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[Event] Lieutenant Tales

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    Re: [Event] Lieutenant Tales


    In the land of the rising sun, values such as discipline, tradition, loyalty and honor are as old as the land itself; the most highly regarded being honor. All these values were no stranger to Haruka, a beautiful young Japanese woman whose life was consumed by a simple goal, revenge.

    As a teenager Haruka and her younger sister, Sakayo, were sold by her family settle a debt with the Syndicate. Haruka’s loyalty to family and honor were very traditional, and she promised to protect for her sister with her life. Originally planned to be used for personal entertainment, leaders of the Syndicate realized the true quality of two girls beauty, and instead had both Haruka and Sakayo trained to be geishas. After several years of immense training, the two entertained in teahouses operated by the Syndicate as a source of income and became very popular and highly respected, always remaining close in hopes of one day being given freedom.

    One evening after performing a kabuki dance, a powerful businessman approached Haruka and Sayako, asking them for mizuage. When both refused the service, the man attacked both sisters. After still refusing cooperation, the man tortured and brutally murdered Sayako in front of in front of her sister. Haruka managed to fight the man off and escape, and to maintain their honor, she swore to avenge her sister at all costs. Since then Haruka has worked as beautiful but deadly assassin for the Syndicate, in agreement that if she eliminated target enemies she would be granted freedom.

    Using her beauty and skill as geisha, Haruka would entertain her targets, only before poisoning their tea or slicing their throats. Haruka states her only loyalty lies to her honor and her sister now, always searching for the man who change her life…
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      Re: [Event] Lieutenant Tales


      A former US soldier who fought in 'Nam.

      In 1971, he and his longtime friend Benny were captured by Viet Cong soldiers. Thrown into a pit, with no food or water, Grimm knew they wouldn't last very long without special help.

      An advisor for the Vietnamese soon came by. The man had a special method of torturing people: Starvation. Grimm knew what the man wanted, and resisted the urge to think about food or water.

      Benny died two days later from infection and blood loss. Grimm couldn't look at his best friend's decimated state.

      Grimm knew he couldn't survive very long after Benny. Three days after Benny's death, Grimm finally caved in. Cutting up Benny's dead body with the knife, Grimm feasted on his best friend.

      The moment Grimm put on Benny's skull as a helmet, that was the moment when Grimm lost all semblance of humanity, and he knew this.

      When a platoon of GIs found and freed him two weeks later, they tried to take off his helmet. Grimm resisted,killing four GIs before being taken down.

      After the incident, he was shipped back and thrown into an asylum, where he would stay for 30 years.

      When an unknown benefactor called for his release, he offered Grimm a stipulation: Work for him, doing heavy hitting duties, and in return they will find the man responsible for his state of being.

      How could he refuse?
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        Re: [Event] Lieutenant Tales


        Beautiful and sweet she looks from the outside, but she's all bitter and cold on the inside with only one thing in her mind. Revenge.

        Linda and Sin grew up together in the past and as they became teenagers they started swindling handsome rich men into their traps together, Linda's mother took care of Sin as if she's her own daughter. One day everything changed when they decided to con a triad veteran. Sin knew she could have more than she could ever dream of if she had him all by herself. Greed eventually made Sin turned against her best friend and ended up getting Linda's mom murdered in the process and almost ended Linda's life as well.

        They tought she was dead but little did they know that Linda was still alive. She fled the city and was never heard of again. Linda always was smarter and more cunning than Sin but she only fell for the trap because she trusted Sin.

        That incident sparked the only thing she has in mind now, taking back what was owed and taking out whoever that's in her path. After a decade she slowly made her way back into the city under the syndicate's radar. By day she's a beautiful secretary in a little office, by night she's a merciless killer shaking the syndicate's world to make sure Sin herself gets into her path.

        Watch out, there's a new pretty face killer in the underworld and she's tearing everything down that comes her way.
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          Re: [Event] Lieutenant Tales

          Disclaimer. What you are about to read may be disturbing. Those who are sensitive to realism and violence be warned. Viewer discretion is advised.


          “I cut off his ears, nose, and slit his mouth from ear to ear. I gouged out his eyes. He was dead then. I stuck the knife in his belly and held my mouth to his body and drank his blood.”

          Anson is young, Caucasian, beautifully handsome, tall, blond hair, blue eyed & Ivy League.. Shielded by conformity, privilege, & wealth, he is the slick, elusive sociopath with a genius IQ. He is the best of liars & the ultimate serial killer, roaming freely & fearlessly. His murderous impulses are fueled by zealous materialism & piercing envy. Anson's blood thirst sharpens his homicidal activities to a frenzied pitch. Hatchets fly, butcher knives chop, chainsaws rip, & surgical instruments mutilate. His motivation for killing is based on psychological gratification. He craves solitude to pursue his urges & impulses sometimes suggestive of sexual kinkiness and the rage that lies beneath all civilized behavior. He would take his victims home & rape their headless bodies as well as the severed heads themselves. He is vicious, & incredibly bold. He is one of the most deadly dangerous, & fascinating serial killers of modern times in that he is so extremely intelligent, articulate & insightful. He is, in fact, so ingratiating & pleasant that at times even those who should be the least vulnerable to his charms fall prey to them.

          In an interview with the renowned Psychiatrist, Dr. Stidham shared the following:

          “Anson showed signs of the killer he would eventually become early in life. While still very young he turned his violence on pets, skinning his mother’s cat and hiding the dismembered remains in his closet.”
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            Re: [Event] Lieutenant Tales


            A once small and weak boy who has been lifting since he was a teenager. Now Bro has muscles like steel and let's everyone know it. You'll often find him at a gym but on his off time he takes odd jobs like bouncing and doing repo. He only responds in quips.

            Side note

            Bro do you even make Lieutenant Tales?
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              Re: [Event] Lieutenant Tales


              She stares blankly at the chair which swivels slowly, eerily almost, as she forcefully kicks it away from her and it slams into a nearby wall, the resounding “thud” of the chair echoing and pounding through her head. The metal steel she grips is cold, and as she balances it precariously over her fingertips, thin threads of red appear, their droplets falling onto the floor, like morning dew after the rain.


              All she wanted to be was normal.

              But insanity claws its way into her mind, its talons enrapturing her spirit, encasing and chaining it down, as a dark smile tugs at the corner of her lips.

              This is wrong!

              Her conscience cries out pitifully, but is shoved back in its place as she does not falter and unhesitatingly pans the keyboard, blood stained fingers leaving crimson prints everywhere. Her next target blinks on the screen, and unremorsefully, she empties his bank account before pulling out a steel pole from under her desk.

              No point in letting funds get wasted before committing a hit.

              She strides out the door, painfully aware of the rich red coat she wears which attracts attention and dares people to cross her path.

              She knows who she is.

              She is the one they call “Itsuki”, although no one knows who she really is.

              After all… she’s different.

              She isn't in the business for revenge, or for the “family”, or any of such nonsensical charades like the rest.

              She’s simply here to hunt and to kill.

              Contract killing.

              And the insanity which rages beneath her cool exterior feeds on it.

              <For easy reference, it's 265 words.>

              And yes, I have an ego and shall try to create an Lt based on my fan-fiction character. I mean, a girl can dream, can't she? :3
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                Re: [Event] Lieutenant Tales

                FBF0C0 EN/ES/AF/TS


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                  Re: [Event] Lieutenant Tales


                  I sit here in my prison, with only my thoughts, a prisoner for protecting my family from the rebels who have come with foreign weapons to desecrate my homeland of the democratic republic of Congo. These power hungry warlords are only being used as tools for the mafia,syndicate and cartel to gain the riches of my land, enslaving my friends and family to dig in the mines for diamonds and other precious stones until they no longer breath. The men who are strong enough to fight against them are imprisoned waiting for death to release them from this hell. I can longer take this, my mind is filled with crazed thoughts of revenge on the ones who corrupted my people to turn on themselves for wealth and power. I have found other prisoners who have the same mind as I who will fight for our freedom but with no way out of this cell I am useless. Then a mysterious women came from nowhere i thought I was dead, seeing things. She killed the guards in front of me and looked to me and said "my name is raven, you have two choices live free or die a slave" she threw keys into my cell and passed me a rifle. I know what I have to do, sometimes the only way to end evil is to become evil itself. I must fight for my people at all cost.

                  My name means "the hand of god" and I will show them the ultimate judgement for their sins.

                  My name is akachi, and i shall avenge my people


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                    Re: [Event] Lieutenant Tales


                    Stroking her clip on tail, and wearing a hoodie with ears, people believed Midori was an innocent. Watching as Sin slit her parents throats had stolen any last drop of that naأ¯vetأ©. After hiding three years, trying to be faceless it seems they had forgotten about her. But she would make them remember right before they took their last breath.

                    Her weapon of choice is the claws she has fashioned out of daggers and leather strappings she keeps barely hidden under her long sleeves.

                    Her eyes no longer, big and brown, but icy and catlike, she waits quietly for her prey. Ready to pounce, ready to kill.
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                      Re: [Event] Lieutenant Tales

                      Great Submissions so far! Can not wait to see/read more!
                      Never lose your curiosity!


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                        Re: [Event] Lieutenant Tales

                        Cannibal Cherry----As a young girl, Cherry was often picked on for being born with one eye. Some say that is the reason she is twisted in her own way. Only the streets excepted her, but first she had to take a bite of a rivals flesh to join. She actually enjoyed the color of blood on her lips and the rest is history


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                          Re: [Event] Lieutenant Tales

                          Is anyone else really really excited for this? IMO, I can't wait to keep reading more. :3
                          I seriously love the ideas that are popping up.
                          Itsuki Kurosagi, pleased to meet you.
                          My army code is 498429.
                          "To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life." - Walter Mitty


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                            Re: [Event] Lieutenant Tales


                            The twin brother of Chimera; separated at birth and raised by the Syndicate. As a youth he studied eastern philosophies and the ancient arts. As a man he became known only as the Slayer of Monsters while he served the syndicate and searched for his family. When he found that his parents were murdered on orders from the Baron he vowed revenge but first he’d kill the murder that held the bloody blade. Chimera.


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                              Re: [Event] Lieutenant Tales

                              We all know the hood. The ghetto. The wrong side of the tracks. Now imagine that this is the good part of the neighbourhood. Trey was born and raised in some of the worst living conditions of any major city in the world. Dad left before he was born. Mom was an addict and an alcoholic. There was only one way that people left this part of town, and that was a body bag.

                              Trey thought he was an exception to the rule. He wasn’t innocent of the lifestyle by any stretch, and after a short time, he became one of the most prolific dealers in the area. When you’re 18 years old, pushing 7’ tall, and 260lbs people take notice, and people don’t typically argue. The semi-automatic strapped to him doesn’t really hurt either.

                              But fate can do interesting things. A chance encounter with a innercity basketball coach got him into a highschool gym. The system got him passing grades. And a championship MVP award got him notoriety that he couldn’t get hustling for a living. He was drafted to the pros directly out of highschool – no one caring that he could barely read or write.

                              TV interviews before he even gets to training camp. Countless hours in the gym to improve his already intimidating physique. Money – legitimate money. Honest money. He had truly gotten out from the black hole of his youth.

                              But fate also has a funny way of kicking you in the gut as well. In his first professional game, the biggest night of his life, he falls awkwardly, severely breaking his ankle, and his career is over before it starts.

                              Now he is back on the street. Bitter. Angry. But with new connections from his brief shining moment, he is set to rule his domain.

                              (somehow this is 300 words exactly - according to MS Word)


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                                Re: [Event] Lieutenant Tales

                                Originally posted by Itsuki Kurosagi View Post
                                Is anyone else really really excited for this? IMO, I can't wait to keep reading more. :3
                                I seriously love the ideas that are popping up.
                                Oh god, as a guy who desperately wants to try fanfiction as a hobby, you are NOT alone here.

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