Hello, developers and readers!

I just came up with a idea about new event!

Special event job area show up

Event rules:

Finish 5 stars job then fight the boss individually.

There's bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond and legend 5 stars jobs.
Each tier, you have to fight the boss individually to unlock new level/tier
So both energy and stamina will be used, which is more fun and fair. :-)

I hope you all are interested and agree in/with this idea so our dream will become true!

Any comments and suggestion will be appreciated

(Sorry my engrish)


Maybe bronze, silver etc... is too few tiers then level tiers will do, for example level 1-100, unlimited is better because no one knows how far will people reach there

Jobs/Boss should be harder after every level/tier

Boss rules added.

Boss is not same as the others, Boss can't flee and you have to beat this boss individually. So boss should be balanced to one person.