We have a select few really good actives & have great progress on our donations to make our buildings, faster, better, stronger & longer (qouting a song) & I am a chatterbox, so there is always intersting conversations going on in the Empire chatroom. I also made a group here in the forums for the Empire. We are trying everything we can to build this Empire up & we seriously need your help!!!!

There is an open position for an underboss & two officer positions available!!!! NEED TO FILL THEM ASAP!!!

So, with all that said... I'll give you some of the low down on ✨OneNation✨...

Gold League: Current Rank: #330
Current Members: 36
HQ Lv3 Donations, Lv2 Combat Training, Lv2 Building Health, Lv2 Extortion
Armory Lv3 Building Health, Lv2 Action Recharge (Current donation, 3/4 to Lv3)
Hospital Lv2, Lv3 Building Health
Sniper Tower Lv2, Lv3 Building Health
Safehouses Lv2, Lv3 Building Health, Lv2 Defender Slots
Warehouses N/A