Hey people of UE!

Experienced player looking to build a Awesome Empire that is competitive in wars and will win majority.
Requirements are donations daily.
Min lvl 50.
Must be Active in at least 1-2 wars daily to start off with.
4 wars will be on Daily for max C.C and C.X.P.
This is a recruitment but players will be treated with high respect and ranking because we will be evolving the empire as a team.
There is many chat options open for the empire to communicate with one another.
Empire is currently on 0W0L and aiming for most definitely wins over losses.
Training and support will be provided if players in empire need help in any form Eg: Wars/Bosses/General Play.
Looking forward to a lot of players replying to this thread also my profile details are below if you wish to PM me in game.
Thank you.

Kind Regards,

In Game Name: ExtremeBalls
Empire: Loaded Guns
Ally Code: F72027