We were a republic, once. A nation, bound together with ideals and truth in equal sync, and everything was set in stone.

Then one day, our republic experienced a change that even our idealistic members could not have forseen. We are now a fallen nation, a shadow of a glorious republic that once stood firm against all adversity.

However, we were never forgotten. Through thick and thin, we have stood tall, ready to pick up the pieces our forebears lay down in their fall. Our republic will rise, and with it, a need for new blood arises.

We have many upgrades in our arsenal. Within the span of four months, we have gone to heights that many empires would take a year to achieve, if at all. Our core is strong, and you can help make it stronger.

In change comes Metamorphosis, and we have embraced that ideology as an evolving system, one that is well maintained to ensure nothing will bring us down ever again.

We ask for men and women who are willing to follow orders in war, donate daily, and above all, are level 300 and of decent build, though exceptions can be made.

Our motto is this: Keep a watchful eye out for our Republique. And in return, she, will watch over you.

Join us. You will not regret your decision.