the Painting I was dusting when I heard this. Truthfully… I am the one who should be honoured. Noobicle and I had one thing in common, our rank really stood out in the empire… him for being the highest ranking player in both Crips and the Jedi Council and I for being the lowest.

                              Noobicle was more focused on his duelling skills than a snake on a mouse and twice more serious than a churchman going to Sunday service.
                              Noobicle has very few hobbies… you could count them on three fingers: duelling, duelling and duelling. He talked duelling, he breathed duelling and he probably dreamed duelling at night.

                              I on the other hand could duel as well as a cat could lay eggs. As such we have a very good system going… when Noobicle is talking in the empire hall, I stand around looking lovely, and when I am chatting to empire members… he stands around looking intimidating.

                              Another familiar face was that of Tony Snow, white haired and grey eyed like his name, he was a good looking fellow with mellow voice. His entry to the empire was by far the most dramatic….

                              “Hey guys nice to meet you all.â€‌

                              I was ready to call security and was drawing my own baby eagle when I saw him. A red scarf covered his lower face all the way to nose, while a baseball cap concealed his upper features. A sleeveless shirt showed bulging biceps, the right bicep even had a scar on it. And instead of walking in gracefully like everyone else, he was booking it at full speed, pausing only briefly to greet the wide eyed and open mouthed members standing around empire hall.

                              Hot on his heels were a full Illuminate crew, all guns blazing and blades flashing. Man… how badly did he rob those guys?

                              “Hi guys, please welcome Tony Snow as our newest member.â€‌

                              Canadian Jedi bolted in right after the Illuminate crew just in time to save Tony from receiving some holes from the rest of us. I rubbed my eyes and took a closer look at him; sure enough it was our old friend from Crips… I started wishing there were fashion classes in the underworld… Tony could definitely use some…

                              “Tony, I see you have brought us an Illuminate.â€‌

                              Canadian Jedi was less ruffled compared to the rest of us. I had mixed feelings about the new Illuminate… had it not shown up it would have been my turn to put out a boss.

                              Yea…being a new empire is hard, due to limited fire power, we could only put out one to two bosses at a time. And because our ranking on the boss leader board in the underworld town centre determined how many members we could attract from the rest of the underworld… we could not afford to lose even a single boss fight. This is why we had to line up for boss summoning, and good old Tony just bolted in front of me… Hope the Illuminate crew squash him. ..All right I’m just being a complete woman about this…

                              On a more serious note… being a new empire was also great; although we did not have a large number of members we had some really great ones amongst our small group. We had a vision, high hopes and we were all working towards it. Maybe everyone’s idea of a great empire is different, but everyone was putting in their part to make it a better empire.

                              Our empire didn’t have a single ultra strong member who could dominate the underworld with one sweep of their hand. This made it harder to attract new members, but at the same time, we attracted the right kind of members.

                              I was offered a place by one of the stronger empires at one point in time… if this is one of those stories about loyalty and honour; you would probably expect me to immediately say no, to feel no temptation at all. But this is not… this is the memoirs of a Jedi and not a very good one at that … and I was tempted. I didn’t end up leaving off course… for two reasons: I would miss my empire and its members but more importantly… in the Jedi Council I was still somewhat useful, however if I were to go to one of those “greatâ€‌ empires then I would really become nothing more than eye candy.

                              I made no mention of this invite to my fellow Jedi’s, if they are reading this story then this is the first time they are finding out about it. I had often wondered why they had joined the council and perhaps they had wondered the same about me… and now… you all know.

                              to be continued...