There probably have been some threads about this already. But I think the EvE matchmaking should be improved. My empire is gold/platinum/diamond. The first 100 wars this season it just was win: back in diamond/high platinum. So next war will be a loss. Then we lose: back in gold/low platinum. So that's a win. This kept repeating. It's a bit more stable now but still... The game seems to look at the last war: if it's a win, you go up 500 places. If it's a loss, you go down 500 places. This way your rank kind of means nothing. There probably are at least 100 empires below your rank that will beat you 10/10 times if you had 10 matches against them. I think when winning/losing an empire should go up/down around 5 (depends on the war score) places. this way an empire might be ranked 350-370 instead of diamond-gold. This way your rank also means something. You know that if your empire is ranked 355 platinum atm, an empire ranked 137 in diamond will beat you. This also means you get matched against empires 25 places above/below you. This is how it is for me in the tiers below legend. Maybe there are legend/diamond empires which have the same problem. also the game should look not at the last match mostly, but at the last 20 wars to define what an empire is ranked. When you get an armory upgrade, a new strong player or a lot of new players join. This is how I think about the matchmaking. I would like to hear what you guys think about it, especially if your empire is also ranked in gold or platinum or diamond.