3025 and the world as we know it is altered beyond belief. Zeta1 the continent formerly known as “The United Statesâ€‌ is under great upheaval and ciaos following the cyber meltdown in the late twenty-second century.

This all started harmlessly, when a fifteen year old kid named Michael Alstead also known as “M.A.â€‌ tried to figure out a way to reduce the amount of human labor required to perform everyday task. Michael wasn’t popular during his school years. Yet, there was always one person looking out for him. This was his teacher Hector Miguel.

Michael had a crush of one particular girl in school. Her name was Patricia but everyone called her, “Patch.â€‌ Reason being, she always knew how to repair items around the house. One day between classes Michael ask Hector, “Mr. Miguel, How do I go about impressing someone who doesn’t know I exist?â€‌ Hector responds back, “It’s simple M.A. just do something amazing for them!â€‌

That quote would convince M.A. to start on a brand new type of artificial intelligence. Better known as Project Chromium!

To Be Continued..