Hey there UE forum users~ If you're looking for a great empire with marvelous people, look no further~ Though we may not be a top legend empire, we have just as much team spirit and always help each other out~ We currently war 4 times a day and are in the Legend/Diamond range~ The only requirements are to attend at least 2 out of 4 battles a day, donate daily ($750,000/day), and have fun~ We have a Level 4 HQ and will be able to have a 3.5 minutes/token regeneration rate in a few days~ My ally code is 9034E4, and please feel free to chat me with any questions~ Level and rank is not a problem (Anyone of any level or rank can join), as long as you are active and can work well with others~ We are one, we are together, and we are Outlaws~ Check us out~ :>