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Gunslinger Lt Math

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    Re: Gunslinger Lt Math

    Originally posted by PerpleX View Post
    Well as for the unsuccessful attempts at generating the extra tokens, that would most likely be either variance or an error in the programming. I have seen multiple glitches reported with him, so it is reasonable to say that he has some bugs.
    So finaly how he is supposed to be working? You need to have him seated whole EvE to get those additional tokens? Because i was pretty sure i can switch between circles to shorten time between token regenerating. But i saw on the other thread that he may not be working correct so i decided to check it.

    Today during EvE i switched circles for one with gunslinger (3 star boosted by 7 star Envy) and i didn't hit for some time. Just after 7th token appeared i have swtiched to circle without Gunslinger and refreshed EvE. Suddenly number of my tokens has changed to 6 and time remaining to another token showed 35 seconds! So i have lost everything i gained with gunslinger.


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      Re: Gunslinger Lt Math

      Just seat him before eve starts. Join up then switch him out. It is working for me. Got 4 bonus starting tokens for the past few wars consistently now. But for the timer bonus he needs to be equipped all the time in war.


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        Re: Gunslinger Lt Math

        Yep! I have had the bonus 4 tokens in 4 straight wars and not had it in 3 straight wars but still his proc rate is awesome, imo. I badly need to star him up to at least 7*. Very good lt and must have for every UE player to have seated before any EvE battle starts.
        Originally posted by Mist View Post
        Just seat him before eve starts. Join up then switch him out. It is working for me. Got 4 bonus starting tokens for the past few wars consistently now.
        Community suggested lts ( e.g layla ) like this are always great in game.


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          Re: Gunslinger Lt Math

          I have Gunslinger in my health loadout that I use prior to wars. The small chance he procs 4 extra tokens to start a war is good enough for me. He is the only non-health based LT in that lineup but is equipped with health insignias. I've noticed he is proccing more than before but that could be just RNG


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            Re: Gunslinger Lt Math

            Originally posted by Mist View Post
            Just seat him before eve starts. Join up then switch him out. It is working for me. Got 4 bonus starting tokens for the past few wars consistently now. But for the timer bonus he needs to be equipped all the time in war.
            Thx for tip but i do that all the time since I got him ;-) I just needed a confirmation if the timer bonus works without him seated all the time. Guess not then. But I could swear that it wasn't like that at the beginning. Anyway thx for reply!


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              Re: Gunslinger Lt Math

              Question: let's say you're late to a war and had the wrong loadout (one without Gunslinger) selected when the war started. You make sure to swap to the correct loadout before clicking "join war". Does he still have a chance to proc the extra 4 tokens? I know health is determined by which loadout you have active when the war actually begins, so I wasn't sure whether or not Gunslinger's power would be determined then as well.

              It hasn't been a big deal for me so far because Gunslinger is in my default utility/regen loadout (which also happens to be my EvE starting HP loadout - I don't PVP much at all which means I can keep it active at all times without really caring about being weaker). But I was thinking of swapping to a dedicated loadout for EvE starting health. I just know that setting alarms for a few minutes before war begins to switch loadouts is going to be annoying, though.


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                Re: Gunslinger Lt Math

                I have noticed that he only triggers if he is seated before the war starts. From the day I figured that out, he triggers the extra 4 tokens every 3-4 wars


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                  Re: Gunslinger Lt Math

                  Originally posted by Pan_Man View Post
                  I think your calculations are fine but your conclusions are wrong. Correctly you say:

                  1 star=120/[3-(2/60)]=40.45 tokens
                  2 star=120/[3-(3/60)]=40.68 tokens
                  3 star=120/[3-(4/60)]=40.91 tokens
                  4 star=120/[3-(5/60)]=41.14 tokens
                  5 star=120/[3-(6/60)]=41.38 tokens
                  6 star=120/[3-(7/60)]=41.62 tokens
                  7 star=120/[3-(8/60)]=41.86 tokens
                  8 star=120/[3-(9/60)]=42.11 tokens
                  9 star=120/[3-(10/60)]=42.35 tokens

                  but wrongly conclude:

                  1 star=40.45 tokens=0 tokens
                  2 star=40.68 tokens=0 tokens
                  3 star=40.91 tokens=0 tokens
                  4 star=41.14 tokens=1 token
                  5 star=41.38 tokens=1 token
                  6 star=41.62 tokens=1 token
                  7 star=41.86 tokens=1 token
                  8 star=42.11 tokens=2 tokens
                  9 star=42.35 tokens=2 tokens

                  40.45 tokens do not mean 40 tokens, it means 41 tokens. My point is that on a 120 min war with 3 min tokens players without Gunslinger get exactly 40 tokens because the token clock ends exactly the same second as when the war ends. So what does 40.45 tokens mean? It means that 1-3 star Gunslinger gets a his 40th token and the war does not end exactly the same second as the token clocks ends. He gets a few more seconds thus a 41th token.

                  So 1-3 star 1 extra token
                  4-7 star 2 extra tokens
                  8-9 star 3 extra tokens.

                  I have a 4* gunslinger and I'm glad I do!
                  You are pointing out a technicality in sums, but my differences are correct. Because you have to round, and you compare this to how many tokens you would have generated anyways, the differences stay the same weather or not you want to add one to all values.


                  • #39
                    Re: Gunslinger Lt Math

                    Originally posted by Blindaxs View Post
                    He just keeps getting worse for me.. Having had him seated for 40mins (mind u I did get the 4 tokens finally after 8 wars @6* with 6* Envy) I switched off just long enough to use adren rush and went from 27 down to 25 tokens.. So any tokens you have built seem to magically disappear if you switch him off?!? What is that?! At very least we should get to keep a token if we earned it having him seated as the description implies.
                    Duke is this the intended behavior?


                    • #40
                      Re: Gunslinger Lt Math

                      Originally posted by lll View Post
                      good job! Very useful and clarifying! Thank you!

                      Now i wonder if you add envy (or another "cloning" lt), you have a chance to get 4 tokens from gunslinger and another 4 tokens from envy? (with far less probability of course...)
                      or will just improve gunslinger's chances to give 4 tokens?...
                      i use both gunslinger 5* and envy 5* before war and never seen more than 4 givin, i get bonus often though :-)


                      • #41
                        Re: Gunslinger Lt Math

                        I've spent some time on this, as well. I have Gunslinger to 9* and use him in my health loadout (very useful, since he's Mafia and with the mafia insignia, boosts Consigliere). I used to back up my health loadout with Viper before putting Yugo in, and he may have proc'd the 4 extra tokens slightly more often, but not that I notice since removing Viper. Viper did help the token timer a bit more--think I had 2:48 tokens as opposed to 2:50, but I never stayed on my health lineup anyhow.

                        What I would notice, switching lineups around during battles between one with Gunslinger and one without, that you can switch and switch back and not have it affect the timer, as long as you don't actually hit the refresh button or perform an action, even like moving in or out of a building. So that's useless-ish. If I've just leveled and have to burn off some energy and stamina, I can switch to a jobs lineup without him, do the jobs, switch back to my loadout with Gunslinger, and my timer is still as though I hadn't switched. But I was of course not in EvE when I did that.

                        During EvE, if I would switch him out and hit refresh, my timer would sync back to the normal 3:00 timer that everyone else was on. I would also lose tokens, potentially. If I switched him out, refreshed, then switched him back in and refreshed, my timer would go back to where it was, except it would be 10 seconds behind where it otherwise would have been, had I not switched him out. And actually I've regained tokens doing so, although at this point I never actually do that, so my memory might be a little rusty.

                        Anyway. So each of my tokens gains 10 seconds on the regular timer. Having a timer that is off from the regular timer is actually quite useful for sneak attacks and catching healers off guard. Hard to quantify that value, but there certainly is some value from it.

                        My last token arrives at 2:00 to go in the battle. Starting the timer at 121:00, with 0 tokens, yields:

                        121:00 0
                        118:10 1
                        115:20 2
                        112:30 3
                        109:40 4
                        106:50 5
                        104:00 6
                        101:10 7
                        98:20 8
                        95:30 9
                        92:40 10
                        89:50 11
                        87:00 12
                        84:10 13
                        81:20 14
                        78:30 15
                        75:40 16
                        72:50 17
                        70:00 18
                        67:10 19
                        64:20 20
                        61:30 21
                        58:40 22
                        55:50 23
                        53:00 24
                        50:10 25
                        47:20 26
                        44:30 27
                        41:40 28
                        38:50 29
                        36:00 30
                        33:10 31
                        30:20 32
                        27:30 33
                        24:40 34
                        21:50 35
                        19:00 36
                        16:10 37
                        13:20 38
                        10:30 39
                        7:40 40
                        4:50 41
                        2:00 42

                        So that's 42 tokens gained from the timer instead of 40. I use 9* Layla and have her backed up by 4* Lady Vice, so as a ghost, I can see battle points over 8000, although I'm usually around 7500 battle points each battle. I'd rather back up Layla than Gunslinger. She's awesome and to my mind should be in every EvE lineup if you've got her to 9*. (Also note with 3:00 timer, you're getting your 40th token at 1:00 left).

                        Sorry for my long post! It grew on me as I started typing more and more.