Hi Guys I need help build mine assassin account,
I'm a BSI Assassin with 8.2. and I love EvE and PvP. I would spend only 200$ for lieutenants need for assassin during days I won't spent anything for level up or doing events. Maybe I will spend 5$ per 3-4 month after max build. I will be greatful if someone could help me give some idea how / what I should buy or how I should build.

Right now I'm level 66 waiting Fp to buy scorpion.

My Stats are:

  • Energy: 56
  • Stamina: 63
  • health: 100
  • Attack: 210 + 15
  • Defense: 290 + 30

My Goal is to buy those lieutenants during level 66 - 200.

4* Scorpion,
4* Hotwire.
5* Envy.
4* Layla.

You can also find lieutenants you can buy from each level by seaching at google -> Underworld Empire favor points -> first link at above "underworld-empire.wikia"
I don't have any event lieutenants, but I don't think I going to do events just PvP and EvE.

My goal is build this account should look like this.
  • Energy: 300
  • Stamina: 300
  • Health: 100 + boost by items
  • Attack: infinty + 15
  • Defense: 1000 + 30
  • Max Upgraded assassin skills.

  • So I'm asking for should I buy more lieutenants from black market during the level up between 66 to 200?
  • Which one should I buy?
  • Any Idea for my Stats to build perfect BSI assassin?

Please help me out! I know there is awesome veteran player done tons of EvE and PvP they know perfect lieutenants, Just reply on below or Pm me for ideas!
Thank you <3