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Please respect your community. Respect each other as you all enjoy the same thing – The Game.

We encourage open and friendly discussion of the game and the Community. Moderators and Staff have final decisions on all matters, and are here to make sure that the Community remains a friendly, fun place appropriate for players of all backgrounds, ages and groups.

It is the forum member's responsibility to stay up to date on forum rules and to honor the behavior outlined.


These forums provide an area for constructive player discussions of the game. It also allows players to
help each other identify bugs and issues, and help each other reproduce and resolve them.

These forums are not the most direct way to contact support. If you’re having an issue with your game and you need direct assistance, please tap on the FAQ/Support tab within the game.


Please make sure to stay updated on these rules by reviewing this page from time to time.


This is a private board. As such, decisions made are final.
We reserve the right to remove any message board content without notice for any reason.

Rule 1: Responses to rule violations
Violating these rules will result in warnings, either formal or informal, suspensions, banning, or other sanctions.

Rule 2: Respect other users on the forums
- Do not make attacks or insult other users, either in the forums or through private messages. Disagreements and debates are fine, but don’t make it personal.
- Do not attack groups. This includes professions, races, religions, sexual orientations, genders, incomes, or even vague groups like “you people.â€‌
- Do not use ill terms which are offensive to groups, do not “flameâ€‌, “troll.â€‌ or “hazeâ€‌.

Rule 3: Respect the forum purpose and structure
- Make your posts in the appropriate forum.
- Please use the Search function. If a relevant thread already exists, please post there instead of creating a new thread about the same topic. Duplicate threads will be closed to keep the forums orderly and easy to navigate.
- Keep off-topic posts in the off-topic forum.
- Don’t start discussions about games that are not ours.
- Do not cross-link to other message boards or websites unless approved by a moderator.

Rule 4: Respect the law
- Do not post anything illegal under U.S. law, or encourage other users to break the laws of the U.S. or their country of residence.
- Do not encourage users to break terms of service. This includes giving information about how to find scripts, exploits, or cheats, as well as arranging to buy or sell accounts or virtual goods.

Rule 5: Respect the audience
Think about who you're talking to. Users may be as young as 13 on these message boards, and may be male or female, and from countries across the globe.
- Keep your language civil. Profanity is frowned on.
- Do not post Adult Material, inappropriate graphic sexual content in any format, or links to sexually explicit sites.
- Do not post graphic images or explicit descriptions of violent acts.
- Do not use an avatar or signature that could offend other users. They have to look at it a lot.

Rule 6: Respect privacy
- Do not post any private emails or private messages unless you have the explicit permission of each person involved in the exchange.
- Do not post private communication between customer support, members, moderators, or administrators on these forums, or anywhere else. (This include support ticket responses)
- Do not post any information covered by a non-disclosure agreement or beta testing agreement. Even if you somehow have inside information about our competitors, for legal reasons we don’t want to hear it.
- Do not post Facebook information about other forum users.
- Do not post any private information about other users.
- Do not post in-game information in an attempt to have other players attack your target. Be careful to not cross the line into bullying.

Rule 7: Do not spam
- Do not post repeatedly about the same topic.
- Do not spam users on the forums or through private messages.
- Do not start a thread without actual purpose.
- Do not start a thread about a news story or article unless you make it clear what the story is about, and offer your own opinion to start a discussion.

Rule 8: Respect your account
- Do not share your account information with other individuals. You will be held responsible for any rules violations that occur under your account.
- Do not create new accounts or use other tricks to avoid suspensions or bans.
- Do not create �sock puppet’ accounts – multiple accounts created just so that you can agree with yourself and make it seem like your ideas have more support than they do.
- Never include your e-mail address or any other personal information in posts.

Rule 9: Respect the Moderators
- Do not post using the color red. This color is reserved for moderators.
- Do not impersonate moderators. Do not claim to speak for the moderators.

Rule 10: Respect the decisions of the moderators
- The moderation teams reserves the right to warn, suspend, or permanently ban users judged to be acting against the spirit of the rules, even if the user is following the letter of the rules.
- Do not argue with moderators about moderator decisions. You can disagree with a moderator’s opinions, just like any other poster, but when they post moderator actions in red text, it is considered final.
- Moderators have no access to your game account. If you have an issue you must contact customer service.

Generally, BE NICE. There is nothing wrong with being nice to each other.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Purchase Questions
    • What are Favor Points?
    • How do I purchase Favor Points?
    • What payment methods are supported?
    • Can I use and iTunes gift card with Underworld Empire?
    • Where can I see my Favor Points?
    • What does this error message mean when I try to purchase Favor Points?
    • I have just purchased Favor Points but they never came through. What do I do now?
    • I do not want favor points credited to my account, I would like a full monetary refund. How do I do this?
    • What should I know when contacting Underworld Empire Support for a billing issue?
    • Did not get Promotion? Not seeing promotion?
    • I crashed while using a scratcher, where is my reward?
    • Where are my scratchers? I can not see them in my profile.
    • Common Error Messages and Explanations

    Game Questions
    • Why hasn’t my Underboss Seat unlocked?
    • Why can I not see a Diamond in the tech lab?
    • Why are my lieutenants not showing in the combine list?
    • My class is not gaining experience points. What is going on?
    • Why am I being hit by a higher level player?
    • Why can I not beat this player?
    • This player is harassing me. What can I do?
    • How do I get more Class Coins?
    • I did X amount of damage to a boss and didn’t get what I expected?

    • What are the system requirements?
    • My game is crashing, what can I do?
    • Can I turn off notifications?
    • I jailbroke my device, can you still help me?
    • I can not see images. How can I fix this?
    • I lost my account. How can I get it back?

    *When contacting support, please always remember to include your Army Code*
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    Re: Frequently Asked Questions

    Purchase Questions

    What are Favor Points?

    Favor Points, also known as FP, are virtual points that can be used in game. FP is the best way to enhance your Underworld Empire gameplay experience. There are many different items that can be purchased with FP in the Black Market, all of which can provide special bonuses and exclusive benefits to your character. This includes being able to refill stamina and energy without waiting.

    How do I purchase Favor Points?

    Favor Points are purchased in the App itself in the Black Market. You can find the Black Market by accessing the UE favor box on the bottom of your screen. From the Black Market, you can purchase different Favor Point packages by clicking “Get Favor”.

    What payment methods are supported?

    The only payment methods we currently support is through Apple iTunes OR through Google Play.

    Can I use an iTunes gift card with Underworld Empire?

    Yes, you can use an iTunes gift card for in app purchases. As long as you have redeemed your Gift Card on iTunes or the App Store, and it shows your account as being in balance on the featured page, then any purchase you make that would be processed by iTunes would come off the Gift Card.

    Where can I see my Favor Points?

    You can find your Favor Point amount at the top right corner of your screen. It is denoted by the golden coin.

    I just tried purchasing Favor Points but I got this error message. What does it mean?

    Every once in a while there is an issue with payments. This can be caused by network connections, Apple account locks, or other such issues beyond our control. A general rule of thumb is if the error is in White, it is from Apple iTunes. If it is blue or transparent, it is from Underworld Empire.

    If you see that the error message is white, please contact Apple iTunes support for further assistance.

    I have just purchased Favor Points but they never came through. What do I do now?

    If you have purchased favor points but they have not downloaded yet, please give them 24 hours to do so before contacting Support. If your favor points still do not appear, please forward your iTunes receipt to support and we would be more than happy to manually credit your account. If possible, please include what error message you saw as well. Make sure to include your Army Code.

    I do not want Favor Points credited to my account, I would like a full monetary refund. How do I do this?

    In order to obtain a full monetary refund, please contact Apple iTunes Support at

    What should I know when contacting Underworld Empire Support for a Billing issue?

    When contacting the Support Team about a billing issue. Please include the following:
    1. Army Code
    2. Description of the Issue
    3. Error message if applicable
    4. Copy of your iTunes receipt
    We will get back to your request as soon as possible.

    I purchased Favor Points during a promotion but I didn’t get it!

    Favor Point Value Packs are promotional item packages that have a value of or greater than the Favor Point number shown on the advertisement. When you tap on the ad, it will bring up a list of all the items that are included. If you continue to have issues or a piece of your promotion is missing, please contact the Support Team.

    My friends currently are purchasing a promotion but I do not see one. Why?

    Most of our promotions are level locked. Meaning, while one promotion might be available to you it might not be available to your friends at the same time.

    Can I participate in a promotion more than once?

    No. Promotions are only available once for each player character.

    My game crashed while using a scratcher. Where is my reward?

    If you close out the game in the process of scratching off a scratcher, your reward will be automatically placed into your account.

    I can not see the Platinum Scratchers in my account. What is going wrong?

    Normally this is due to an outdated client. Please try updating the game. If the problem still persists, please contact Support.

    Common Error Messages and What to Do:

    Sorry! We are having issues with the App Store. Please try again later!

    This is a message that is sent from Apple iTunes’ Server. Please try switching from LTE to Wifi or vice versa. If that does not work, it is likely that Apple has put a hold on your account for purchasing a lot of in app purchases (can be over more than one game) and will need to be contacted to lift the hold.

    Best way to contact Apple Support in this case?

    1.) Go to:
    2.) Select iTunes -> iTunes Store -> Purchases, Billing & Redemption ->Apple ID account billing (NOT Unable to purchase from iTunes Store)
    3.) Select US from drop down menu -> Click Continue
    4.) Click on Talk to Apple Support Now
    5.) Fill in information
    6.) Apple Support should call your number shortly

    When talking to them, just tell them about the error message and tell them you can't purchase from iTunes.

    If needed, ask to talk to their Apple Fraud department and have the Fraud representative to make necessary adjustments to your account in order to allow more purchases.

    If you were billed and did not receive favor points after waiting 30 - 40 minutes after seeing this message, you can contact us with your iTunes receipt and we would be happy to manually credit your account with the missing favor point promotion. For monetary refunds, please contact Apple Support.

    Purchase could not be Completed

    This issue normally comes up from Apple iTunes when there is not a good connection to wifi/LTE or if there is an issue with your account (marked for fraud or not enough funds). Try switching from LTE/3G/4G to Wifi or Vice Versa. If you were billed and did not receive favor points after waiting 30 - 40 minutes after seeing this message, you can contact us with your iTunes receipt and we would be happy to manually credit your account with the missing favor point promotion. For monetary refunds, please contact Apple Support.

    Just Retrieved Your Account

    There is a 48 hour wait period from the time of Account Retrieval until players are able to purchase Favor Points again. This is in order to increase account security.
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      Re: Frequently Asked Questions

      Game Questions

      Why has my Underboss Seat not unlocked yet?

      In order to unlock the Underboss Seat, you must first have all other seats unlocked. This includes the Assassin Seat at level 100. If it continues to fail to unlock, level up one more time and it will then become available.

      Why can I not see the Diamond in the Tech Lab?

      In order to see and create the Diamond in the Tech Lab you must first make it to level 100.

      Why are lieutenants not showing in the fusion list while they show under my profile?

      Some Lieutenants are required for map/job progression. If it is the last of the lieutenant you have, you will be unable to fuse it away. This prevents players from being unable to progress.

      My class is not gaining experience points. What is going on?

      Please take another look at your experience point bar. Make sure you are using/looking at the correct class. Remember: You can not change classes during an Empire War.

      Why am I being hit by a higher level player?

      Being attacked and attacking is a part of the game. Double to check to make sure you are not leaving money out of the bank if you are being hit on regular occasions.

      Why can I not beat this player / Why can this player beat me?

      The PvP function is more than just what level a player is. It is how they allocated their stats, their Lieutenants (stars, levels etc) and where they are seated, as well as weapons/armor/vehicles.

      This player is harassing me. What can I do?

      In order to investigate a player harassment complaint, Player Support will need proof of a Terms of Service Violation. Please submit screen shots or video along with a description of the situation. To take a screen shot, press your home and sleep button at the same time. The images can then be accessed from your gallery and included in the email correspondence with support.

      If you have a video, support is unable to download them either in attachment or from a website, however websites like Youtube ( are not only excellent for documenting, but accessible by our office. Please submit all videos in this format.

      Support will then investigate further with the information you have provided and take all necessary and appropriate actions to address this matter. Due to privacy policies, they will not be able to notify you of the findings, nor of the actions necessary for the resolution of this issue.

      How do I obtain more Class Coins?

      Main sources of class coins are boss drops, promos, and empire battles. Coins from EvE are dependent on how many battle points you achieve during the battle, and that number can be increased in a few ways. The Veteran class power, the dojo property, and getting a victory in the battle when you are on the MVP leaderboard


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        Re: Frequently Asked Questions


        What are the system requirements?

        It is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad and iPad Air. Requires iOS 5.1 or better for full functionality.

        It is compatible with most Android devices (tablets and phones) including Samsungs, HTCs, etc - but may differ per your model type. Requires Android 4.3 or better.

        My game is Crashing, what can I do?

        There are many reasons why applications crash. Many times it is due to memory use on your phone.

        Please try the following as well:
        • Clearing your Safari Web Browser Cache
        • Update/Re-Install the app
        • Making sure no applications are running in the background by pressing the “homeâ€‌ button twice and closing out the extra Apps
        • Close out any bandwidth heavy Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Map Apps, etc
        • Switch from Wifi to LTE/3G/4G helps as well (or vice versa) or try a different connection

        If crashing continues to persist please contact Support with your crash logs and a detailed explanation of what is happening.

        To access your crash logs:

        1) Sync your iOS device to your computer
        2) go to your files
        3) If you have a Mac input the following string, substituting the DeviceName with the Name of your iOS Device (ex. AirmidWorkiPodTouch):


        If you use Windows, substitute <USERNAME> for the user name on the computer (ex. Airmid) and the <DEVICENAME> for the name of the iOS device (ex. AirmidWorkiPodTouch):

        Roaming\Apple computer\Logs\CrashReporter/MobileDevice/<DEVICE NAME>

        4) This will bring you to your crash logs
        5) Choose the ones that say Underworld Empire or Low Memory and then send them to us

        Can I turn off Notifications?

        Indeed, you can. You can turn them off in the game under “Alertsâ€‌ in the More section.

        If you are using iOS 7, it might help to go to your Settings -> Notifications. A list of applications will appear, touch the app you wish to turn off or on notifications for. Please note that Sounds, Alerts, and Badges can all be turned on or off individually.

        I jailbroke/rooted my device, can you still help me?

        We do not support jailbroken or rooted devices.

        I can not see images. How do I fix this?

        If you are not seeing images, it is most likely due to a corrupted image file. There is an easy fix, uninstall and reinstall the game. Your account information and progression will be safe while you do so.

        I lost my account. How do I get it back?

        How do I bind a character?

        Please check out this thread:
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