Tactical squad are recruiting!!

Anyone looking for an empire to join? Any level to be honest as long as you engage in chat and at least 2/3 wars per day!! We've come a long way and have a number of at least 15 loyal, daily active members from level 180 - 235. We welcome players around the same level. Lower levels are welcome and we would be honoured to give you our experience and knowledge to guide you through the game as long as your active!
We aren't afraid to kick non active members to make space for keen active members.
If your level is massively high and call yourself a free agent, please don't join for the sake of it, please hang about for while and share your experience!!

We got the usual upgrades,!!!
Faster regen tokens!
Building health upgrades!
Daily income and all that!
nothing massively exciting YET!!! Looking to make friends and look forward to hearing your war strategies and empire layouts!!

Find us @ Tactical squad! Message Cokeley, mike or the spurious

Thanks for reading, please feel free to post us tips and feedback about recruiting, or anything you think we need to know to take our empire further!