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Heist Complaints

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  • Heist Complaints

    Just wanted to throw out my opinion on all of the boss heist complaints:
    At the end of the day, they are free. Like everything in life, the rich will get ahead. These events are expensive if you go after the "best" rewards.
    I've seen a lot of people on this specific heist saying "I wish I hadn't spent all of that money on this for crap rewards".
    Sorry, but if you read forums, you knew the rewards before this all started (aside from the gem, which I do agree should have been mentioned).

    My main assumption is that GAEA picked up a game which has a solid base, but has been run by inconsiderate people for a while now. Unfortunately, I speculate that might mean they need to make some money if they want to keep it going. Again, speculation.

    At the end of the day, if you're wealthy enough to drop hundreds of dollars every couple weeks on a hobby that literally has no financial return, then keep dropping money on these heists. I assume you are the 1%ers.

    For the rest of us 99%ers, just go au naturale, spend a few saved up FPs or bucks, and get some free/cheaper rewards.
    If you are not rich in real world, then save your hard earned dollars for events that give more in return.

    Again, just my opinion.

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    Re: Heist Complaints

    I agree with your opinion that players should spend only if they can and want to. But again the point comes down to not the free part. You are right it's free to enter. But the rewards to participate even if free are skewed towards over expensive for effort and time spent or even for people who have the inclination to spend.

    As mentioned in a lot of posts, the same time/effort/money spent on main events yields better results than these mini events, which by their very nature are supposed to encourage participation. The attitude going forward will be that If it's going to be even less than 1% rewarding than normal events why bother?

    If it continues like this then it will just reduce the players activity for these events. Which I believe is the opposite of what we need for the game. We need activity and encouragement to come back to it. It only makes long term financial sense if players want to play. If they are not playing then there is opportunity lost to get them to spend.
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      Re: Heist Complaints

      I agree with Mist 100%! Most of the games I play make you earn progression via skill and time spent. Most app games have a model most similiar to this game. There are a couple "computer" games that offer in-game account boosts but most do not to keep the community fair. If you see another toon and they have this great pc of gear you know it was earned probably in the hardest content. Now most of these style games have a monthly subscription so we have to ask ourselves if that is something we would want with this game. I personally would not want a monthly sub because I like to spend cash on this game when I want to, or when the rewards seem good enough to do so.


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        Re: Heist Complaints

        But this isn't a case of "the rich will get ahead" or "don't spend if you can't afford it". Even the "1%" who spend on these events aren't going to do them for long because the rewards are simply garbage, and it won't take them long to realize it's an awful deal. The '1%' aren't even thinking "cool I 'earned' 10 epic shards from that." They're thinking "well shoot, I should've just spent that $100 on regular crates and I would've gotten way more." This whole concept of "spend a VIP pack every 2 weeks" to eventually get a "reward" is poor marketing. If you are spending anything on a limited time event (and many hours/days of playing), you should always, always be getting something at least better, not worse, than the standard in-app instant purchase options.
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          Re: Heist Complaints

          I don't think anyone expected any event to be free. What people are asking for is mini events to be a reasonable spend with decent rewards.

          No one is asking for epic crate rolls or an event LT.

          I partook in the first couple. The last 2, I clearly saw it was going to take regular event spending to get the max.

          People keep saying free events and free this and that. The entire game is free to play. That doesn't mean there aren't issues players see in the game.

          I don't see how asking players to spend a VIP for pieces to a reward over and over equates to more participation. Feels more like milking the spenders you already have.


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            Re: Heist Complaints

            Well hopefully these events get a little less expensive, so we can all complete them.
            At least with this boss heist, everybody was basically on the same playing field (aside from the alleged glitch in the first hour). Whether that playing field was 100s of dollars for crap rewards, at least there weren't some toons having more or less issues with the event. Besides the normal difference in XP requirements to level up, that is.


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              Re: Heist Complaints

              As someone who has played this game for a long time (over 3 years) here is my two pennies to work off the American euphemism:

              This game used to have an event every 3/4 months if you were lucky. Yes you could get an event epic then for about $30-$50 but the player base was small and the game was no where near the beast it is now.

              In response to consistent berating, feedback and requests, the guys who run this game have churned out event after event, made it easier than ever to get rare and epic lieutenants, rewards and fancy items and actually engage with the community. The reason they are called RARE and EPIC is because they are meant to be hard to obtain. That's what makes us play, that's what keeps us going, the joy of when that crate stops on that golden square - trust me this comes from someone who knows what it is like event after event to roll multiple free crates and get common/uncommon - let alone the ones you buy.

              What more do you want? This game is free but pay to play if you want to be a serious contender. They can't just discount all those who spent money if the early years, they then lose their main source of revenue.

              You now have loads of people who can catch us up 10x faster than it took us to accumulate lts/gear/legendaries etc. That's fine, but they have to keep the balance of those who have spent thousands to get where they are.

              There will always be complaints, it's human nature, but come on, yes these events are designed to make Gaea money. If you cannot understand that rationale then don't spend your hard earned cash or simply don't play. Not content on dropping $300 on an event - by a bloody PlayStation or Xbox and stop whining. It may not be fair at times but WE choose to play - we are not forced. You can still have fun without spending.


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                Re: Heist Complaints

                Expectations is so huge in life. It can give hope or destroy dreams. I know we all have those 9 star epic lts. Why do we have to accept or expect very little return. I been here for about 4 years and read forums and feel the frustrations when players play a event and do well and get a rare crate for there reward or similar reward. That one star rare definitely going to take out a top 200 empire
                Then we assume that one star epic are only for the chosen ones. How many lts do u need to get a 5 star epic toon. Stop and think about that. Playing 4 years don't even have a 4 star epic. I can but to fuse and lose 2 other 3 star epics.
                My point is I get epic lts are hard to get. I think we all hope we would get a chance to have a 3 or 4 or OMG 5 star epic lt. before I or you go on social security or retire. If we could look at this and review. I don't want it handed to me but I sure like to hope it could happen. Second thought would have no objections on handing it to me. Thanks for listening



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                  Re: Heist Complaints

                  Why are we not saying more about the glitch ? So many refills wasted by many im sure and some " lucky few" who started at start and went "balls to the walls" finished in no time... We should all be compensated or we should all get the rewards, they should have never fixed it like that mid-event when they knew people finished already and that it would not be fair to the community, it was your fault not ours that there was a glitch....


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                    Re: Heist Complaints

                    Due to some *funny* requests and irrational complaints as well as some players pointing out issues to destabilize rather than be on point, I have become quite numb on a number of matters/complaints which is why i concur with your post here. This is why PA went from constant dev interactions and massive forum activity with constant engaging to abandoning forums and why Kabam became Kabam. Lets hope some of our player base on forums here dont end up also driving Gaea to silence.
                    Originally posted by JackUK View Post
                    There will always be complaints, it's human nature, but come on, yes these events are designed to make Gaea money. If you cannot understand that rationale then don't spend your hard earned cash or simply don't play. Not content on dropping $300 on an event - by a bloody PlayStation or Xbox and stop whining. It may not be fair at times but WE choose to play - we are not forced. You can still have fun without spending.
                    There are so many complaints about Heists all over various sections of the forum (considering combining threads) and Devs have definitely taken note of it all. Lets hope the Devs improve future heists and if they don't... there's a saying called "vote with your wallet" which i do quite often as well as players pointing out issues with Heists in a constructive manner as some do. No matter what Devs do or how positive... I expect what we always see.


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                      Re: Heist Complaints

                      Originally posted by chelsea View Post
                      "vote with your wallet"
                      Evaluate the return and investment - that is what I advise all of my empire members
                      I personally participated in all of the new Heists, my completion rate is 2/5 +/- and I spent a ton of refills (30+ on multiple accounts)

                      Based on the information I have gathered, I am advising my empire where the best returns are to invest there time and money.
                      In My Opinion - a heist should not take more than 10 refills to complete, ever, but I am just a consumer - I appreciate the content, I appreciate the communication

                      Participation is a choice - choose wisely (I will regret not having those refills when MMB starts)
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                        Re: Heist Complaints

                        To me it's not the cost of the event/heist that's somewhat irrelevant.

                        The issue comes from the inconsistency in the game 'currency'. The 4 heists basically gave different value to the shards. The EvE was essentially free, energy and boss ones had refill cost based on your E &S, and the PvP one was completely random.

                        These costs when compared to the fixed in game currency; crate rolls, refills for bosses or job farming are currently unbalanced IMO.

                        This seems to be the main concern, "I would have been better off ....".

                        I presume the heists were designed to engage the players, get them back logging in often, and try to encourage a little extra spending, using the line of the thought that the rewards are better in the time window compared to the permanent spending areas.

                        Currently they've missed the mark on that.

                        My only other thought is that it would be 'nice' if depending on your build that one of the heists was a little easier;
                        - energy based then jobs
                        - Stamina based it's bosses
                        - BSI then it's PvP
                        - all around player then you can get halfway through all of them relatively easily, maybe not easy to finish all.


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                          Re: Heist Complaints

                          Complaining can be seen as a bad thing for the forum. But if I was a dev, I'd be more concerned when there's complete silence, as that will be a defining moment when people just give up and move on.

                          We can have a cut throat forum and a b-boy stance from devs all day long, but if we keep getting updates that were worse than what we had before. I.e. shelling out hard earned cash for shards of a lieutenant as oppose to actually getting a lieutenant, what sort of feedback is this game expecting at the moment. Quite simply the reward structure vs effort and spend being put into the game and dedication is broken.
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                            Re: Heist Complaints

                            I think my big issue with these forums is just the constant requirement for more by players. I don't mean to sound jaded (I shouldn't be, I've been on these forums for a few short months).
                            I guess maybe I just haven't been through the hard times of this game like others have, but I just don't see the need to CONSTANTLY complain about the things you don't have, instead of appreciating the good things about this game.
                            Trust me, I've seen a few very valid complaints. Like that maxed upgrades post? Whew, I can only imagine the frustration some of you have with that.

                            I think the main point I'm trying to make here, which I am probably not driving very well, is that these heists are 4 deep so far.
                            They are still a new feature, with each being different than the last. If they still cost hundreds with the low value of rewards in 8 months? Yeah I'll probably jump on the "off with their heads" bandwagon.
                            For now, I think I'll just take this game as it's presented , and like Chelsea said...

                            Originally posted by chelsea View Post
                            . Lets hope some of our player base on forums here dont end up also driving Gaea to silence.


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                              Re: Heist Complaints

                              Game companies thrive off of a good system initially and maintaining that system to the best of thier ability as the player base grows and people become stronger. Its always been a very tough aspect to conqueor but very few have been successful for 5+ years or more. The ones that are successful kept true to the basics of the game but after a couple years most make it easier for new players to excel to max level so the community feels somewhat even. With this game there have been 3 different companies that have owned it and tried thier best to make a good game and satisfy as many players as possible for cash return. I have to admit Gaea has listened to the player base here on this forum and unlike most other gaming companies they have tried to come up with some different things that also seperates them from thier previous owners. The game is essentially the same but is moving at a much faster pace than when I first started. This is a good thing.

                              There are always going to be players that are upset about the ways things change, especially when a new company comes in but so far I personally give Gaea 5* for being active on the forum. Dont be scared to boast your opinion here. The moderators here are some of the best in the business and they relay ideas and complaints straight to the developers. If you honestly are very upset about a certain thing about the game boast your thoughts but please have a solution to the problem you are having. This is how Gaea will better understand how to deal with it.