Are there any empires based in South Africa?
Are there any empires with South African players?
I am looking for South African Empire with between 30-80 actives.
Summon and kill a lot of Phoenix Resurrection bosses: Sara pieces, Copperhead killer pieces.
Summon and kill a lot of Cataclysm bosses: Legend Baron passports and Armageddon suit pieces.
Summon and kill a lot of Dragon Core bosses: Dragon Fang pieces.

I am lvl 815+
LSI player.
Heavy weapons with lvl 3 flamethrower, lvl 3 Dynamite, lvl 3 booby trap and lvl 3 demolition.
I will suicide if you want me too!
I can only join 3 wars per day, fall asleep during fourth war.
I am currently between jobs and I don't talk much.
If I don't say hi or goodbye don't take it personnel.
One last thing I don't like 20 questions nothing much too tell.
I can't upgrade any further because I don't use heavy weapons when fighting bosses.