Hi Everyone,

We'll be launching Personal Boss: Suregon, starting 5/11 to 5/16 19:00 PDT

During the event, you can create a boss that can only be attacked by you. When you defeat the boss and collect rewards, he will respawn after a certain period of time.

During this event:
The boss can be respawned 90 times,
The automatic respawn time is 12 hours,
You can also spend FP to revive the boss instantly.

New equipment:
Surgeon's Scalpel: +103 Defense to Surgeon [no stack]
Strafe's Secondary SMG: +99 Defense to Strafe [no stack]
Agent O's Spy Pistol: +105 Attack to Agent O [no stack]
Yugo's Rifle: +76 Attack to Yugo [no stack]
Alice's Disguise: +69 Max health to Alice [no stack]

Personal Boss: Suregon's Collection Rewards:
Casino event props: Red Chip, Blue Chip, and Green Chip guaranteed
Surgeon's Scalpel Part guaranteed. A chance to drop the fragments of the other four new equipment
Chance to drop Niko, Claudia, Lark, Yusuke, and Salman's equipment, (Niko: Timed Dynamite Plus, Schweizer Messer, Niko's Cap; Claudia: Silver Lover, Perspective Mind, Supreme Power; Lark: Life Lines, Gray Weather, Pure Love; Yusuke: Bloodthirsty Demon, Broken Past, Inanition; Salman: Reverberating Riddle, Journey Of Growth, Death Clock)
For more collection rewards, please check in game