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Underworld Herald #7

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  • Underworld Herald #7


    Welcome to the Seventh Installment of the Underworld Herald!

    Included in today's issue: Front Page News, Community News, Editorials, Editor's Page

    UPDATE 1.55 IS OUT!
    There is a new update to the game out now - if you still haven't downloaded it, please check your App Store! This was an update mainly focused on empire-related content and improvements.

    Some notable features:

    • War logs! Yes, war logs are finally out. You can access them by going to War Chat and then clicking war log. In the war log, you can see when people join as well as who they attack and how many times, including damage taken and dealt.
    • Refresh button! There is now a refresh button in the EvE interface. This will be temporary - at some point, the battle screen will auto-update.
    • Activity tracker! Track donations, empire war activity, and boss activity within your empire.
    • New Empire Leaderboards - leaderboards for both bosses and EvE have been redesigned to be seasonally-focused, making them more reflective of how each empire is currently doing.

    New Properties!
    There have been several changes to properties. The income properties from promos now display correct prices. Also, new upgrade properties have been added - 10 to be exact. They all effect different aspects of the game, from class coins gained to defense against bosses.

    • Fortress - Add a little class to your power with a castle fortress.
    • Stock Market Exchange - Don't work for your money, have your money work for you.
    • Steel Factory - Reinforce your empire with steel!
    • Science Facility - A secret science facility hidden deep inside a volcano.
    • Dojo - A dojo to relax, meditate, or practice your flying dragon spinning death kick.
    • Defense Facility - Equipped with the most powerful missile systems.
    • War Factory - An underground war factory that produces tanks through the night.
    • Bio Lab - Create a super soldier serum or unlock the mysteries to the fountain of youth.
    • Airport - Why own one plane when you can have an entire fleet of planes?
    • Space Program - After conquering Earth, time to conquer the rest of the universe.

    New Favor Point Lieutenant!

    Trix, the new favor point lieutenant, has been released. She boasts base stats of 18 attack, 27 defense, and an ability of a .6% chance to heal 140HP (x3 for EvE) on a successful attack.

    She also has several items to supplement her:

    • Roulette Rifle
    • The Tickler
    • Candy Crusher Grenade

    Re-designed Map Area

    Area 4, Meatpack, has been redesigned. Secret Jobs have been released for this area also, which can be found inside the Sports Arena.

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    Re: Underworld Herald #7

    -User Anvil has added to his story, which can be found scattered in the thread The Corleone: A new era. The latest part is part 7. Here's a quick excerpt:

    "It’s a dimly lit office with all the blinds drawn. Bones flicks on the lights and I make out all the usual office furniture. A pool table stands in a corner. My attention is drawn to a lone figure sitting in a chair in the middle of the room. His hands are bound together around the back of the chair and his feet bound to its legs. The rope is thick, coarse, and tied tight. I can see his labour breathing under the rope. A dirty handkerchief is used to gag him silent. He is completely naked. The room is cool, but the guy has beads of sweat running over his body. As Bones and I approach, he looks up with eyes wide with fear. His breathing increases and he begins to shuffle in the chair. Surprisingly, I begin to feel excitement. My anxiety begins to dissipate. Lying on a silver platter next to our guest I see a myriad of tools; knives, hammers, stun gun, pliers, blow torch, etc. My heart skips a beat."

    -Qwerty explains the differences between BSI and LSI builds. Check it out here.

    -Shia and other community members debate the meaning of farming in this thread.

    -BillKatze discusses the pros and cons of being a heavy-weapons class player. Click here to read it.

    -User Scrillacon pointed out that there is no guide empire upgrades. Who's up to the challenge?

    -Itsuki Kurosagi has released a new teaser for the story We could only survive... Here it is.

    To carve new paths in seas of brine

    To search for redemption in the fallen

    To read in between every line

    Oh, look where the many feet have trodden

    Whispers of victory toe the wintry pines

    Where none pass but the warden

    The seamless edge of fabric is intertwined

    Movement blurring –


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      Re: Underworld Herald #7

      All winners, please PM me with your ally code so that you can receive your prize package.
      Winner #1 - Snoopy
      Short Story
      A nice quiet evening at home is what Angie thought she was in store for. Rex on the other the hand, decided to bring up the obvious, neglecting Angie the illusion of being in a normal relationship. Like they say, you will find love in all the wrong places.

      Rex Grossman looks like a normal everyday man, but he is far from the fact. His most striking feature is his deep bright blue eyes. Everything else fails in comparison when you catch a glimpse of his eyes. Angie Parker on the other hand is as wild as the day is long, with long brunette hair and dark brown eyes. A striking woman that one would never be able to distinguish from a high school senior.

      Rex and Angie begin watching a classic horror film, when right in the middle of the film, Rex decides he wants to reminisce.

      “As I look back on it now, it all seems so cliche. To think just a few years ago I was just like any other hapless soul walking this Earth. I can still remember the night it happened like it was yesterday. Maybe that’s another side effect from the infection. Infection, as if! More like a disease, but with a disease comes sickness and all I have had since that night was enhancement. I feel superhuman, that is when I can feel anything at all. And those blackouts! Boy, they are the worst. It’s getting a bit more bearable these days. Partly to the fact I have found you. I would be lost if our paths hadn’t crossed in those woods that night. When I opened my eyes, I thought you were an angel, my angel.â€‌ Rex tells Angie staring into her brown eyes.

      Angie paws at Rex.

      “I remember that night. You were covered in blood, almost from head to toe. I feared you were dead and then you opened your eyes. The most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen in my life. I knew you were special then, but never imagined anything of the like. Even knowing what happens to you sometimes, I would never change a thing Rex.â€‌
      Angie breaks the intense moment with a little levity. “Rex. As I say your name I can’t help but think that it is true.â€‌

      Rex curiously looks at Angie. “What’s true Ang?â€‌

      Angie spats. “It’s true you are my drug. You know...R X, Rex. Angie laughs louder joined by Rex.â€‌

      He smiles widely. “Definitely not right, but I still love you.â€‌

      Rex grabs Angie gently, tightly embracing her. The light shining in his bright blue eyes. “We don’t have much time now. I would think about two more days and then...well you know.â€‌

      “I have a plan. Hopefully it will work, but if it doesn’t I will still be waiting for you after.â€‌ He says with compassion.
      “Yeah after. That seems to be the story of my life. I have only had good things happen after… after a spell of bad things. So, my Angel, what kind of plan were you thinking of?â€‌ Rex says regretfully.

      “Now just hear me out before you say anything, ok?â€‌ Angie says intently.

      Rex nods his head with anticipation. Angie pulls the silver locket off her neck holding it in her hands. “If we melt this down we can make a bullet out of the silver.â€‌

      Rex starts to open his mouth; worry on his face.

      Angie quickly yelps. “Hey! You agreed you wouldn’t say anything.â€‌

      “Sorry, go ahead.â€‌ Rex says apologetically.

      Angie continues “after we make the bullet we just wait until the full moon. Now what I’m thinking is that if all the books and movies are right a silver bullet will turn you back into a regular person. The only difference is that in the movies the silver bullet always kills. I suggest we,â€‌ she pauses and looks intently into his eyes before continues, “now you know I love you with all my heart, right?â€‌

      Rex nods.

      “I’ve been thinking that if we can just shoot you in the arm, the silver will take effect and give us a normal life. What do you think?â€‌ she says with anticipation.

      Rex stands up looking at Angie with disbelief. “You would shoot me?â€‌

      “Only if it had a chance of working.â€‌ She defends her words.

      “I thought you loved me for who I was Angieâ€‌

      “I do, but don’t you want a normal life?â€‌ Angie says questionably.

      A bit angered, Rex spits out, “I had a normal life. It got me no where! I worked in a coffee shop for god’s sake. Ya know I thought you were smarter than that.â€‌

      “Don’t get snippy with me. I’m just trying to help.â€‌ Angie returns the sentiment.

      Condescendingly Rex blurts out. “Yeah, help yourself. Unbelievable! I thought you loved me.â€‌

      Angie acts a bit disgusted with Rex’s tone “I do! You don’t know what it feels like to fear for your life from the person you love. Every time I don’t know if it will be the last time I will see you.â€‌

      “Yeah, but there are smarter ways to do it.â€‌ Rex replies.

      “Like what?â€‌ Angie asks

      “Like taking silver slivers or something of the like and injecting it into my bloodstream for one, and that’s just off the top of my head!â€‌ Rex tells her, looking for signs of hope in her eyes.

      Angie slumps down on the couch sulking, in a heathen voice. “You’re right. What have I become to suggest such a barbaric act?â€‌

      Angie stands up throwing herself towards Rex and grabbing him with such love and sorrow, tears weeping from her eyes.

      Rex holds her tight and with reassurance. “It’s all right honey. I realize this is a difficult thing for you. Maybe this will ease the pain you are feelingâ€‌

      Rex opens his mouth revealing two large K-9 incisors. He clamps his mouth down on Angie’s neck. Blood dripping down on her blouse, Angie screams in agony, pushing him away.

      Pissed off, Angie yells at Rex. “You douche! I can’t believe you did that!â€‌

      Rex falls to his knees. “You don’t know what it feels like to be me...but soon you will and we can be together.â€‌

      Angie stares at him with discontent. “You bite me and want to turn me into you and then expect us to live happily ever after?â€‌

      “That was the plan.â€‌ He said in a calm soothing voice.

      Angie looks in his deep blue eyes for a moment, then turns and walks out of the house leaving him on his knees. Rex falls on his hands crying. “Where are you going? Angie? Angie! Don’t leave me, I’m sorry. Please!â€‌

      He cries so hard, veins start popping out on his head and neck. Groans of agony fill the house “Not now. It’s too early. What’s going on? Angie Help!â€‌

      Rex’s body starts to go into a metamorphosis. All the veins on his face extrude underneath his skin, his jaw bone grows elongating his face. His limbs puff out with muscles and hair starts to come out of every pore on his body. Soon his shirt rips off a newly transformed grotesque body. Rex’s face has become that of a wolf which has been left for dead on the side of the highway for way too long. Screams of pain become howls of pleasure. Rex now stands four feet taller than before and his body doubled in size, all muscle; a true beast of nature. The only distinguishing attribute of Rex that remains noticeable is his deep bright blue eyes.

      The beast leaps out the open door of the house and starts to howl, looking to the night sky for a glimpse at the moon. When the beast sees the three quarters moon, his howls end abruptly. Rex’s beast runs faster than a speeding car to the woods down the street. He stops at the edge of the woods and starts sniffing with his large K-9 nose. He turns back quickly seeing Angie standing in the middle of the street. His big blue eyes meet hers with regret and sorrow, then runs into the darkness of the woods.

      Angie stands in the street holding her neck, blood on her shirt and crying. She hangs her head down in disappointment, walking in the opposite direction from the beast known as Rex. Howls come from the woods as she walks down the street, which only make her feel an inkling of remorse. Then a sharp pain stabbing her chest brings her to her knees. She falls to the street clenching her chest and moaning in pain.

      Her moans are heard by a man walking down the street. The man runs to Angie to see if he can help her in anyway. Kneeling down next to her, the man places his hand on her shoulder and quickly realizes that is a mistake. Angie turns towards him revealing the veins in her face and neck pulsating. The man gets up quickly and steps away from her. “What in the name of god is this?!â€‌

      Angie rolls around, getting to her knees. Her face normal now, she turns to the man to say thanks, but as she looks at him, the beast Rex runs by and snatches the man up by his teeth carrying him away into the woods.

      Angie screams. “No! No! R-E-X!!!â€‌

      The beast tosses the man on a large gravestone, towering above him. The man gasps for breath. Rex watches as the life fades from the man. Before the man can take his last breath, the beast starts devouring him. First, he claws through his chest grabbing the heart and swallowing it whole. Then, he makes for the arms where the tastiest meat is on the human animal.

      Two patrol officers walking their patrol, shine their flashlights around the cemetery, two bobbling beams of lights on headstones and trees. The beast sees the lights and runs towards the woods. Before Rex can make it to the woods the beast crumples over holding its stomach in obvious pain. The lights get closer. In pain, the beast claws at the ground pulling itself into the woods. Only a human foot is the last to be taken from the moon’s light. In the darkness of the woods, the beast disappears.

      The two officers come across the mutilated remains of the good Samaritan. One officer tosses his dinner behind a gravestone, while the other inspects the mutilated body with his flashlight.

      Officer Jones gasps. “What the hell did this?â€‌

      Jones stands up pulling his weapon from the holster and looking around cautiously.

      “I don’t know but I’m not taking any chances. Let’s get the hell out of here. Let the dayshift patrol deal with this.â€‌ His partner fearfully states.

      Twigs crack in the distance, frightening the officers.

      Jones stutters. “I...I think you’re right.â€‌

      The two officers quickly scuttle away from the mutilated body without looking back.

      The Sun rises on the dark city, shedding light on Rex’s naked body. His eyes open, staring at the dried blood on his hands and chest.

      “Oh, my head. It’s not time yet. How did this happen to me?â€‌ He cries.

      Rex stands and stumbles around the woods bouncing off the trees. He looks through the woods and notices blue and red flashing lights followed by swarms of police officers standing around a photographer taking pictures of a bloodied corpse in the cemetery. Rex steps on a branch, snapping it in two. “Crack.â€‌ A police officer hears the branch crack and looks towards the woods.

      Rex turns and hurries his naked body through the woods, stopping only to get a bearing on where he is. Out of breath, “Everything looks the same,â€‌ he gasps. Rex puts his nose in the air and takes a deep sniff closing his eyes. A remembrance of Angie’s scent flows through his senses. Rex turns right and continues to the edge of the woods. He stops and sees his house down the block waiting for the mail carrier to finish his deliveries on his block.

      Rex finally gets an opening and runs to the back of his house and though the kitchen door. Rex calls out for Angie. “Angie? Hey Ang, I’m home. What the Hell happened last night? Ang? -- I wonder...Shit. I remember. She left.â€‌

      Rex stands naked and bloody being held up by the fridge. He grabs a cold beer out of the ice box and starts chugging it while climbing the stairs to the bathroom shower. Rex rolls his tongue around his mouth, his eyes widen. He lifts his hands to his lips, spitting out a piece of skin that got lodged between his teeth. Drops of blood flow through the water into the drain as Rex stands under the plentiful stream of water. Footsteps fill his ears and all he can think is that Angie has come back to him. Rex grabs a towel and runs downstairs to the front door. He swings the door open with anticipation, but his smiles are turned to a blank stare when he sees two police officers about to knock on his door.

      Officer Carter asks “Are you Mr. Rex Grossman?â€‌

      Worried Rex answers. “Yes...what can I do for you? Is Angie all right?â€‌

      “Angie? No sir. There was a body found in the cemetery this morning,â€‌ replies officer Carter.

      With a smart ass tone Rex says with surety. “I’m sure if you look harder you will find a lot more than one.â€‌

      Carter is a little less than happy. “What?â€‌

      Officer Nelson stands behind Carter laughing quietly.

      Forcefully, Carter gives Rex an attitude. “I get it. You were trying to be funny. Well, I assure you this is no laughing matter. One of your neighbors, Mr. Smith from 1285 Highway Street was mutilated last night. So I would appreciate it if you keep your sarcasm to a minimum.â€‌

      Nelson steps in front of his partner who is obviously angered by Rex’s ill sense of humor.

      “Mr. Grossman. We just stopped by to see if you heard anything out of the usual last night? We think the victim was abducted from this street.â€‌ Nelson states in a calm tone.

      “Why would you think that?â€‌ Rex wonders.

      Still angered, Carter touts. “Well, smart ass. First off, he lives on this street. We also found his briefcase laying in the middle of the street. Not too far from your front door.â€‌

      Rex clears his throat. “Sorry to hear about Mr. Smith. I wish I could help you, but I was sound asleep till this morning.â€‌

      “Really? Your neighbor lady said she heard you and (he flips though his little notebook) Angie arguing late last night?â€‌ Carter curiously asks

      “Yeah, she walked out on me. I then had a couple beers and went to bed. I thought maybe you were...â€‌ Rex tells them in a heart felt voice.

      “Were what?â€‌ Nelson asks.

      Rex finishes his sentence. “Were her.â€‌

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        Re: Underworld Herald #7

        Nelson shows some compassion towards Rex. “Sorry. Well, here is my card. If you remember anything, anything at all, please contact me. Thank you for your time. Sir.â€‌

        Carter writes (Question witness named Angie Grossman) in his little notebook.

        Rex watches the two officers walk to his neighbor’s house. Anne and Frank are waiting for them. Rex waves at Anne and Frank, but for some reason only Frank waves back. Rex realizes he is wearing nothing but a towel and a small towel at that. He quickly walks back in the house, closing the door behind him and sighing.

        On the other side of town Angie lies on her friend Franny’s sofa, bundled in two covers. She has the chills but is also sweating at the same time.

        Franny states the obvious. “You look like shit. Are you all right honey? I think you should see a doctor.â€‌

        “No. No doctors. I’ll be just fine. It’s just a slight cold.â€‌ Angie says quickly.

        Franny tells Angie with conviction. “Slight cold. Sweetie you are burning up and freezing all at the same time. What the heck happened to your neck? Did Rex do that to you? Cause if he did...â€‌

        “Franny, Rex didn’t mean anything by it. It was an accident.â€‌ Angie replies.

        With anger in Franny’s voice, “An accident my ass. If he ever touches you again I’ll....I’ll...â€‌

        Angie edges over to Franny on the chair and grabs her hand softly. A slight cough comes from Angie. “You are so kind to me. I don’t know what I’d do without you. You truly are my best friend.â€‌

        Franny laughs. “I’m your only friend. Don’t you remember? Ever since you been shacked up with that Rex character you ostracized all your other friends.â€‌

        Angie starts to laugh, but quickly her breath turns to a nasty cough.

        “I guess so. Amidst everything that has happened between Rex and I, I still love him,â€‌ Angie tells her.

        Franny gets all high and mighty. “Girl, you’re a cruisin’ for a bruisin’. Now how about I make you some chicken soup?â€‌

        Angie nods her head with a smile.

        Franny’s voice switches to an upbeat somber. “Great cause I found this new cook called Campbell and he’s makes the most delicious soup.â€‌

        Angie tries to laugh but coughs instead holding her hands over her mouth. She pulls her hands back and notices a spot of blood in her palms. Angie quickly grabs a tissue wiping her hands off while Franny is in the kitchen.

        “You ok honey?â€‌ Franny says in a worried tone.

        “I’m fine. I think I’ll lay down and have a nice nap.â€‌ Angie mumbles. Angie lies her head down on the couch pillow, tears falling from her face.

        “Angie! Wake up!â€‌ Franny yells. Angie opens her eyes, seeing Franny standing over her.

        Franny sighs thankfully. “Oh my god! I thought you were dead! Don’t ever scare me like that. Geez!â€‌

        Angie sits up slowly. “How long have I been sleeping?â€‌

        Franny sits down next to Angie and informs her “Almost two days! I’ve been trying to wake you for almost a day. The only signs of life you have shown was just now when you opened your eyes. So how do you feel?â€‌

        Angie jumps up “I have to go!â€‌ She gets dizzy and falls back to the couch.

        “You’re in no shape to...â€‌ Franny preaches.

        Angie almost breaks into tears. “You don’t understand! If I don’t leave now...I don’t want you getting hurt.â€‌

        Franny acts independent and strong. “Girl, I can take care of myself, but you do need to get up and walk around. Maybe get some fresh air.â€‌

        Angie gains her composure and stands up. Franny walks into the kitchen to get her a glass of water. When she returns with the water, Angie is gone. Franny goes out to the porch but Angie is no where to be seen. Standing bewildered looking up and down the street Franny drinks the water herself.

        Street lights pop on with a buzz. Angie hears the buzzing in her ears like a freight train horn. The lights aren’t much easier for her to handle, burning into her eyes. She holds her ears and hangs her head down walking faster and faster down the busy streets. Angie comes to an intersection where the sign reads Highway Street/First Ave. She turns left down Highway Street slowly lifting her head to see in front of her. Angie senses something but she can’t figure out what it is. The lights are becoming more bearable. Through the brightness of the lights she sees him, a dark figure in the middle of the road. With each step the figure becomes discernible. It’s Rex with his nose to the air. He starts running towards Angie and she returns the gesture. Rex picks Angie up in arms and spins her around hugging her. Angie keeps her arms down and when her feet touch the ground she knees Rex in the groin. Rex falls to the sidewalk holding his crotch.

        Rex cries out. “Why?â€‌

        Angie walks towards the house griping. “I’m here because I have no where else I can go. I’m not here because I forgive you, because I don’t!â€‌

        Rex stands and follows her with a limp and a huge grin.

        Catching up to Angie, Rex informs her. “It’s almost time now. Don’t be afraid. It will all be much clearer in a little while.â€‌

        The clouds start moving through the sky faster and faster, revealing a bluish-grey moon. Angie starts screaming in agony just feet from the house. Lights from the houses down the street start flickering on. Rex sees the lights and runs faster than he thought he could, grabbing Angie and whisking her into the house down to the basement where mattresses cover the walls and ceiling. Half the basement consists of wrought iron bars made into a cage with two cage doors. He places Angie into one of the cells locking her in and then locks himself into the other. With sadness in his big blue eyes, Rex stares at Angie rolling on the floor in agony.

        “I’m soooo sorry babe. I forgot what the first few times were like.â€‌

        Rex moans as he watches Angie start the transformation. With both screaming and moaning the only thing that can be heard from the outside is slight murmuring sounds. But even to hear that you have to put your ear up to the basement window.

        Angie’s face is bubbling all over, her jawbone starts to extend outwards and her size is growing rapidly. Her clothes are tearing themselves off her body. When her blouse busts open, her breasts flatten into hairy muscles. Rex starts howling at Angie. His transformation has already taken place as the older a werewolf gets the quicker they are transformed. Rex’s transformation is now down to two minutes, unlike what Angie has in store for. She will be in pain and agony for 10 minutes or more. With all this comes the hunger which is even more unbearable than the pain. Nothing seems to quench the hunger like fresh human tissue. Yes, there are always animals that a werewolf could kill and eat, but nothing as tasty and satisfying as the human animal.

        Rex gallops around his barred cell pounding on the wrought iron bars, trying to get at Angie. She lies on the floor in the fetal position, groaning and moaning, her fingers and feet have extended.

        Outside the house normality prevails, if the world knew what goes on in this basement once, and sometimes twice a month, they would be outraged and normalcy would be kicked to the curb. The mystery of the unknown would take over. Fables would become truths. Right would become wrong, but not before Rex is poked and prodded by men in white coats. Surely, this little tryst would turn the world upside down, for who knows what else is hidden in the world that was considered a myth that became a reality.

        Rex, figuring this out years ago, had built this sound proof prison. If the world was going to change, he did not want to be the one who changed it. He would rather the Vampires come out of the darkness before he. Not to mention all the murder charges in the city would be laid upon him. No. This was the best way, the only way. Angie is something he will have to contend with now, something he didn’t foresee happening. He forgot how hard it was for a newly turned wolf. She would be very hard to deal with, especially now that Rex had found out that extreme emotions can turn him. What if emotions turned her like that? Women have a much greater well of emotions built up inside them, not to mention the infamous monthly battle. If this is true, Rex truly had his hands full.

        Angie has fully transformed into a stunningly grotesque beast. Rex’s big blue eyes can’t stop looking at her while she pounds at the bars and growls at him. It’s as if this is what he has been searching for, for such a long time. Rex starts pounding at the cage bars too, it most be the animal hormones taking effect. The cage bars start to
        rattle and clank. It wasn’t built for two beasts of unyielding power pounding and clawing at the bars. The addition of the second cell was only just installed by Rex a day ago. He knew Angie would come back to him eventually. Where else would she feel safe, now that she had contracted the disease?

        It isn’t long before Angie’s cage door is loosened and starts moving back and forth. She hears this and starts to pound on the cage door instead of trying to get at Rex. The door falls off its hinges. She looks out the cage opening like she is about to step into a whole new world. Outside the cage she looks at Rex who is still pounding at the cage. She stands bewildered turning her head side to side staring at Rex’s deep blue eyes for a moment. She then stomps her way up the steps, tearing the basement door off the hinges and tossing it down the steps. Rex felt like a broken hearted man. He starts to pull at the wrought iron bars. They bend a little bit, but he falls backwards from the amount of energy it takes. He looks at the broken door laying in splinters on the steps. He jumps to his clawed feet and continues trying to stretch the bars enough for him to escape.

        Angie tears through the living room, uplifting everything in sight. She hears the howls from the basement and is about to walk towards them whenl a light outside catches her attention. Angie starts scratching at the front door but gets frustrated and stands on all fours pacing around the door. Suddenly she jumps through the window across the room, landing in the bushes on the side of the house. She sees the moon and bellows out one long loud howl and runs down the street into the woods.

        Rex manages to squeeze through a small opening he made in the bars, leaving behind some blood, hair and skin on the iron bars. Hearing a faint howl though the doorway, Rex acts quickly. He rambunctiously runs up the steps tripping on the broken splintered door. He scans the house for any signs of his mate but finds nothing in the mess she left behind. A draft of cool air hits him from the missing window. Letting out a sorrowing howl, he throws his body through the window.

        Rex is startled when Frank’s porch light comes on. He quickly hides in the bushes and watches as Frank comes out of his house and looks around. The howls must have awoken him. Rex seems a bit relieved Frank didn’t come out earlier, Angie would not have been in control of her animalistic urges and would have devoured him. Rex is a seasoned werewolf and is becoming more aware of his human emotions every time he changes.

        A howl fills the night air, frightening Frank. He runs inside and shuts off his lights. At the exact moment Frank’s door latches shut, Rex leaps from the bushes and tears down the street towards the howl. Rex makes it to the edge of the woods by the cemetery in a matter of seconds, only to see he is too late.

        Angie is surrounded by three police officers with their guns drawn. The officers look very frightened. They were rookie cops. Any seasoned officer would have shot a beast like her by now. They probably thought they were hallucinating. Angie starts growling at the officers. Rex leaps from the woods and lets out a horrifying howl. Two of the officers focus their guns on Rex, their hands shaking badly.

        The youngest Officer whispers. “What the hell are they?â€‌

        The elder Officer tells the others. “I don’t know but I didn’t sign on for this shit.â€‌ He starts to back away from Angie. Rex dashes to the right, disappearing from the officers sight behind a large mausoleum.

        The most frightened officer pouts. “Where did it go? This isn’t right!â€‌

        Angie takes a step towards the youngest officer. He fires a round at her clawed feet. While the other two officers turn in circles looking for the other beast. The shot doesn’t deter her, only angers her and she begins to snarle. Rex leaps from behind the mausoleum, slashing his giant paw at the elder officer, decapitating him, his head rolling to the ground. The other two officers fire their guns at Rex but instead hit the lifeless, headless body of their former partner.

        Angie makes her move, swiping at the officer that fired a shot at her. She manages to rip his backside open, causing blood to squirt and gush all over Angie’s hairy body.

        The third officer, luckily left alive, had fallen and hit his head in all of the confusion. He was knocked unconscious. Rex starts gnawing on the decapitated officer, while Angie stands on top of her half dead mutilated officer. Drool drips from her wide nasty looking mouth on to the man’s face. He tries screaming but no sounds escape from his lips. Closing his eyes and reciting a verse from the bible in his head, Angie looks at the fear in this face and hops off him. The officer’s eyes open and sighs, until he looks to his left and sees Rex’s huge bloodied fangs coming towards him. Rex rips out half his throat, taking what was left of the man’s life. Angie growls at Rex and then jumps at him. The two beasts roll around on the ground biting and scratching at one another. Rex manages to push her off him. He gets to all fours and howls at her. Angie looks at Rex’s big blue eyes with a hint of familiarity.

        In the background, faint moans are heard. The fallen officer is regaining consciousness. Rex turns from Angie and moves over top the sleeping officer. Angie follows him. The two beasts tower over the man, Rex growling and Angie looking bewildered. Rex lifts his claw in the air ready to swipe the man’s life away but stops. He looks at Angie and then back at the man. Slowly he puts his claw down and turns away from them. The officer regains consciousness and sees his mutilated partners lying in front of him. He picks his gun up and points it at Rex. A loud scream comes from behind Rex. He turns to see Angie with the officer’s arm in her mouth. The arm is still holding the gun. She looks at Rex, drops the detached arm and starts devouring flesh and bone from the man. A look of dismay fills the blue eyes of Rex, but soon dissipates when he starts to mutilate and eat the dead elder officer. Rex and Angie have their bountiful feast on the men in blue.

        With the night nearing its end, Rex and Angie lie across from each other in a den like setting in the woods. Dawn breaks causing the two beasts to convulse. Rex is the first to change into human form. He watches as Angie’s beast of a body is transformed back into a beautiful woman. She lays bloodied and naked with her eyes closed on the broken twigs and leaves. Rex, blood dripping from his jowls, crawls to Angie. He kneels over her looking at her with all the love in the world. He has found his true mate. Angie’s eyes open slowly. She can’t focus very well, everything is blurry. What she sees is bright light with a figure in the middle of it.

        “Am I dead?â€‌ she gasps.

        Rex whispers. “No my sweet, you are very much alive, more alive now than ever before.â€‌

        Angie focuses her eyes on Rex and then down at her naked bloody body.

        Angie stutters. “What...What happened?â€‌

        “My Angel, it is the first day of the rest of our lives,â€‌ Rex confidently replies.

        Angie becomes more aware of what was going on from the stories Rex has told her in the past. She holds her hand up to Rex’s face, caressing his cheek. In one quick motion, Angie punches him square in the jaw.

        “Freagin idiot.â€‌

        Angie gets up and walks towards the house minding where she steps on the rough wooded ground. Rex lays in the clearing, watching the woman of his dreams walk away from him. He gets to his feet, holding his jaw, and follows her like a puppy dog.

        “Honey. I’m sorry. What can I do to make it better? Angie? Ang? -- C’mon honey we have to talk sometime. You know I love you.â€‌

        Angie keeps walking towards the edge of the woods. A twinkle of happiness sparkles in her eyes with the sound of Rex’s groveling.

        Winner #2 - Mist
        Short StoryKeeping in mind Halloween I decided on the following short story. Cheers and hope u enjoy

        Blood flows bright.
        The fires light the night.
        Beware the black knight.

        Men, women and children run and hide.
        The shining blades swing fast and bright.
        Fear and horror fill the night
        For none can escape the Black Knight.

        The Black Knight

        It is said that in this small village in an unknown place there is a curse.
        Every year at the stroke of midnight on Halloween a person is found dead. Head cut. The body slashed. Only way to know who is to die is through the sign of a black knight carved on their doors. Once u enter this village u can't leave.

        Jake laughed at his friend chip's story as they entered the beautiful small village. Jake and his friend had decided to take a break away from everything. They were the special ops unit of the secret society. A secret organization dedicated to eradication of the mafia families.
        The last mission had been a long one and the Tigress herself had told them to "take the weekend off or be made to take it"

        The village was a small one with twenty to thirty odd houses all old Classic Victorian style, a bar and a few stores for groceries etc. There was a small car repair shop and the police station towards the entrance to the village . The hotel was in the middle of the small village a small two story building made of white marble with a roman look. The building from the inside was decorated in a very opulent fashion with a classic grand staircase winding up to the first floor. There was a big mahogany reception counter with a person setting behind it. The manager smiled at them as they approached " hello! I am Karl and you must be our two guests. We have been expecting you. Please follow me and I will show u to your rooms."

        The manager took them to the first floor and the whole time they could not hear a single foot step. " your rooms are the last two on the right. If u need anything please ring the bell and someone will assist you". With a slow smile he handed them the keys and left.
        "Well that was creepy. Did you see how silently he walked?" Jake asked chip. " we could use him in the unit if you like" he said in reply and entered his room laughing. But jake was already getting a bad feeling.

        After showering and getting dressed in fresh set of clothes they both decided to walk around the village and enjoy the halloween festivities. Before they could exit the hotel the manger appeared behind them and said " please do not stay out later than 10pm. We will have dinner at 8pm and close the doors by 10pm." Then he walked away. "You were right we could use him in the unit" jake said as he sheathed the small knife back in his arm sheath. "I almost killed him" he turned towards chip but his friend was already walking towards the bar with a silly grin on his face. Jake could see two beautiful girls sitting at the window seats in the bar. "Yup that is the one thing that will make chippy's day" he thought, smiling to himself as he followed his friend.

        "All I wants a hundred million dollars and a bad b...."
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          Re: Underworld Herald #7

          "It was great meeting you jake" said Sharon as they walked out of the bar. Chip was still drinking and flirting with her friend Lisa. "Would u like to join us for dinner?" Jake asked. "We don't know anyone here and I would like to know more about this place". "Sure how about 8:30 at the hotel restaurant?" Agreed Sharon. Jake decided to take a quick nap and went to his room. It was 7pm and already pitch dark with the few street lights the only source of illumination.

          Jake awoke with a start. He was covered in sweat and his heart was hammering in his chest. He quickly looked around but found nothing wrong. The lights were on and the silence was broken only by the soft noise coming from the air conditioner. "Oh! Shoot!!!" He exclaimed out loud as he saw the time. It was 11pm. He had over slept and missed his date with Sharon. He quickly dressed and decided to at least get a bite to eat. He could not believe he had over slept. It had never happened before.

          He stepped out and started walking towards the staircase. He would talk to chip later. He wanted some food first. As he reached the stair case he felt a slow sense of dread starting to creep up his spine. There was absolutely no sound and the lobby was completely dark except for small spots of soft lighting. He swore softly as he realized the hotel was closed and he had missed dinner as well. He decided to go to chip's room and see if he had saved him some food.

          Upon reaching his friend's room he reach out to knocked on the door and stopped. There was a small drawing of a black horse made on it. It looked like a black knight piece from a chess board. Shrugging he knocked on the door. But as soon as he touched the door it swung open slowly with a small creaking sound. His friend's room was a total wreck. The mattress was shredded to pieces, the lights were flickering on and off slowly like a dying heart beat. The feeling of cold dread returned full force and his spine was like ice. He slowly walked around the room as quietly as he could not making any sound. He could hear water running in the bathroom. Breathing a sigh of relief he walked into the bathroom calling out his friend name.

          The bathroom was full of steam and jake could barely make out a form in the shower stall. He walked up to it and opened the shower door intending to scold chip that he was going to be the one paying for the damages and not jake. The body that fell out was covered with cuts and missing its head. Screaming obscenities jake back peddled quickly from beneath the body. This is where his training took over. Taking deep slow breaths he looked around. The shower was filled with blood and his friend's head was laying on the floor.

          Jake heard a soft whistling sound and ducked as a shining silver blade cut through the mist where his head had been a second ago. We rolled and launched himself out of the bathroom then got to his feet, knife in hand ready to fight. He would avenge his friend. The only thought running through his mind. A tall figure appeared out of the mist from the bathroom door. Covered all in black armor carrying a double edged broad sword in one hand and his friend head in the other. "No way was his knife getting through that" he thought. Then ran to his room with the knight perusing him. He quickly closed the door behind him and pulled out twin automatic pistoles and aimed at the door. As soon as he heard the first crash against it he unloaded both clips. After waiting for a few minutes he opened the door. There was nothing there.

          "Chuck this. I need to get out and get help" he thought to himself as he ran towards the staircase. Reaching the bottom of the staircase he slowed down. The soft lighting was the only illumination and any of the dark areas could be hiding the enemy. Making his way towards the main doors he shot open the lock and ran towards his parked car. As he pulled out his keys and started the car, he heard the sound of hoof beats from behind him. Like death itself the knight was bearing down on him riding a night black stallion with blazing red eyes. Swearing loudly jake drove as fast as he could but some how the horse and it's riddler were closing the distance. The main road was close if only he could make it off the small road he could get away faster. He was almost at the boundary of the town only a little more and we would be free. Looking in the mirror he saw that the rider had vanished. Heaving a sigh of relief he drove the car home like a bat out of hell.

          Within a few hours he had reached the branch office of the secret society and he sent the report of chip's death and the bizarre encounter even though painful to his superiors. The superiors had heard his story with disbelief and had said that they would send a team to recover the body. Deciding to get cleaned up he went into the guest room and took a shower. The next day the cleaning crew found his body covered in cuts and headless.

          Sitting behind his desk Karl gave a small satisfied smile as he looked down at the two small packages. Yes the project was successful. The king will be very pleased.

          The end.

          Blood flows bright.
          The fires light the night.
          Beware the black knight.

          Men, women and children run and hide.
          The shining blades swing fast and bright.
          Fear and horror fill the night
          For none can escape the Black Knight.

          "All I wants a hundred million dollars and a bad b...."
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            Re: Underworld Herald #7

            Well, here we are.

            This is my first attempt at making the Herald a little more enjoyable to read. In my mind, the previous editions were a tad too concise to make them a good read. If you were around the forums enough, you had seen all the threads and posts I had included in succinct writing. I hope that now there is more provocative content in the Herald, including the user submissions that won the earlier contest. It was very successful the first time around, and I look to keep that as a monthly occurrence.

            I am always open to suggestions - I want to make this "publication" be as enjoyable and informational as it possibly can be. As always, I would love to hear your comments and suggestions below.

            I am sorry for the late release - it was supposed to be put out on the 5th and obviously today is the 8th. There was a lot of work put into this, including gathering all of the info about the update as the developers have not yet released an official post.

            As per the usual, we are being inundated with spam in the Off-Topic section. You guys have been doing a great job reporting these spam posts. Please continue to do so by clicking the little exclamation point icon below a post if it is spam, or if you feel it breaks the rules in some other fashion.

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              Re: Underworld Herald #7

              New herald is now up!

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                Re: Underworld Herald #7

                No special event ?


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                  Re: Underworld Herald #7

                  season 2 arena next month pls!!!!!


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                    Re: Underworld Herald #7

                    Originally posted by Rintihan View Post
                    No special event ?
                    The monthly herald event will be on the 15th to follow last month.

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                      Re: Underworld Herald #7

                      So we find out on the 15th what event is coming soon? Like casino royale I imagine, too soon to have another anena?


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                        Re: Underworld Herald #7

                        I didn't like Battle Royale, but the Casino and Chests were very fun

                        (Also Congrats to UG for making it to the Top 5!)

                        яєρ мє


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                          Re: Underworld Herald #7

                          Cheers Matt. Gj. Yay I finally won a contest.
                          Any info on an in game event? Just something to look forward too


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                            Re: Underworld Herald #7

                            May we know what the prize was for the winners?
                            And Congrats for Snoop and Mist!


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                              Re: Underworld Herald #7

                              How about for war instead of wins and lost record why can't it be wins-lost-tie