So I had a lot of fun writing out a little back-story about Frank's involvement in the murder of the player's father which is what gets the whole game started. Then I got a little stumped because I just wasn't sure what else would be interesting. I had the idea to sort of expand on some "prequel" or "UE backstory" ideas in the context of the events involving and leading up to the initial player intro. We have all of these characters available and most of them are relegated to bit parts or filling inventory (or fusing ). How did they get to where they are? What are their interactions with each other? How could they all fit into one over-arching storyline?

Playing on Frank's warning after you defeat him and Siri showing up - I'm going to use the Black Market as my heinous and sinister organization lurking in the shadows with as many villains as can be pulled from it. I'll try and arrange them here so the stories can be read in a sort of order, like chapters of one larger story. I'll try and include a little mystery and some clues where possible as well. If anyone is interested in helping flesh out a sort of UE prehistory please feel free to contribute as well.

Just wanted to give some kind of explanation in advance so it felt more like interesting reading and less like confusing gibberish.

Chapter One:
-->Frank's Involvement in the form of an interrogation record (heavily redacted by an unknown party)

Chapter Two:
-->Duke's Involvement in the form of physical evidence from the crime scene after the house fire, some damage from emergency vehicles dousing the flames and some information mysteriously redacted

Chapter Three:
-->Skulls Origins in the form of production stills obtained from documentary footage.