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[FORUM EVENT]: Fan fiction contest!!

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  • [FORUM EVENT]: Fan fiction contest!!



    1) Three rounds.

    2) Each round will be 5 days for story submission.

    3) 2 days after that to select top 9 stories. Via forum vote. This will continue till round 3 via elimination for top 3 winners.

    Rules for stories

    1) Fan Fiction that is within the realm of the cannon UE universe. Limited to 250 Words Max, 150 Min. Round 1

    2) Same as above but has to be within the realm of your original story still set in the UE universe with a cliffhanger Ending if possible. Limited to 300 Words Max, 150 Min. Round 2

    3) Finish off your story line within the same UE universe but with a twist ending(!) or final ending. Limit it to 500 max 200 Min. Round 3

    4) Stories must be pg-13 and within forum TOS.

    Contest prizes

    1st Round
    1st Prize: 1 Stamina Refill + 1 Energy Refill, + 3 Scratchers
    2nd Prize: 1 Stamina Refill + 2 Scratchers
    3rd Prize: 1 Stamina Refill + 1 Scratcher

    Second Round
    1st Prize: 2 Stamina Refills + 2 Energy Refills
    2nd Prize: 2 Stamina Refills + 1 Energy Refills
    3rd Prize: 1 Stamina Refill + 1 Energy Refills

    Final Round
    1st Prize: 4 Stamina Refills + 1 Crate Roll
    2nd Prize: 3 Stamina Refill + 20 FP
    3rd Prize: 2 Stamina Refill + 10 FP

    First round starts 11th may. Ends 15th may.

    Second round starts 18th may ends 22nd may.
    (First round top 5 players continue stories. Eliminated story will be deleted.)

    Final round starts 25th may ends 29th may

    Bring it on!!

    Ps: this thread is only for submissions no other comments. There is another thread for that. Good luck all.
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    Re: Fan fiction contest!!

    The Black Knight

    It is said that in this small village, in a remote corner of France, there is a curse.
    Every month once, at the stroke of midnight, a person is found dead. Head cut. The body slashed. Only clue to the killer is the sign of a black knight. Once marked no one has ever escaped.

    Jake laughed at his friend chip's story as they entered the beautiful small village. Jake and his friend had been assigned to come here looking for a mysterious relic. They were part of a special ops unit of the secret society. An organization dedicated to eradication of corrupt individuals and organizations. The mafia families, the cartel and the syndicate as top targets.

    This particular mission had been directly assigned to them by Tigress herself. One does not refuse her ever.

    The village was a small one with twenty to thirty odd houses all old Classic Victorian style, a bar and a few stores for groceries etc. There was a small car repair shop and the police station towards the entrance to the village . The hotel was in the middle of the small village a small two story building made of white marble with a roman look. The building from the inside was decorated in a very opulent fashion with a classic grand staircase winding up to the first floor. There was a big mahogany reception counter with a person setting behind it. The manager smiled at them as they approached " hello! I am Karl and you must be our two guests. We have been expecting you. Please follow me and I will show you to your rooms."

    To be continued....
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      Re: Fan fiction contest!!

      Underworld Empire Story: Rise of Godric

      After a 6yr-sentence Godric a ex-LT for Vick, is finally being released from prison. Godric was sold-out by Vick and spent everyday of his sentence thinking about how to get revenge. But Godric knew he would need some firepower.

      So Godric decided to take a visit down to his old neighborhood the Slums to see if he could find himself some work. When he arrived he was astonished, the Slums that he once knew no longer existed. Most of the buildings were abandoned, the old slums where Godric ran his crew were gone. Godric couldn't believe his eyes, his old territory was now a forgotten dump.

      While in search of any signs of his old crew, Godric heard some commotion coming from a nearby alley.

      ???: "Get off of me!!!"

      So Godric sprinted towards the voice in the alley and upon his arrival he see's a girl tussling with a hooded-man. Godric's presence catches the attention of both the girl and the hooded man, during the lapse of attention the hooded figure snatches the purse of the girl and flees.

      Godric goes to see if the girl is all right, and ask her what's happened to the Slums. She says that a local gang called Skull Gang has taken over area and ran the place down.

      The girl then walks off and states she is going after the man who robbed her.

      Godric: "Is that man apart of The Skull Gang?"
      Girl: "Yea that was a street thug named AK"
      Godric: "Count me in then!"
      Girl: "You wanna make a name for yourself huh? Come with me."
      Godric: "But wait! Who are you?"
      Girl: "I'm Sara.."

      To be continued...
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        Re: Fan fiction contest!!

        Writer’s note: I’m pretty rusty since I haven’t written in too long, so don’t have too many expectations! *laughs* I haven’t been on forums in a really long time and some of you may remember the Itsuki point-of-view stories previously on forums. This is written in her perspective. Enjoy! (Also, I just made 249 words. Sweet.)


        Blood and dirt stained the corners of my boots as I pulled myself up from the concrete. Narrowly avoiding the nuclear strike, my building now a pile of rubble and concrete. A cold chill settled in the air and the strong smell of smoke wafted eerily through the narrow passageway I was crouched in.

        The alleyway isn’t the same one I remembered when I left. And neither is the body that I’m in. Instead of the long black hair and dynamite I’m used to, a much leaner set of enforced leather encases my skin, the black and pink hair I now have braided neatly.

        Surveying my surroundings, I notice Sin crouching defensively in a corner. She seems unperturbed by the strike as she guards the armoury, although a look of surprise paints her face as she notices me.

        “Hey, you’re back!”

        “Well, I couldn’t leave you in this god-forsaken place for too long, could I?”

        She gives a wry smile. Shaking her head, she gestures for me to follow her into the building.

        “You wouldn’t believe what can change in a year-” she starts, as I look around. Nearly everything I knew about the territory I was in looked different.

        Red lights count down the final minutes of the war.

        20… 19… 18…

        After a year of silence and peace, this is what I return to.

        War and ash.

        Turning to Sin, I grin.

        “Trust me, I think I can.”

        I guess you can never leave the underworld.
        Itsuki Kurosagi, pleased to meet you.
        My army code is 498429.
        "To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life." - Walter Mitty


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          Re: Fan fiction contest!!

          At the sound of Siri’s voice, we spun around in shock. Despite the hoarse warnings from a beaten Frank, you step forward threateningly. She snaps her fingers and the lights go out and chaos explodes into the room. The windows shatter inwards and muzzle blasts illuminate everything disjointedly in a strobed patchwork of snapshots. You watch in shock as your men and Frank’s are cut down. Suddenly a hand pulls you down under some cover. You can only gape at your unexpected savior then watch them scurry off into the darkness towards Frank.

          And just as quickly as it started, it’s over. The overhead lights flicker back on begrudgingly and you carefully stand up in the kill zone. You stand very, very still on account of the laser targeting dots covering you.

          Siri starts clapping slowly. “I’m glad to see we didn’t underestimate you.”

          “Where is Sara?” you demand.

          “The girl has been called away on other business. If you’d like to see her alive again, you will have to follow our orders exactly. Now that your little revenge story is over you can be put to better use. Get in the car outside and go!”

          Roughly pushed and shoved through the exit, you enter the waiting limousine, which speeds away. Your blood runs cold when you realize that the driver is another familiar face but not as welcome as your friend from earlier.

          The driver watches you grimly as the limo fades into the night.
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            Re: Fan fiction contest!!

            I wake up to the sounds of gunshots. I look around still dazed and in complete confusion to what’s going on. I look and I see my comrades Fox and Muerte firing shots at what looks like an old gas station. I see my El Aguila across the room. I peak my head over the car we are hiding behind and see Alpha and his skull gang shooting at us.

            As i think to myself i realize that we came here to get the slums back. In a desperate attempt i tell Muerte cover my back. I run over and dive towards my pistol. Muerte is taking out the gang members one at a time. I grab my El Aguila turn around and place one shot into Alpha's chest. He falls.

            All of the sudden all of the gang members are gunned down. I hear a ringing coming from my back pocket. It’s an unknown caller.

            I answer, "Who is this?"
            In a deep and dark tone he says “This is King, I have a job for you. First i need you to finish your work with Alpha, then come to Westside."
            Startled i reply “Why? What do you need me for?"
            “I need you to meet with a friend of mine, The Dragon Lord is what he is known by, pick him up and go to find Enzo. He stole something of mine and i need it back. You have 24 hours or Sara dies."

            The phone goes silent.


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              Re: [FORUM EVENT]: Fan fiction contest!!

              Underworld Empire Story: Rise of Godric pt.2

              Picking up where we left off, Godric & Sara are out a revenge fueled mission to find AK. The two make a stop at a gun-shop disguised as a pawn-shop. So now armed up and ready, Sara and Godric ride out to go find AK. They arrive outside this boarded up house.

              Godric: "This is it!? This place looks empty."
              Sara: "Don't let the boards fool you, would an empty house have cameras."

              Sara points to numerous cameras on the outside of the house keeping surveillance.

              Sara: "AK will be holed up in here with his lackeys. Follow my lead and don't get yourself killed..."

              Sara pulls out a semi-automatic G19-Pistol, then grabs one side of the board covering the front entrance. Godric grabs the other side. The two rip the board off the front entrance and Sara charges in quick! Before Godric can even enter the building, gun shots are already ringing off. Godric charges in and the gun fight is on. Two-men are already lying dead on the floor, 3 other thugs are firing across the room where Sara is taking cover behind a couch firing back. Godric fires off a shot, dropping one of the thugs. The fire fight heats up, Godric and Sara become pinned down from the heavy fire of the thugs. Sara then rips off her mirror locket and sticks it out from the corner of the couch, and inside of it she could she the remaining thugs. She then turns to Godric, and he nods his head, then together they both pop out of cover and drop the remaining two thugs.

              Sara: "AK is still in here somewhere, fan out!"

              The two spread out as they look for AK. Sara makes her way to the dining-room, as she creeps through she hears a floor board squeak and as she turns around, out pops AK from behind a flipped table. He has his infamous Street-AK and begins firing at Sara!

              AK: "Bam Bam, Brotha!"

              To be continued...
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                Re: [FORUM EVENT]: Fan fiction contest!!

                “Officer Mike?”

                The limo swerves harshly off the road, tumbling you to the floor. He stalks outside then throws open the door and drags you out. He starts kicking and punching you while you are on the ground. You awkwardly push him off and stagger to your feet.

                Wiping blood off your face, you can only gasp, “What happened to you?”

                Incoherent with rage at first, he finally calms down enough to speak.

                “It’s Agent Michael to you, you little piece of crap. You ruined my last operation and I’m not about to let you wreck this one. I was on loan to the local PD anti-gang task force when you steamrolled Duke. Now Internal Affairs is crawling all over him and the Skulls are expanding unchecked.

                “I’m under deep cover right now, investigating your new employers. And shut up, I don’t want to hear it. They own you now and it’s bad, you have no idea how bad this will get. I’ve seen them in action before. My partner and best friend went undercover in Vegas. One day, people started complaining and getting suspicious. Next day, a new illusionist replaced him on stage and no one ever questioned it. No one except his wife and children who I had to explain were widowed and fatherless.

                “I’m not sure what you think will happen next. Probably that you’ll do some jobs for them, eventually do enough favors to save Sara and earn your freedom? The problem is that this was never about you. They never wanted you. They want your little friend back there who saved you. They’ll string you along just long enough and then give you a choice between him or Sara.

                “It’s the same choice they gave Frank years ago between his pregnant wife and your father…”
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                  Re: [FORUM EVENT]: Fan fiction contest!!

                  Chapter 2.

                  Writer's note: 300 words is a real pain to try to stick to. It's hard to keep things short and open ended at the same time. In other news, enjoy! I personally love this chapter. Things get more exciting.

                  It's a darker world out there and they don't mend broken bones like they used to. Sin was right- much had changed.

                  Still, the underworld now tread on an uneasy peace, the empires only fighting on a sub-level.

                  In other words?

                  Espionage and Intel gathering.

                  Sin keeps the briefing short- "We used to score information until our agents started coming up cold. Find out why. Your first stop is Diablo's."

                  Honestly, breaking (or sneaking) into Diablo industries was a piece of cake.

                  I reach the office computer and jam the hard drive in, starting the download immediately while I take in my surroundings. I'm on the highest level of the building, encased by glass.

                  Sheathed to my belt is a black spray can and I contemplate leaving some graffiti for Diablo to find, although that would definitely take away the whole spy and secrecy thing which would mean a pay cut. Still, it would be a great way to annoy the old man.

                  Discreetly, the sliding doors breeze open silently and I feel a cold chill up my spine. No one was scheduled to be here.

                  I turn and come face to face with... Rocket?

                  I cuss angrily and stuff the drive down the front of my shirt, addressing the lovely lady now aiming a rocket in my face.

                  "Hey kid. This is between me and Diablo and it ain't your faction. So leave off and there won't be trouble."

                  She smirks.

                  "Well, Diablo hired me to do some pest extermination."

                  Her voice is rough and mellow, but a tinge of excitement lights her tone and there's only two real things I can think of at the moment: don't die, and get sin to triple the payment on this assignment if I survive this.
                  Itsuki Kurosagi, pleased to meet you.
                  My army code is 498429.
                  "To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life." - Walter Mitty


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                    Re: [FORUM EVENT]: Fan fiction contest!!

                    Part Two

                    I put the phone back in my pocket. Fox and Muerte run over and ask what happened. I tell them that King needs me to get something Enzo stole from him and to meet up with the Dragon Lord.

                    We rush to midtown and head to the nearest fight club. We walk in the club and all you can see is business men dressed in the most luxurious suits and jewelry. In the center of the room is a ring where a man wielding a sword is slaying opponents. People are shouting their bets across the room on the man. He is a tall and dark looking man, he has black spiked up hair in a messy fashion. His eyes show no fear and he gives off the presence of a demon. Three more men jump in the ring and are instantaneously dropped to the ground. Blood gushing from their torn stomachs. In the corner of the room a man pulls out a gun and aims it at the man. Before anyone can stop him the black haired man throws his sword across the room and slices right through the man's chest.

                    I decide that if anyone knows the Dragon Lord he would be the one to ask. I walk up to him and ask if he knows who the Dragon Lord is?

                    He pulls the sword out of the man who tried to shot him and grabs me and throws me up against the wall and pulls the sword to my throat. Fox sees this and rushs over but before she reaches me a gun goes off and strikes her right in the kidney. Muerte off to the right is held a gunpoint by two men.
                    "I'm the Dragon Lord, now who are you and your friends?"
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                      Re: [FORUM EVENT]: Fan fiction contest!!

                      The black knight part two....

                      After freshening up they both decided to walk around the village and get a look around to get a clue to the location of the relic. Before they could exit the hotel the manger appeared behind them and said " dinner will be at 8pm" Then he walked away. jake sheathed the small knife back in his arm sheath. "I almost killed him" he turned towards chip but his friend was already walking towards the bar with a silly grin on his face. Jake could see two beautiful girls sitting at the window seats in the bar.

                      Jake awoke with a start. He was covered in sweat and his heart was hammering in his chest. He could not remember the last few hours. He looked at his watch it was 12:15am. His stomach started grumbling loudly. He had missed dinner it seems he thought and decided to go to chip's room and see if he had saved him some food.

                      Upon reaching his friend's room he reach out to knock on the door and stopped. There was a small drawing of a black horse made on it. It looked like a black knight piece from a chess board. He knocked on the door. But as soon as he touched the door it swung open slowly with a small creaking sound. The room was a wreck. The mattress was shredded to pieces, the lights were flickering on and off slowly like a dying heart beat. The feeling of cold dread returned full force and his spine was like ice. After taking a few seconds to calm down he head water running in the bathroom. Jake walked towards the bathroom calling out his friend name.

                      The bathroom was full of steam and jake could barely make out a form in the shower stall. He walked up to it and opened the shower door intending to get some answers and also that chip was going to be the one paying for the damages and not jake. The body that fell out was covered with bloody slashes and missing its head.....
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                        Re: [FORUM EVENT]: Fan fiction contest!!

                        Underworld Empire Story: Rise of Godric pt.3

                        Picking up where we last left off, Sara is in a standoff with AK, looking down the barrel of his AK.

                        AK's AK roars loudly as he shoots, but Sara quickly jumps and rolls out of the way. She rises up, and lines her sights up to his head. AK pauses as he looks down the barrel of Sara's pistol. Sara pulls the trigger!....NOTHING! The gun was jammed! and AK noticed!

                        AK: "Oh how the tables turned! I wonder how much I could get for the daughter of Vick? $10 million? $20 million?"

                        AK then proceeded to creep up towards Sara with his rifle aimed right at her. Sara dropped her gun and raised her hands as she knew she was out of options from there on. AK continued on ranting about how he was going to kidnap her and sell her back to her family. But then Godric came creeping from around the kitchen corner behind AK. Sara cracked a smile and winked, AK was confused by her reaction and wondered what she was smiling at, so as he turned his head to look behind him... BANG BANG! Two to the head and AK drops.

                        Sara is relieved that Godric saved her life and she is smiling, obviously happy that it was AK dropping to the floor and not her. But Godric's face had a different expression. He had a smug look on his face and he still had his gun raised but this time towards Sara!

                        Sara: "Hey whats your problem!? Put that thing down!"
                        Godric: "What was he talking about? Daughter of Vick?"

                        Godric had overheard AK referring to Sara as the daughter of Vick and he wasn't happy at all to find out he's been hanging with the daughter of his worst enemy.

                        Godric: "Take me to you dad, NOW!"

                        Godric kept Sara at gun point and forced her to take him to meet her Dad. Sara took Godric to this huge mansion in the WestSide. She lead Godric inside the mansion down to this gigantic hall and down there standing in the middle of the room was Vick!

                        Vick:" I've been expecting you Godric!"

                        Vick then went on to explain how the entire thing was a set up, Vick knew Godric was set to be released from prison and the Slums would be the first place he visits, so he sent his daughter as bait to lure Godric in. AK was even one of Vick's soldiers it turns out!

                        Vick: "Thanks for killing AK for me, he's been stealing from me for weeks. So this is what you've been waiting on huh? A chance to kill me!? Well bring it on!"

                        Godric charged at Vick and the fight begun. But the fight ended almost as fast as it started. Vick completely decimated Godric, and right before finishing him off he gave him some parting words.

                        Vick: "Don't you get it Godric? You'll never be able to beat me as long as I spend more money than you. You spend more, you win more!"

                        Vick then finished Godric off...The End
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                          Re: [FORUM EVENT]: Fan fiction contest!!

                          Authors Note: Part three, here we go!!

                          Two things happen at once.

                          One, Rocket launches the nuke at point blank. Looking back, if I hadn't been so angry after the incident, I definitely would've called Raven and told her to send Rocket to the loony bin. She could've blown both of us up, target be damned.

                          Two, I do what any sane person would do and duck and cover.

                          Luckily for me, the nuke sails past me and launches through the glass panels and out the building... Causing mass destruction to the building next to us, which happens to collapse on our building.

                          "Why couldn't it have collapsed the other way?!" I gripe in frustration.

                          The flaming building is announcing my death through a shower of sparks and a feeling of deadly heat, so I try the fire escape, slamming my body against the door- only to notice it's been shut from the other end thanks to Rocket, who escaped that way.


                          No more bloody internal monologues allowed if your failed assassins are allowed to escape your notice, Itsuki.

                          There's only one other available exit and that's through the window to the other building... Which is too far away to jump to. Heart pounding wildly, I notice that my building is starting to lean over, towards that undamaged pristine block of concrete.

                          God, I think. This is so dumb it might actually work.

                          I grab several explosives and shove them up the glass setting them to detonate.

                          The red lights flicker.

                          10... 9... 8...

                          Sticking my earphones into my ears in a wild attempt to calm my fluctuating nerves as highway to hell blares loudly.

                          7... 6... 5...

                          Man, this song and situation is like a Molotov cocktail of adrenaline and irony.

                          4... 3... 2...

                          As the detonation breaks through the glass, my legs are pumped full of adrenaline as I pummel through the heat and smoke, my chest pounding so hard I swear I could've gotten a heart attack if not for the will to survive.

                          The music, of course oblivious, continues to blare despite the situation.

                          I'm on the highway to hell-

                          My eyes are squeezed shut as I feel myself hit concrete body first and scramble to get a grip on the ledge I'm on.

                          Holy crap, I'm alive!

                          I break into some poor soul's apartment to get down and still can't believe how close I had come to being a toasted mackerel in the proverbial frying pan.

                          Two blocks away, my bike is still intact in the hiding spot.

                          Gunning the motor back down to the flaming remains and the place of my stupidest and most desperate act in history, I pull the black spray paint can I have out of its holster.

                          And proceed to messily scrawl the words 'ITSUKI WUZ HERE SUCKERZ' all over the street in bold, ensuring that anyone who walked by would and could see it.

                          Smirking, I finally drive off.

                          Sin definitely owed me triple the pay for everything that went down today.
                          Itsuki Kurosagi, pleased to meet you.
                          My army code is 498429.
                          "To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life." - Walter Mitty


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                            Re: [FORUM EVENT]: Fan fiction contest!!

                            Six months later, he was right. You stand on a deserted runway, one-time agent of retribution and their prisoner. Your captive is slouched with a black bag secured over his head and hands cuffed behind his back. As you watch the transport plane bank in for the final turn, you wearily search inside yourself for some shred of regret or last bit of humanity.

                            The next eighteen hours is an unpleasant journey into a menacing third-world heart of darkness. You finally arrive at the extensive dockyard of the island, stopping at the mooring of a private yacht

                            Siri and her entourage debark and cautiously approach, Sara struggling in the arms of two henchmen.

                            “Give me Sara” you call out.

                            Siri smiles a nasty smile as she approaches. “Not yet pet, we’ve got a little business first.” She turns to the hooded man, “So this is the thorn in our side?” and pistol-whips him violently before you can stop her.

                            “Was that really necessary?”

                            “Oh you have no idea”, she responds gleefully, “this little angel has worked his last miracle”, and kicks him. She gestures for a guard to give her a gun. “Time has run out for Godric.”


                            Everyone turns to a sobbing Sara, suddenly hysterical. “Liar, Godric is dead! Victor killed him.”

                            Siri rolls her eyes, “Oh please shut up, of course he survived. Godric’s mysterious abilities are legendary. Not for long though, your friend here is about to trade him for you.”

                            Siri reaches out to yank off the hood.


                            That old titan of crime stares back at her grimly.

                            She turns to you, “What is this? More revenge?”

                            Frank smiles, “Something like that”, and shakes off the fake handcuffs, pulling out 2 hidden pistols. His first round drops Siri and those that follow take out Sara’s guards. All hell breaks loose on the docks as he charges through.

                            As if on cue, police sirens start up and law enforcement swarms in. Everyone is thrown to the ground and restrained. You are no exception but still observe Siri whispering to Agent Michael as she’s loaded onto an ambulance gurney.

                            You are hoisted upright and marched through the crowds. Both of you are silent as you pass through a deserted area and onto a long jetty. The man in riot gear uncuffs you and removes his shielded helmet to reveal Godric’s cheshire smile.

                            6 months of hard work have finally paid off, Sara was rescued and the shadowy elements manipulating the black market have been dealt a blow. Siri and Agent Michael may have believed they pulled your strings but Godric and Frank had helped you manipulate their plans. After infiltrating the taskforce, Godric had even been able to copy most of the intel on Siri’s allies around the world.

                            “I need to go to ground, any suggestions?”

                            Godric shrugs, “Well, I know this joker in Ireland, that girl in Paris and another from Singapore, but we are not going to Detroit…”

                            Your phone begins ringing insistently…
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                              Re: [FORUM EVENT]: Fan fiction contest!!

                              Part 3

                              Screaming obscenities jake back peddled quickly from the body. Taking deep slow breaths he looked around. The shower was filled with blood and his friend's head was laying on the floor.

                              Jake heard a soft whistling sound and ducked as a shining silver blade cut through the mist where his head had been a second ago. He rolled and launched himself out of the bathroom then got to his feet, knife in hand ready to fight. He would avenge his friend. The only thought running through his mind. A tall figure appeared out of the mist from the bathroom door. Covered all in black armor carrying a double edged broad sword in one hand and his friend's head in the other. "No way was his knife getting through that" he thought. Then ran to his room with the knight perusing him. He quickly closed the door behind him and pulled out twin automatic pistoles and aimed at the door. As soon as he heard the first crash against it he unloaded both clips. After waiting for a few minutes he opened the door. There was nothing there.

                              "I need to get out and get help" he thought to himself as he ran towards the staircase. Reaching the bottom of the staircase he slowed down. The soft lighting was the only illumination and any of the dark areas could be hiding the enemy. Making his way towards the main doors he shot open the lock and ran towards his parked car. As he pulled out his keys and started the car, he heard the sound of hoof beats from behind him. Like death itself the knight was bearing down on him riding a night black stallion with blazing red eyes. Swearing loudly jake drove as fast as he could but some how the horse and it's riddler were closing the distance. The main road was close if only he could make it off the small road he could get away faster. He was almost at the boundary of the town only a little more and we would be free. Looking in the mirror he saw that the rider had vanished. Heaving a sigh of relief he drove the car home like a bat out of hell.

                              Within a few hours he had reached the branch office of the secret society and he sent the report of chip's death and the bizarre encounter even to his superiors. The superiors had heard his story with disbelief and had said that they would send a team to recover the body. Deciding to get cleaned up he went into the guest room and took a shower. The next day the cleaning crew found his body covered in cuts and headless.

                              Sitting behind his desk Karl gave a small satisfied smile as he looked down at the two small packages. Yes the project was successful. The king will be very pleased.

                              The end.