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Create an lt contest

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    Re: Create an lt contest


    Tusk older brother, he saw the kidnapping swearing to save and protect his brother. He finally found Tusk with the Cartel, and now they work together for Diablo.

    1 star : +15 counter attack damage
    5 star : +25 counter attack damage
    9 star : +35 counter attack damage

    Tusk lookalike, but bigger, and not albinoe !


    Growing up an orphan in poor Russian city, she fought to be alive, first on the street, then on the ring, where she encountered her Idol, Brutus.
    He convinced her to join the street gang, and now she does enforcer jobs for Raven...

    Skill : Iron Maiden :

    1 star : 4% chance to send back 50% of incoming damage
    9 star : 16% chance to send back 50% of incoming damage

    So Brutus " offensive" counterpart, she doesn't deflect, still taking the full blow, but sending back damage.

    Paine in FFX-2 look alike, maybe armored ?
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      Re: Create an lt contest

      Name: Othello

      Bio: Raised up in a small village, he started an early career in manufacturing computers and components. With the age of 18 he got hired to Silicon Valley. 5 years later he founded his own company and invented a unique bionic chip that's used in every electronical device. Today he is the richest man on the planet.

      Class: Uncommon

      Ability: When collecting, get +class coins per eve token spent (no clone)

      1* = 0,5 cc per spent token in eve
      2* = 1 cc
      3* = 1,5 cc
      4* = 2 cc
      5* = 2,5 cc
      6* = 3 cc
      7* = 3,5 cc
      8* = 4 cc
      9* = 5 cc


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        Re: Create an lt contest

        The Rump

        This master manipulator will stop at nothing to get where he wants to be

        Born the son of a millionaire he has risen to become a billionaire but that is not enough for the man ......

        With his golden hair and jowly orange skin The Rump is a master at getting what he wants no matter what . He thinks nothing of grabbing what ever he wants
        His ability to lie and manipulate has seen him rise to great power but that will never be enough for his power driven ego

        Power - The Rump's great ego means he can't accept getting hurt so he can absorb health from all who hit him and use it for himself and for his allies (EVE only )

        1* 2% hit power return as health and 1% to all players in building

        Scaling up

        9* 10% for The Rump and 5% for players in building


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          Re: Create an lt contest

          Idea #1

          A LT which reduces the amount of XP needed once you level up if it's seated.


          Seeing as UE has no level cap and it gets crazier with every level I think adding a LT which recudes the amount of XP needed on level up a good addition and very attractive LT to have

          Idea #2

          A LT which gives you more damage(overall damage like Reaper/hyena) the more tokens you use in a war

          1*= per token used 0,1% extra damage
          Adding 0,05% per * resulting in 0,5% extra damage per token used at 9* and the power only stays if you use tokens in a certain amount of time from your last token.

          This might seem really strong as it would be like 15% extra damage within 30 tokens but having like a 5min timer between tokens this LT needs super activity to be used to its full potential.

          No name, backstory or picture the devs can figure that out.
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            Re: Create an lt contest

            The Hangman

            The Hangman is an old friend Frank. In their youth they used to hang their enemies. Now the Hangman comes in town only when Frank summons him.
            When the Hangman cashes you – you hang

            1* = 1% chance to hang. When you hang you lose 1 % def power each minute. It’s difficult to defend yourself when you hang.
            9* = 9% chance to hang. When you hang you lose 1 % def power each minute

            He is inspired from Kurt Russel from the Hateful Eight


            The second:

            The Mexican


            An old drunk Mexican with lots of explosives is a bad combination. He walks around in the big city drinking tequila and throwing explosives.

            1* = 1% chance to crit on bounding
            2* = 1,5% chance to crit on bounding
            3* = 2 % chance to crit on bounding
            4* = 2,5% chance to crit on bounding
            5* = 3 % chance to crit on bounding
            6* = 3,5% chance to crit on bounding
            7* = 4 % chance to crit on bounding
            8* = 4,5% chance to crit on bounding
            9* = 5% chance to crit on bounding

            / Gale Hansen
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              Re: Create an lt contest

              Mr Stacques

              A former vice-principal fired after becoming addicted to competitive cup stacking,
              Mr Stacques is now willing to do anything to feed his hunger for stacking.
              Buy his cover of "When I'm Gone" to help raise money for carpal tunnel research, now on iTunes.


              Allows multiplicative LT powers to stack (Baron, RC, Poppy, Duke, Mastermind, Midas, Fixer, etc)
              plus a tiny chance to double the cumulative effect that increases as he is starred up.
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                Re: Create an lt contest

                First submission Name: Roach Power: -2% vehical cost (same as Michael) Stats:ALL DEFENSE NO ATTACK Item powers: +8 defense, +1 insignia slot, +.05% deflect Backstory: Roach is Caines brother after the attack by the mafia he left his career as a car salesman and began pumping iron to help Caine get revenge. It's rumored that after a decade of working out his muscles are denser then then steel making him bullet proof...


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                  Re: Create an lt contest

                  Ken M

                  An avid internet commenter,
                  Ken is a master of being there without really being there if you don't know what I mean.


                  In EvE: if seated, the player will appear to be dead but can be damaged if attacked
                  In PvP: if seated, the player will have a percent chance to generate an "in the hospital" message, works in events

                  Starring up increases the PvP percentage

                  *empty chair is intentional, when Ken is seated there should be no LT visible.
                  The framed inventory pic can be empty or be some version of a default avatar symbol like a silhouette
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                    Re: Create an lt contest

                    Submission #2 Name: Sister Gifter Power: 1*= +5CC per level up 3*= +10CC per level up 5*=+15CC per level up 7*=+20CC per level up 9*=+25CC per level up Items: hearse +8 energy, booze +4 stamina, confession tapes +1CC per level up (Stacks 5 times) Bio: After many years Sister Gifter heard it all and from all, having enough she decided to lure in UE's criminals with Class coins to secretly record confessions so when the time is right she can let go of her guilt.


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                      Re: Create an lt contest

                      Eleven: Is an understudy to Six. A top tier Mercenary, who hails from the jungle rot of South Americas deadliest Cartel.

                      1* 1% chance to defect dmg to attacker and whole row
                      9* 5% chance to deflect dmg to attacker and whole row

                      So basically think of Deflect that Bullrushes an attacker

                      Kevlar vest: (stack 3times, works with Tusk, Six, Eleven 1% chance to deflect dmg

                      Kevlar helmet: 8 Stam to Eleven

                      Grease gun: 5 energy to Eleven


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                        Re: Create an lt contest


                        Affiliation: Unaffiliated

                        Rarity: Uncommon

                        Bio: An elite assassin, the ninja without a clan known as NightWind strikes his foes so quickly and stealthily, they can barely see him, let alone gain a clean blow against him.

                        Powers: 1* +4% chance to bypass opponent attacked and cause building damage instead.
                        5* +10% chance to bypass opponent attacked and cause building damage instead.
                        9* +16% chance to bypass opponent attacked and cause building damage instead.

                        Sensor Array Mask: +8 Defense
                        Kevlar Skin Armor: +2% chance to bypass opponent attacked and cause building damage instead
                        Nightwind Swords: +8 Attack


                        Affiliation: Street

                        Rarity: Uncommon

                        Description: Formerly a Delta sniper, Barrett was used in a suicide mission by U.S. politicians and left for dead. Oblivious to them, he returned to repay all those that send the young to die for their greed. Popping lesser officials from distances too far for them to conceive, his identity remains concealed.

                        Powers: 1* 1% of attack in EvE inflicting double base damage.
                        5* 5% of attack in EvE inflicting double base damage.
                        9* 10% of attack in EvE inflicting double base damage.

                        Suppressed Rifle: +8 Attack
                        Anonymous Tac Gear: +2% Lt Attack
                        Thermal Sight’s: +8 Attack


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                          Re: Create an lt contest

                          Valerie Vanderbilt
                          A baby sister to Victoria, whom against their families best interest, has decided to find her place in the Underworld as a "Consultant". What she lacks in physical ability is graciously overlooked, as her consulting skills are most sought after by all Bosses. Her only hang up is she demands a full time seat for her services.

                          Gives 1-9 Stat point re-allocation per level up

                          STAR- Sp re-allocation
                          1* 1
                          2* 3
                          3* 3
                          4* 4
                          5* 5
                          6* 6
                          7* 7
                          8* 8
                          9* 9

                          *Note* Sp re-allocation will not procreate unless Valerie is seated for 75% or more of required xp to level.

                          Gear could be to up her att/def as she is rather weak physically.

                          Avatar looks similar to Victoria with glasses and a bell bottomed pant suit.


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                            Re: Create an lt contest

                            The Bompton Brawler

                            An ex gang member who use to be a professional boxer. Mad with power and fame his skills and strength made him feared by many opponents. Till he refused to throw away a fight for Enzo and challenged the mafia. Now is forced to retire and only street fights back in the streets where he first started in.

                            Ability: x% chance to block 50% damage and reflect the other 50% back


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                              Re: Create an lt contest


                              Affiliation: None

                              Story: Born into one of the 4 families that control UE's crime factions. Her father was leader of Chicago's crime syndicate, while the mother was believed to be the daughter of a Shaman priest. ShapeShifter desiring not to be involved in the family business left home years ago. However after learning her father was killed, and not knowing which crime family killed him, she vowed to seek revenge and create war between all the families.

                              Powers: A first of its kind in the Underworld empire realm. ShapeShifter allows the user to "click/choose" the class that is to be used during EVE allowing for a Lt that is useful to all classes.

                              Choose Demo: Adds to the bldg damage done

                              Choose Enforcer: Adds to the defensive power

                              Choose Assassin: Adds to Decap range

                              Choose Sniper: Adds to critical hit rate

                              Her durability and threshold for pain are extremely high, being only susceptible to poison and plague, although decapitation works too. Like all ShapeShifters, she likely can be killed easily by the Colt gun, since this gun can kill almost anything.
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                                Re: Create an lt contest


                                Affiliation:work for The Baron

                                Story: Gladiator is discovered by a adventure team in jungle, treated as the representation of ancient spirit inside their tribe. The only reason he/she leave the tribe is because the spirit told so. It is just a tool recieving orders from the spirit world, the only reason it is "undercontrol" by The Baron is the clean-up crew after the chaos it caused.

                                Powers: (EVE only) (switch target will start over)
                                1*:spend 20 tokens on a enemy target will generate 1 token
                                5*:spend 12 tokens on a enemy target will generate 1 token
                                9*:spend 8 tokens on a enemy target will generate 1 token


                                Affiliation:enemy of Reaper and The Mafia

                                Story:Asura's city is destoryed by the war between the Mafia and Reaper, everyone he knows are killed by crossfire in the war. The Mafia used its political influence to cover up this disaster, so bearly nobody knows... except Asura.

                                Powers: Revenge for the dead!
                                1*:add 0.25%*X chance deflect both attacking and being attacked. X= each ally killed in the building defensive slot/boss fight
                                1*:add 1%*X chance deflect both attacking and being attacked. X= each ally killed in the building defensive slot/boss fight
                                1*:add 1.75%*X chance deflect both attacking and being attacked. X= each ally killed in the building defensive slot/boss fight